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  1. The line has some huge weaknesses. Which I won't tell you about because I like playing the ships quite a bit.
  2. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean WG isn't out to get you.
  3. No, you should play the Schlieffen and then you'll better understand how to fight it. I have played the Schlieffen a *lot* and I know how to use it well. But it's not the easy button you think it is. And *you* don't see 4-5 BBs in a game because you're not in a Schlieffen. Once you start using one you'll see that the match making changes and puts you in worst case match-ups quite often. When I'm in a DD suddenly there are 3+ radar cruisers. When I'm in a Schlieffen suddenly there are 3-4 Montanas/Yamatos with 2-3 Shimas. Again, you should play the ship before talking about it so you'll have a better understanding of what it can/can't do.
  4. This sounds like someone who has actually played the Schlieffen in ranked.
  5. How many games have you played in ranked with the Schlieffen? After reading your comment I'm thinking not many. When I play Schlieffen in ranked I usually get a mix of 4-5 BBs, a cruiser and a DD. Or maybe 3 BBs, a CV a CA and two DDs. And the cruisers/dds simply stay out of range until you're dead by the CV and BBs. Charging head long into the enemy team is a quick death. The enemy team will just kite away to the back of the map and murder you while your team does nothing to support your charge.
  6. I love the Schlieffen. It's great. It's fun. It suits my play style. But it needs to be moved to a cruisers slot for team balancing vs. a BB slot. It has no armor and regardless of angle it eats full pens and citadels from BBs like it's a British CL. It's embarrassing. At least give it enough armor so that I can bounce a few shells when angled. That's not too much to ask for when the ship literally has the lowest HP of any T10 BB in the game.
  7. murder_0ne

    Reinstate team damage, not just pink "penalty"

    The idea of launching torps from a position where they cannot possibly be intercepted by a friendly ship is an almost impossibility unless you're on an extreme flank and far enough outside of any ship's maneuver envelope for them to change course and immediately intercept your torps. This almost never exists. When I'm launching torps and they get intercepted, I'm not behind my teammates and the enemy target ships aren't near my teammates. But my teammates do things like immediate hard right angle turns into the torp path and then stay on that heading for 10-15 SECONDS in order to suck up the entire volley of torps. That is intentional and completely avoidable by the griefing party. I don't mind going pink if they're sunk. I don't mind taking reflected damage if they're sunk. Just as long as they're dead for their efforts.
  8. murder_0ne

    Reinstate team damage, not just pink "penalty"

    I understand completely. And you're wrong. You're assuming that only the shooter is the one griefing. That's incorrect. A huge number of players actively intercept torps in order to grief the player who launched them. Literally changing course and chasing down the friendly torps in order to have the person who launched them get penalized. And in some cases like Co-Op (ironically named) teammates will actively block torps so that you don't get the kill and they can then kill the bot ship for kill credits for whatever mission they're running. To say that your thinking is simple is being charitable.
  9. murder_0ne

    Reinstate team damage, not just pink "penalty"

    No way. Then you would simply have a worse situation than there is now with [edited] teammates actively running into your fire just to grief you. The damage to the person getting hit by friendly fire needs to be quite high otherwise they have no incentive to avoid doing so.
  10. murder_0ne

    Reinstate team damage, not just pink "penalty"

    No. Perfectly aimed. As in, if my garbage teammates didn't actively change course to intercept and stop my torps then they wouldn't hit my torps at all and they would instead impact the enemy ship. Again, people like yourself making this argument are being willfully stupid. And by willfully stupid I mean [edited]retarded.
  11. My entire point is that I'm fine with the ship at T6. It's great. But I never get to play T6 games with it, only T8.
  12. Don't be pedantic. You sound like you were a hall monitor in grade school. Or maybe you still are.
  13. murder_0ne

    Reinstate team damage, not just pink "penalty"

    If it would deter my idiot teammates from chasing my torps, yes.
  14. murder_0ne

    Reinstate team damage, not just pink "penalty"

    I agree 1000%. Sick of the enemy team blasting torps my way with complete indifference to the guys I'm currently fighting at close range. And likewise I'm sick of my own teammates charging ahead directly into my perfectly aimed torps only to take the hits and not die themselves.
  15. I love the Repulse. It's fast, has accurate guns and great handling. But it's a terrible Tier Eight battleship. I have yet to play a match where it wasn't mostly T8 ships with four of the five BBs being T8. WOWs matchmaking is absolute bottom tier garbage. Absolutely sick of it.