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  1. JER1971

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    Well, if the mega rich aren't going to do this willingly...perhaps there is some method where, say a small percentage of their in game currencies, are taken (for the common good) and put in a pool and distributed to the needier members of the community. Problem solved!
  2. JER1971

    How many FBs ya got?

    I think playing a DD does help get you in a better position to get a First Blood. Torps into smoke or torps into cap approach lanes earned quite a few of them.
  3. I'm surprised (but probably shouldn't be) that there was no announcement on the forums. If there was, I missed it.
  4. At least you qualify for the Mystery Gift (over 50 euros and if you had at least one World of Warships product at the wargaming store)
  5. Yeah, maybe it was a recent change. I received the order confirmation via email and the charge is pending on my card. So far, looks legit.
  6. Is this the store you are referring to ? https://www.wargamingstore.eu/ I placed an order there yesterday and shipping to the US was available.
  7. It's been a long time since I've hit a friendly with torps. I will not launch if there is the slightest chance that a friendly could reach them. I'm usually out front, so it's not really an issue. But, I don't take that risky shot near a friendly (even in coop).
  8. After reading all the back and forth between CVs and DDs, this is what I think of...
  9. The only point about CVs that I don't like, as a DD main, is the spotting. I would suggest that being spotted by air always displays your ship on the mini map and visually renders your ship up to your gun bloom range. Or for balancing, gun bloom + x%, if necessary. I've never had an issue with the rocket/bomb damage (not worried about torpedoes so much). It's the hail storm of shells from 10km+ which seemed unbalanced, IMO.
  10. JER1971

    Keeping a Ship From Each Tier.

    T1 - Don't play enough to have a fav. T2 - Same T3 - Vampire - It's fun (5 kills with main battery in one game) T4 - Yubari T5 - Fujin - torps are OK ;-) T6 - Perth - I stink at cruisers and need my smoke T7 - Boise T8 - Harekaze - No smoke T9 - Fletcher T10 - Z52
  11. JER1971

    buying arsenal ships to avoid them.

    Almost .500 this season! One of the better years to watch, for sure. I did buy some of the low tier ships to make sure I did not get them in the Santa crates.
  12. JER1971

    NA server population today

    Once the patch hit, every game had a CV or two. Now there are games with none again. Maybe people were trying them out and the numbers were high (like the cruiser split). It hasn't been that bad today. I'm actually surprised how good the AA is on the Harekaze. I still use TRB instead of smoke. It's not the planes I'm worried about...it's everyone else shooting at me once spotted. I can get 8 or so planes down a game with CVs, but this one shocked me.
  13. JER1971

    Asashio or bust?

    It is a great DD. With 5.4 concealment, I always go for the cap (keeping my radar exit plan in mind). Once I spot BBs, I launch the torps where I think they will be or where they will be if they turn. Guns are not bad at all, slow reload, but hit hard. Your aim has to be on, make them count. And, you can lay some smoke for the team and they will help support/shoot what you spot. I think the bad rap is from those that hide and try to just lay into BBs. This ship can do much more than that. I don't think I've gone BB hunting unless it's pretty much a win. Spotting helps win and the Asashio is really good at that.