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  1. Ajax_the_Great1

    First time passing 300k damage

    Good job bud. I've never done it.
  2. Ajax_the_Great1

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Emerald is fine. Get gud.
  3. 56. My div mates are all kill stealing [edited].
  4. I agree the Black is OP and stupid but the torpedos aren't worth complaining about.
  5. Ajax_the_Great1

    Like it or not the CV is coming. Lets talk tactics

    The only useful tactic I see is telling your cv to go spot their cv so your ships can shoot it. This rework looks really bad.
  6. I'd still blame my team if I lost that one.
  7. As a top survival player I approve of this message. Ban that turkey.
  8. Destroyers are awesome in ops. What you smokin?
  9. Ajax_the_Great1

    You Developers Need to Debuff Destroyers

    Only 3 shells for the kill? Why stop there. How about near misses capsize them.
  10. Ajax_the_Great1

    Worst Played Ships

    Pretty much dd players. Yolo right in get spotted and get rekt.
  11. As someone who identifies as a USN fanboi this offends me.
  12. Ajax_the_Great1

    WOWS Destroyers are OBNOXIOUSLY overpowered

    I don't even care about your supposed degree. DD's are the lowest threat to BB's unless you ignore them. Cruiser HE spam, BB shells (HE and AP) and CV's are far more dangerous.
  13. Ajax_the_Great1

    [Video] A farewell to battleship AP

    I did manage a 2000 something damage hit to a shima yesterday. I think you can still double dip.
  14. Ajax_the_Great1

    Why bother with tier 8

    Look at my cleveland stats and tell me that ship is bad. If you won't accept that you have room to improve you never will. I know I'm not the best in every ship. Or just look at the top players. There's always some smartass with better stats.
  15. You can't become super-unicum. You have to be born into it. Silly pleb ambitions. #castesystemworks