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  1. murder_0ne

    Tier 10's, what a let down!

    T6 used to be the best kept secret of WoWs. Then WG ruined it with CVs. I have the most fun playing T6 games when the matchmaking comes together and it's mostly T6 ships. Usually however I'm a T6 in an all T8 match which is terrible.
  2. Literally nothing in the above addresses his original point of the lousy dispersion. His point is that it doesn't hit what you're aiming at. Not that AP is a poor choice for bow shots.
  3. You're totally right and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The suggestions to "play it like a cruiser" and "kite beefier BBs" are complete stupidity. The Alsace doesn't have the accuracy to compete at long range while kiting and it doesn't have the armor to fight at close range. It gets melted by fires so if you're within range of cruisers you get burned down quickly with its very low HP and the armor isn't significant enough to compete with literally every other BB at its tier inside 10km. The secondaries are a waste of time compared to the GK or Mass. And who cares about the fire chance if 80% of your HE shells shatter anyway. The "real world" ability to actually apply damage to targets is junk. *AND* just to add insult to injury- French dispersion is now officially the worst dispersion in the game. Even with 1.9 sigma on my JB the horizontal dispersion is just atrocious. The Alsace is easily twice as bad.
  4. murder_0ne


    Why not use the premium time I already paid for? Plus, Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed again.
  5. Ability to opt out of CV games. Just a "no cv" check box. Super simple. CVs can play with those who like playing against CVs. Everybody else can play without them.
  6. murder_0ne


    Yup. I said I'm done once my premium runs out.
  7. Not really. I got 10x Type 59 camos. What a joke. Literally the worst of any possible outcome.
  8. murder_0ne

    How to RN DD?

    RN DDS are some of my favorite ships. That said, the Jervis can be tough. One big advantage that it has is the 360 degree turrets. You can dodge and still keep your turrets on target without them having to traverse all the way around and lose all that damage output when switching sides. Use this to your advantage when approaching or kiting targets. Try and get on their other side that will make their turrets have to swing all the way around and therefore reduce their DPM for a bit. Additionally, use it as an ambush DD and pre-plan to use smokes. Instead of using smokes defensively, be planning ahead on where you want to drop a smoke and farm damage and always be moving to the next position to do so. This way you'll be bringing the fight to the enemy vs. just reacting. Frankly, I like to get in very close with the Jervis because the shell velocity and arcs are so bad. Planning ahead with smoke allows you to overcome some of the bad concealment. Also, I like to save my torps for when an enemy ship tries to rush down my smoke and bully me out of it. I wait until the last second and then dump them on their nose. Does this help at all?
  9. murder_0ne

    Oh my god the DOUBLE CV GAMES

    Indeed, being permanently spotted by aircraft that you can't do anything about because they're outside of your AA range is a huge problem. The rest of the team deletes you with "non-CV" damage and then the CV moves on to spotting a different ship. A typical game for me would be me playing a T5 BB in a T7 game with 2x T6 CVs per team. Both enemy CVs see that the only T5 BB on the enemy team is me and they scour the map first thing for me and then converge on me immediately until I'm dead because they know that out of all the ships on my entire team I'm the slowest, worst turning ship with the relatively least armor and worst AA. Yes, I'm exceptionally skilled at dodging, yes I group up with high AA ships as a defense. No, it doesn't matter a bit. Even worse is when I'm the only T6 CL in a T8 game with 2x T8 CVs. It's just horrible. They scout for me immediately, delete me and then move on to the next most defenseless target.
  10. I have plenty of T10 ships and while the T10 match making is of course the most predictable and "best" in that you know for sure you're not going to be bottom tier the meta really isn't all that fun in my opinion. Everyone hides in the back and is quite timid and stagnate. At lower tiers with shorter ranged weapons and less accurate guns players are encouraged to get close and be more active, which I like. But then there's the problem of CVs and how they completely eliminate any sort of tactical advantage of stealth or well planned sneak attacks etc. I tried multiple tiers from T4, T5 and T6 ships as well as T7/8/9/10 to see what really nets the best balance of fun gameplay for me. I mostly play DDs or BBs but lately I've been playing mid tier CLs quite a bit as well. At T8/9/10 DD play is just miserable due to literally every cruiser having radar (why would you bring a cruiser and not have radar, given then choice?). Radar coupled with CVs leaves you constantly spotted and you're either killed off immediately or just kept harassed to the point of ineffectiveness. So then I tried T4/5/6. While there's no radar obviously, for some reason there's near constant double CVs *per team* and regardless of what class of ship I'm in I always seem to be singled out by both carriers at the beginning of the game and then focused for the rest of the game until I'm dead. No idea why they go for me first but they just do. Regardless of where I spawn etc. as soon as I move out the aircraft converge exactly where my ideal path is and they ignore my team until I'm dead. I really put a lot of effort into experimenting with various combinations of ship types and tiers to see if there was something that was comfortable in this current meta with such a large number of CVs. As it turns out there isn't any combination of tier and ship type that delivers gameplay that isn't thoroughly ruined by CVs. Numerous *numerous* players have told me that if I don't like it then to [edited] off and quit the game. So I guess that's all there is left to do. I just wanted to give WG some feedback before I quit. Hopefully my input to other potential customers will prevent them from wasting money on the game as I did. I have 15 days left of premium and when that runs out I think that'll be it. Maybe Cyberpunk 2077 will be out mid December and that'll be the end of WoWs and the CV issue.
  11. murder_0ne

    Kansas is OP

    Are you being willfully obtuse? That is a serious question.
  12. murder_0ne

    Oh my god the DOUBLE CV GAMES

    Two CVs per team is never acceptable. And being double teamed by two T8 CVs when you're T6 is garbage. And don't forget the enemy CVs always seem to do better than those on your own team.
  13. What the heck is going on with the MM? I'm getting game after game of double CVs per team. It's just horrible. Being low tier constantly is bad enough but being a T6 CL in a T8 game with TWO T8 CVs is just OFFENSIVE. Wargaming only wants one thing and it's disgusting.
  14. murder_0ne

    Fluff: Google offering Lert mini-game

    Don't do this you're training their next generation of machine learning algo to kill us all.
  15. CVs. Everything about them is terrible. I'm not against CVs as a concept. I'm against how they're currently implemented and how they have been implemented ever since they were introduced.