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  1. JER1971

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas, @Ace_04 !
  2. I received two duplicates, but I believe it was after I had all of the possible ships already in port. The crate that they came in was different too. It was just the normal Mega gift box, not the Supercontainer box.
  3. JER1971

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    If WG's crates are to be considered gambling, then there needs to be a chance of opening one and getting nothing from it. You are not wagering/betting/risking (gambling) anything when you purchase a crate.
  4. JER1971

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    The Black Friday crates have ten Type 59 camo in them. In game, they can be resupplied for 125 doubloons. 10 Type 59 camos = 1250 doubloons, or $6.77. How did you come up with 600 doubloons (just curious, that would be a good deal).
  5. JER1971

    Musings of a Turkey

    Thanks to all the Turkeys, it was a fun event! Special thanks to these three:
  6. JER1971

    So...Who Got a 2nd Coupon???

    I just looked at the second coupon. It is different than the first one.
  7. JER1971

    So...Who Got a 2nd Coupon???

    I just got a second coupon. They should just lower all of their prices by another 30%!
  8. Yes, 12.8 . AP is great. I like to get up until near my detection range or spotted by a DD. Pop the smoke, turn away, activate hydro, burn things with HE or wait until a cruiser goes broadside and hit it with AP. If anything starts to get too close, send the torps. Once smoke is done, move out some, use the spotter, and dance while shooting until smoke is ready. Then repeat.
  9. I received my first hackusation today while driving the Perth. It seems that his/her own team wasn't too happy about them. The Perth is probably my favorite mid tier premium cruiser. Just need to stay away from BBs (unless smoking or using spotter) and do not show your broadside to any other cruiser. It maneuvers pretty good, almost DD-like, with low concealment. It seems to do OK facing T8. I was watching Married with Children on my other screen when I took the screen shot of the game chat. Marcy was yelling at Steve and it seemed to match....
  10. 29 / 58.62% win rate I used the Germy 83% or the time, the Fujin 17% It seemed that I could survive longer in the Gremy to help get with win. All 5 games in the Fujin had higher damage/kills, but were all losses. It was fun time.
  11. JER1971

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    I opened a ticket about 45 minutes ago, they resolved it in about six minutes. I can see the mission now.
  12. Thank you, will check it out there.
  13. I received that same mail this morning. Looked up the user (dark_sephiroth96) and there were no stats.