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  1. I just built a new PC and went from a 27" (1920 x 1080) to a 32" (3840 x 2160) . Even that jump made ships better on my eyes. All flat screens, I didn't see the appeal to getting a curved screen. Too old to change!
  2. JER1971

    Server Temporarily Down?

    I am logged in sitting in port. If I click Battle, it just goes back to port.
  3. I bought it to add to the collection, but it wasn't really a turn on for me. I was lucky to get a straight T6 match in my first try. HE was getting citadels on the ranger at the end game when I was closer, I didn't get much of a chance to use AP because I was at range limit most of the battle. Torps seem OK. With other options out there, I'm not sure I would play this often. If I was in a T8 match, it could be rough. No smoke, higher concealment are not my strengths. EDIT: I played one more, T8 match. It's a tough ship. Without smoke, islands are your friends when capping. If not for a good team, I would not have been able to do much.
  4. JER1971

    I need a verdict on the Harekaze

    I enjoy Harekaze I a lot. Low concealment lets you choose when to engage enemy ships (I use Radio Location). 100mm has been the best option for me on it. 1v1 with smoke ready, there are not too many other DDs that worry me too much because I can get some good shots in and smoke up once the focus gets real. I've used TRB and you can do well with it even with CVs because the AA is decent. You have to worry more about the fire from other ships while spotted by CV. But as mentioned, it has low HP and it goes down quick if you get too close to big ships while spotted.
  5. JER1971


    It is my favorite ship by far, use it 3-4 times each day I play (1817 battles). I find that if I use reload booster, my average damage goes up but my win rate goes down. Probably because I die sooner. I try to use it as a spotter and stay hidden or 10k from spotted ships until things spread out and ship positions are known. AA is still pretty good as long as it is not a tier X CV. HP is low. It's ok in a 1v1 with other DDs as long as you are also not taking fire from other ships.
  6. JER1971

    Makoto Kobayashi Camo

    Looks like you can.
  7. JER1971

    How Many Rare Ships do you have?

    It doesn't seem to show the rare ships that you do not have. I don't have K. Albert, Kamikaze R., the Alpha/Beta reward ships (maybe something else too), and they do not show even when I filter for the ships I do not have. Smolensk just shows up as a cruiser. Filtering for ships not received only shows premiums/steel/RB/coal, not rare ships.
  8. JER1971

    No 300????

    I think they should have done 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400. At least with 8 emblems, they wouldn't have thrown off the list like they did. This bothers me more than the missing 300
  9. I suppose we can't really trust that WG's 1 month means 30/31 days. Looking at the past date ranges for the RB seasons, henrychenhenry's guess is good. The Wiki estimate may be a bit off?
  10. When I look in the tech tree it shows that the next multiplier will be available in 1 month.
  11. JER1971

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    Thanks. I did this and received it.
  12. JER1971

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    No luck for me either. Shows Claimed, but nothing in-game yet.
  13. JER1971

    USS Monaghan on patrol

  14. I think the continuous AA damage is too low for what this ship gives up. I was hoping it would be more like the Halland/Smaland , but at tier VIII. The AA on Orkan is not even close to Oland. Halland/Smaland are the same class (?) and Orkan/Oland are not (?), so I guess you cannot compare the ships, just swapping DFAA for radar. In regards to the EU line, this one does not have decent AA (worse than Lightning). Unless I am reading something wrong....
  15. JER1971

    The Halland's AA

    Cool picture. Without the minimap and other graphics, it would be a nice background image. I take AAM2 on the Halland and Jerzy has AFT. Plus the AA flag. It seems to do pretty good when you pop DefAA (and priority sector).