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    Submarines has nothing common to realism

    You took the words right out of my mouth mate!



      I love this music Video.  Thank you to Sabaton, War Gaming.net, and World of Warships for all coming together to produce this video.  

  3. For many of us whom enjoy this game, War Gaming has made great strides in bringing naval history back to life. Therefor I respectfully request that War Gaming and World of Warships take a look at the USS NEVADA.  The history of the Nevada has more then earned her the respect and Right to be added to our game.  Thank You.


    Arizona or WV?

    I have both the Arizona and the West Virginia in Port. Both ships have good and bad points. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Arizona ever since I was a young boy. I remember reading about her, building models, etc....just trying to learn and understand her story, the war, and the attack that brought us into that war. When I heard that the "Wee Vee"was coming to town I jumped on it. Mainly because of the historical background. West Virginia WAS at Pearl along with Arizona, and many other American Battleships that dreadful morning of 7th. December 1941. Wee Vee was sunk, then raised and re-fitted to her 1944 configuration and sailed off to Victory in the Pacific, that says something to me and perhaps to many of my fellow Captains that not only love our game, but are also humbled by the history of these warships. Sure, there are many other Battleships from various other Nations Represented in World of Warships, Germany, UK, France, Japan, etc. that are power houses when up against the AZ and WV. But there is something about having these classic ships in my port, being able to sail off into combat with them...even if it's only a game...but being able to connect with the history is amazing to me. I really hope in the future that War Gaming and World of Warships add more of these "Grand Old Ladies" that were at Pearl Harbor. As for is you should you pick her up...It's your call. If you love the history of the United States Navy and what happened at Pearl Harbor, should be an easy choice.

    The Brand New Giant Russian Submarine

    Put this Submarine in the game...if only as a joke, and then give us Sean Connery as the Captain and matching Voice Overs... Hahaha that would be a hoot.

    USS Hornet Found!

    Here is the Official dive Video from RV Petrel. Amazing on how she is in such good condition.