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  1. I had to read this a few times...thought my eyes were playing some sort of trick.
  2. No, you are purchasing something.
  3. Just because you do not get what you want out of the crate does not change the fact that you still get something of value equal to what you paid. Could it be something better or something else you wanted? Sure. Does that make it gambling? No. You would need a chance to lose your original “bet” (or get something of less value) for it to be gambling. Getting some flags instead of a ship does not mean you lost (as long as the value of those flags is equal to the value of what you paid for it). I think that the idea of potentially getting a ship from the creates may cause certain people to spend more than they should. I also do not think that it's any government's responsibility to prevent this.
  4. This is true. I made it half way to the Shokaku before I knew about manual drops/strafing. I also think I unlocked the Shimakaze before I knew about camo, flags, and premium consumables. Then I found the forums and learned a bit about the game (still learning).
  5. I only played 1 Coop game in the Scharnhorst, so I did not expect an offer for this one. I looked at Wows stats and there are no games listed for either ship, even though I played close to 10 in the Okhotnik. A ticket was already opened. Thanks for looking into this!
  6. Rental Ship

    It would be nice if they had some details about this. I have both of the 3 day trial ships.
  7. I wasn't sure I would be able to complete stage 5. Tried with the Bismarck in Coop..2 kills 90k, Fujin in Random..2 kills 85k. So I went back to the USSR grind and got lucky. It was the Epicenter mode.
  8. If they could do this, I wish them to make random battles 85% +/-2 , 10% +/-1, and 5% +/-0 . Just for some variety.
  9. I was able to get the Graf Spee and Tachibana back. I went to http://na.wows-numbers.com and looked at all ships that I played (may need to set the minimum games to 1 since default is 20) to see which premium ships were missing. Created a support ticket. You get four exception requests per calendar year. Lesson learned. Never sell a premium ship.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I opened a support ticket. I read on Reddit that they only do this if it was sold in the past year. We'll see what they say.
  11. I would think they have a list of what a player had/has. Or there is a log of ships sales so they know how many credits you received for selling it. I guess there is only one way to find out....
  12. Did you have to tell them which ships you wanted back? Or could you ask "Can you please restore all premium ships that were sold?". I know I sold some early on (Aurora and something else) and the Graf Spee last year.
  13. I just finished this today. Had I not been on vacation last week, I doubt I would have completed it. My hands are sore from playing so much.
  14. Costume Party Mission

    It will take 100K base XP to complete the mission. Even though I have a premium account, I did not get the premium account base XP of 2595 for this battle. I received the base XP that a non premium account would.