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  1. Speed tank no CV game. Tanking damage > Dealing damage
  2. Ajax_the_Great1

    Subs with hypersonic homing torps. Freaking brilliant idea

    There are actually multiple ways to dodge torpedo's without dcp. You can turn around and run away. Pretty boring but it works unless you get too close. Also you can head towards them full speed at a roughly 50-70 degree angle, change directions once torps are spotted. Easy dodge. There's also trying to bait them into islands. The tools are there, just don't be static. That's death. I'm not justifying or saying I like subs either. Just trying to help people out.
  3. Ajax_the_Great1

    Range Gearing = Best Gearing

    Ah, sorry about that. I guess I forgot to clarify what I meant in my op. 15.5km range is too much lol. You could honestly take the captain skill or the equipment slot but I wouldn't take both.
  4. Ajax_the_Great1

    Range Gearing = Best Gearing

    13.3km. It's still very easy to hit cruisers and bbs at that range. Sometimes dds too. I do like the faster guns. It's why I played USN dd's so much back in the day. Now however they aren't the best at dpm, and long range radar is everywhere. There are times when it's better to have faster firing guns but I'm finding that it's more beneficial most of the time to have faster reloading torpedoes.
  5. Ajax_the_Great1

    Range Gearing = Best Gearing

    Torpedo Tubes Mod 2. Get's the reload below 100 secs.
  6. Ajax_the_Great1

    Range Gearing = Best Gearing

    Can't believe I never tried this build until tonight. It open up your game. Let's you be a much better speed tanker. Let's you start those important fires on ships that dam control your torpedoes. The arcs are easy enough to hit sluggish T10's. Combined with full torpedo skills it's a powerful build. Try it out. Respecs are free right now. Change it if you don't like it.
  7. Ajax_the_Great1

    Should all torpedo reliant DD's be buffed?

    Define torp dd. Most of the Euro line is terrible. A lot of the Japanese line is terrible. They aren't all bad though.
  8. Took me 15 games to get those 4 stars. It's awful.
  9. Ajax_the_Great1

    why are high tier players so stupid.

    No offense but many of your highest damage games are well below my average damage games. If you want to win in this game you have to carry your weight, and even then you're still going to lose roughly 33% of them anyway.
  10. Ajax_the_Great1

    Best tactics for Divisions

    Make a Lyon div. Count down to fire at the same ship at the same time. Pretty fun.
  11. Ajax_the_Great1

    Why do I get reported every second game in CV? LOL?

    If I don't get to dodge your planes you don't get to dodge my negative karma. Sounds like a fair enough trade.
  12. Ajax_the_Great1

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    I'm confused. Am I supposed to lose more to make you happy? Cuz it makes me less happy. I like being happy.
  13. Ajax_the_Great1

    First time passing 300k damage

    Good job bud. I've never done it.
  14. Ajax_the_Great1

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Emerald is fine. Get gud.
  15. 56. My div mates are all kill stealing [edited].