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  1. wibelon

    Neptune's Inferno Author In WoWs

    According to the Neptune's inferno biography he lives in Massachusetts. Really neat game to feature in the video
  2. wibelon

    Total crap with the FPS drops.......

    sorry for the late reply however its a 1600x ryzen CPU It seems that my fps problems were fixed by trying to increase the game settings (making the computer work HARDER) seems to have helped Also downloading something like MSI Afterburner and messing with the clocks (I almost broke my pc several times but I somehow got wows to run pretty stable)
  3. wibelon

    Total crap with the FPS drops.......

    It seems a common problem are the Ryzen processors I too have A Ryzen and have the same problems. Ryzen 1600x Gtx 1060 16gb ram I used to have constant stuttering but now it comes and goes. I cant seem to pinpoint what the problem is. One game can be smooth as can be the next can be painful to look at. Also sometimes I dont load into a game so I have to restart it just to get into a battle. the only common feature I can see is I always get really low GPU and CPU usage yet my temps remain normal. Someone else suggested that WOWS is horribly optimized and that it tries to relax your gpu to save power at the wrong times. Anyone got a Nvidia control panel profile or settings list that can help?
  4. wibelon

    low gpu use and high cpu use

    I am actually unaware if I am or not I turned off Threaded Optimization in Nvidia however it seems to not have a big effect Ill venture off to that other thread and let this one end, sorry for the wake up call
  5. wibelon

    low gpu use and high cpu use

    bit of a dead thread however this problem still persists for me. gpu AND cpu usage are really taxed in port but in game they never really seem to get above 60% yet of course fps still drops and sound stutters I first thought my temps were bad but they never got above 58 degrees. could this be fixed by downclocking the GPU or trying to disable it reducing power? and if so how would I do something like that?