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  1. ccsprague46

    Disappointing Ranked Matches... Vent here! Its ok!

    Rank 10. Have lost all 3 of my stars I had earned in it. These are some potato teams... Literally no one died on enemy team and the battle was over in 5 mins. God I hate the meta they've given, The 0.8.0 nerfs are making ships unplayable and unfun.
  2. ccsprague46

    A [edited] Dasha is bad

    Why are we still discussing this? Why was this posted in the first place? This topic is going nowhere.
  3. ccsprague46

    How do i apply to be a Super Tester?

    Are they doing it on NA, or EU? I think they did it on NA a little bit ago.
  4. ccsprague46

    Super Tester Emails - Error

    I got it on my EU account. Not sure what it's about. I thought it was on my NA account but nope.
  5. ccsprague46

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    I'm getting the strong feeling that 90% of the people who voted no haven't encountered CV's in ranked, or haven't been on the receiving end of a 70% WR player against a 30% WR Player.
  6. ccsprague46

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    Well I just experienced 4 battles where the same 2 CVs went at it. And both times the team that had the awful CV failed at life.
  7. Should they be banned from Ranked? The massive skill gap in them is striking. That or can we at least have a minimum WR require or number of battles?
  8. I was in a game, and because it was down to the wire, I had to close in an brawl a Henri IV. What I'm wondering is where exactly at any range can he citadel me? He was popping off 14k salvos. He has 240mm guns, and I have 300mm+ of armor just about everywhere. So is this a bug with Yamato's armor again or what? They kept saying under my second turret, but I checked the armor there and it's 260mm+ all around. The casemate armor, which is 32mm plus the 230mm of citadel armor right there essentially negates the shell. I find it highly unlikely a cruiser like that could ever penetrate me at any range.
  9. ccsprague46

    BB-66 Kentucky Conversions

    Since the Iowa was essentially built around her turrets, I can't even begin to imagine how unseaworthy this thing probably would have been. It was probably really unbalanced and probably was really top heavy. God forbid you sailed into any rough seas. Regardless, +1.
  10. ccsprague46

    The Stalingrad

    Sorry, let me be more clear. Eventually, the average person with enough perseverance will get their hands on her. Remember how Missouri was out of reach for quite sometime? Now she's a fairly common sight in battles.
  11. Tier VIII: Massachusetts Tier X: Yamato with LM.
  12. ccsprague46

    "Lock on" bug?

    I'd like to chime in as well. When In my Yamato, I have observed worse dispersion when I don't manually unlock and relock my targeting on a ship. Even if it auto locked that target, if I don't manually unlock and the relock targeting, my dispersion seems worse. Now it could be confirmation bias, but this has just been my observations. So take it with a grain of salt.
  13. ccsprague46

    Ranked 1v1 Mode, Game needs it!

    Agreed. I imagine ranked will already be very unfun for those that don't have legendary modules yet.
  14. ccsprague46

    The Stalingrad

    I deleted one in my Yamato Perfectly fine...? 4 Citadels took care of him pretty quick... Yeah it's OP as heck, but it also seems to be because the only people who have it right now are either really good at the game or Supertesters and CC's who to keep the ship. So it would make sense to see it performing very well. Let's give it a little more time, and see as the average person gets the ship, how it performs. We may find that in the hands of us mere mortals, just like the Missouri, it's all dependent on the Captain commanding her. But YFMV. The one I had in aforementioned game in my Yamato pulled a Notser, and I promptly sent him to the bottom of the ocean...