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  1. I suppose we can't really trust that WG's 1 month means 30/31 days. Looking at the past date ranges for the RB seasons, henrychenhenry's guess is good. The Wiki estimate may be a bit off?
  2. When I look in the tech tree it shows that the next multiplier will be available in 1 month.
  3. JER1971

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    Thanks. I did this and received it.
  4. JER1971

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    No luck for me either. Shows Claimed, but nothing in-game yet.
  5. I think the continuous AA damage is too low for what this ship gives up. I was hoping it would be more like the Halland/Smaland , but at tier VIII. The AA on Orkan is not even close to Oland. Halland/Smaland are the same class (?) and Orkan/Oland are not (?), so I guess you cannot compare the ships, just swapping DFAA for radar. In regards to the EU line, this one does not have decent AA (worse than Lightning). Unless I am reading something wrong....
  6. JER1971

    The Halland's AA

    Cool picture. Without the minimap and other graphics, it would be a nice background image. I take AAM2 on the Halland and Jerzy has AFT. Plus the AA flag. It seems to do pretty good when you pop DefAA (and priority sector).
  7. JER1971

    Getting heroic achievements in a hurry

    Does the Twitch mission status (Dreaming of Pigs) not show on the Personal Score screen after you get the heroic achievements? I'm pretty sure they counted towards the mission and I see in the screenshot above that it didn't show up there either. I don't play BB often so I am hoping to get lucky in a DD like below.
  8. Thank you. Edit: That was a good match!
  9. I was watching game 1 on Lord Zath's stream and lost power close to the middle of the game. This was one I wanted to see and will go watch. Wanted to see how the Iron Curtain worked out.
  10. JER1971

    did servers just go down?

    Seems ok now.
  11. JER1971

    did servers just go down?

    I just had the game hang starting a match. Restarted the client, and went back into port instead of the game.
  12. JER1971

    How did you come up with you account name ?

    That's what I did. Been using JER since I started online gaming. It was already taken here and had to add something.
  13. JER1971

    Lets blame DD for this loss.

    Please, no. One good thing from the rework. I don't mind CV games (rather not have them in a game, but if they are there, I try to make the best of it).
  14. JER1971

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    It's too bad they had to cancel. Many events are during this time...even my bowling league suspended the season :-( I hope that once subs are added to the game and this event has passed, they plan for one on the USS Cod. I would be able to go to one there. Not a whole lot of deck space...but get your picture with a torpedo! I haven't been there yet, but plan to go this year once they open in May.