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  1. Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by Rage's Marauders:cap_like:. We be Lords Of Total Destruction and Mayhem:cap_rambo:. True modern day Pirates we be :Smile_izmena:. Come join my Clan. All Tiers Welcome 1 through 10. Apply Today Kill Tomorrow and finally get the world wide respect you truly deserve:cap_win:

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      :cap_cool:Do Not Bother Looking For Me Stats Mates ! A lot of us old Day 1 CBT (Closed Beta Testers) learned early on that it was best to close our stats to the public/other players as to not help them to win by using our own stats against us or the team as a whole. Good stats or bad stats makes no difference if not shown BUT if you show them it tips off the enemy team to which mates of your team should be the ones to be killed first or last as which are the biggest threat to which are the smallest. So I think you understand what I am trying to say so LET THEM BRAG AND SHOW THERE STATS and let some call you whatever for hiding your stats as there the fools not you as you will be able to use there own stats against them but not yours against you :fish_cute_2: … Don't help the enemy team! … TURN YOUR STATS OFF and stick it to your enemy. … Oh and for them that mite ponder: Cutt if I turn them off will I still be able to see them ?  Well Mate The answer is YES!!! You personally will still see your current stats just they will not be able to. :cap_win:   I included a How to Hide World Of Warships Stats Video Below :cap_haloween: ... Enjoy Mates and Battle On !!! :cap_rambo: