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  1. Scrounging up money for a Scharnhorst

  2. Hello everyone. Shield here, with more of an annoyance and potential fatal error. So nothing too heavy. I am currently running WoWarships on a 2012 MacBook Pro 13in with 16gb of ram, a 512gb HDD drive, a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5, and Intel Graphics 4000. Now, I know many of you will say "well just go get a PC" but it is not that simple. Am I looking into a new computer? Hell yeah, cause (even though this one has been great), it is still 4 years old. Macs are not meant for PC gaming, I know that, but I was really hoping that the WoWarships Mac client would work pretty well. And it did: for a while. I have been frequently getting fatal errors in the game system. My game will freeze completely, blocking out all input and output to the computer, forcing me to do a forced reboot of the system. It sucks, a lot. I will get to the middle of a game and be talking to my buddy over voice comms and then I spend 6 minutes rebooting the computer and loading back into the game. I added the error messages I have received and the recent crash files. I attached the 4 error messages that I recieved from playing 24 battles today. That means I can only play roughly 6 battles without having to reboot my computer. You may say, well your computer could overheat and do a safety freeze/shutdown. And yes, it did, until I put an icepack under it and my CPU never rose above 122* F, or 50* Celsius. That is normal operating temp for an i5 chip. My graphics settings are all medium to low, with all the intense processes set to the lowest or second lowest level. So, what the heck can I do? The client used to work fine but is now no longer as good as it used to be. I know we Mac plebs are a small community but we still have problems that need resolving, and this is one of them. If any WG mods or devs see this, please comment with any help you can give me. I love the game and have put a lot of work into it since the Closed Beta, but I want to continue to do so and I can't if I am forced to reboot my computer ever 6 games. Thank you, - Alex W. backtrace.txt
  3. I am a proud Closed Beta Tester