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  1. But is the playerbase dying? I've yet to see any numbers showing that the playerbase is dying. I'd like to see where you got that from.
  2. The changes probably benefits players like me the most. I win more games than not, so the missions are quite easy for me. But I also do not play all that much, so I don't really get all that many achievements. I'll do like a few hours of games every few days, so weekly crate missions benefit me more than daily achievements. Plus, with crates I get all kinds of flags, instead of the same 4 flags with achievements.
  3. Because a Kraken's a Kraken. It's an achievement. Honestly I'm quite shocked to discover how many people used achievements to farm flags, because for me they've always just been a decorative achievement. For most flags I'd get more than I could use while playing normally anyways, flag farming with achievements had never crossed my mind. For me, the changes mean that I have a higher chance of getting rarer flags like speed flags now than before. For example, I've got over 2000 of the Confederate flag, and almost no speed flags. It spread flag gains out, instead of just the flags of the most common achievements.
  4. shiroko_prpr

    Scared to buy new premiums

    Don't buy ships just because they are very powerful or OP. Buy ships for other reasons, like being interested in the concept of the ship, or for historical purposes. Most of the issues you listed aren't even with prems, they're just general gameplay complaints.
  5. shiroko_prpr

    Desired changes for WoWs.

    We've had lower tier clan battles before, it was pretty much considered a skip season. I highly doubt it will happen again.
  6. shiroko_prpr

    Ranked is a joke....

    Well that's on you. While Lazo isn't a bad ship, it's also not a ship you are carrying games in. A lot of ranked is on ship selection, and if your ship selection is subpar, then your win rate may reflect that. For example, a Lazo is more of a HE spamming damage farming ship, which doesn't provide as much game impact as other ships. Sure, you can play whatever you like and still rank out, but good ship selection will help you rank out faster. There's some useful data on wows-numbers on ship selection and win rates, which can help you make an informed decision of what ships to take. There is also the player skill factor, which is the other part of succeeding in ranked, but that one is harder to fix than ship selection. As for me, Sims did the job very well at tier 7. Won 15/19 games in Sims; a properly played destroyer goes a very long way in ranked.
  7. shiroko_prpr

    what will WG ruin next?

    Do you even play the game? You're basically asking for near invincible BBs. That, and you're basically proposing to remove the mechanic that makes uptiering work.
  8. shiroko_prpr

    My Job prevents half of game modes.

    On a different but related issue, a lot of west coast people have been begging for better clan battle times for a very, very long time now. WG isn't gonna budge with time related stuff, their data says the time window they have is the best and they aren't gonna change it.
  9. shiroko_prpr

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    The number one killer of DDs is indeed themselves, or rather DD players pressing W into the enemy team and getting themselves killed. It's a bit annoying as it makes randoms a dice roll of whether or not your DDs get themselves killed.
  10. shiroko_prpr

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Already happening on NA, given the amount of 5 DD games I run into. 5 DD games are awful to play in bar a few specialized DD hunters.
  11. shiroko_prpr

    Campfest meta

    Just because you can't press W into the enemy team in the first 5 minutes doesn't mean the game is a campfest.
  12. shiroko_prpr

    Broken MM

    2 BB against 1 CV 1 BB is winnable for the 2 BB side, just not too sure about the two BBs your team has though.
  13. Russian bias isn't really a thing, no. Probably had an argument for that when Khabas were roaming around farming everyone without resistance, but that time is long gone. There also seems to be some irrational Russian hate around, never saw any complaints about French bias when the meta was heavily Henris and Klebers.
  14. shiroko_prpr

    Ranked: W/L Star System

    You're going to get toxic salty behavior in any ranked system. Nothing to do with star system.
  15. shiroko_prpr

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    USN ships are plenty in meta right now, USN lines are generally some of the more powerful tech tree lines. Just play whatever you enjoy.