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  1. I got nailed by a carrier....they were pretty upset that I survived. Spent the rest of the match running/being chased.
  2. Detected Icon has to be fixed

    And that is probably why nothing would be done to fix this (and how often does it really happen? ). I have only experienced this myself while in a DD. Meet another DD in a cap...get surface detected. A few shots fired, time to smoke up and get out. LOS with enemy DD blocked by smoke, detection icon changes to radar spotted (radar ship behind island). I probably wouldn't have used the smoke in this case knowing I was also detected by radar (radar was on before I smoked, there was no break in detection once surface detection was blocked). But I was already on my way out/away from the enemy so the outcome wasn't too bad in this case. It would be nice to know all the methods that are being used to detect you (if multiple methods are occurring simultaneously). But, we may hear how this takes extra calculations, the server cannot handle this, coding required, etc.
  3. Why did WG change the economy for reward ships from flags (ranking out / clan battles) to steel? It looks like they already lowered the bar to get these reward ships if they make steel available through other ways (lower ranks, less steel...lower clan ranks, less steel). It seems possible now to get them, eventually. I have never made it to rank 1. Could I have? Perhaps if I put the time/effort in to reach rank 1 each season. Maybe now, I can still get some progress to the reward ships even if I only reach a rank below 1 (not sure if there is a WOLF3 clan battle team). It will take me longer, yes. But there is a path to it. I like the change to steel as a commodity towards reward ships. Steel being rare, but still obtainable in other quantities besides reaching rank 1 or reaching high ranks in clan battles, makes it possible in the long run to earn the reward ships even if you are not able to put in the time to play or play in a clan. I cannot comment if the reward ship is OP and that the good players will just use it to stomp us average players. I will look forward to the challenge...they can be sunk.
  4. Remember When?

    I thought smoke was originally designed as a defensive consumable to use to get out of a poor position (smoke up and retreat). Then everyone realized you could fire unspotted from smoke and it became a game of "smoke me bro" and changed to more of an offensive consumable. Then WG had to come up with something to counter that behavior. I wonder where we would be now if that had made it so any ship firing from smoke would be visible (normal gun bloom range) from the beginning.
  5. From what I read about the Use tax in Ohio, this is only applicable on tangible goods purchased in another state (and brought back) or from the internet that you use in your home state. It seems that anything purchased in WoWs would be exempt from the Use tax (which is the same rate as the Sales tax in Ohio) since it is an intangible good.
  6. Yes, their CV was sniped at 15:22
  7. Maybe it's a good boat, but I still don't understand how to play BBs or have fun in them.
  8. I read your post on the other thread. I got 40 Wyvern, 60 RD, 140 Dragon, 140 O, and 220 Hydra flags and all 5 missions. I need 12 more collection items with 24 dups. It seems to be worth the cost. I'll have to see how many credits I get after completing the missions since I have all of the ships except Monaghan.
  9. It seems that you would get credits.
  10. I bought the 30 containers and received all 5 ship quests. We'll have to see if everyone is reporting similar results to guess at a drop rate.
  11. You should also get an email from WG if you are signed up to receive them.
  12. They do not feel like a taunt or anything to humiliate me for being sunk. The patches/badges are common enough that it's not even personal. Just make it smaller on the right side over the text showing who is sinking who.
  13. I use it on my Perth and Huanghe.
  14. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    I have a Fujin and I take it out to get the 1st win bonus. If in a T7 game or game with carriers, it's more of a challenge (which I like) than a T5 match where you send the torps on the lead indicator and never look back (move on and wait for the dev strike). As a test, I should let my son take it out on my account. He's made it to T6 on the Russian DD line. I have a feeling that he would not get the same results as I do because he does not have the experience (in the ship and the game).