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  1. A noob can set a fire, but they may not be able to do anything beyond that. 1 fire is meaningless. A good player should time DCPs and position themselves to shoot HE without putting themselves in much risk as most firespammers have soft armor. In addition, fire damage is mostly healable, while citadel damage is not.
  2. Man, you need to chill a bit. Things go out of sale all the time, and this was pretty warranted. Seriously, grow up and deal with it.
  3. Okhotnik has a crazy rate of fire? 10s reload is not crazy rate of fire.
  4. I can't really fill out this poll because the question kinda.... suck "Should Fire cause more damage than a Citadel?" That's way too open ended of a question. Citadel from what? How many fires? A fire on what? Is it 1 full duration fire?
  5. That's no excuse at all, to be honest...
  6. I don't see how "inactivity" is "completely disgusting behavior"? It's great that you can average 10 games a day or something like that, but it's also just as fine to average 2-3 games a day. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. That's not true at all. There are so many USN ships in the game that are very, very good. Lexington is doable. It's not very good in comparison to the Shokaku, but it's not unplayable. Colorado is a very good battleship for its tier. Potent guns for a ship its tier, very good AA, a boosted heal, and a decent firing range. Pensacola is a tough ship to work, but very rewarding when you can do so. Its AP is extremely strong, and combined with good positioning you can wreak havok on any sort of broadsides. I don't know much about Izumo, so no comment on that. Yorck is actually a really good ship. I really like it; at tier 7 it is a super strong ship that makes enemy ships cry in fear when showered with the buffed German HE. I hate the Emerald. A lot. Karlsruhe was decent, but its a low tier ship and the grind through it was very quick. I don't think it was really bad at all. Myogi is meh. Workable, definitely. A bit finicky to work out, though.
  8. It is good that high tiers cost so much. It provides incentive for people to play some mid tiers. Right now, T10s are way too profitable due to perma camo. As a result, the MM is flooded with T10s. This causes T8s to be dragged up to T10s extremely often, which is bad. T8 MM is honestly one of the worst right now, not far behind T5 MM. High tiers need to be less profitable, not more.
  9. Your proposition means that 6s no longer sees 8s, eliminating the best MM T8s can get. You're making T8 MM worse that way, which is the last thing we need.
  10. +/-2 MM was never the problem. It's getting +2 too often that is the problem. And I do agree that games ending too early sucks.
  11. We counting operations too?
  12. Yeah WG could have went with a different name :D
  13. Pretend the clan tags do not exist and we won't have a problem.
  14. I think there's a few things that people here need to understand. 1) The effects of a fully AA specced T10 cruiser on T10 planes. No T10 CV is getting a chance to strike anything, in fact that's not their role in competitive. CVs is meant for spotting, damage is a bonus. This stays true in a 7v7 mode with T10s and 1 CV. You will just lose all your planes with no reward at all if you focus on striking. 2) There is no problem with good CV vs. bad/no CV. MMR exists for a reason. The first few CW games may be mismatched, but MMR should quickly set in place and there should not be any major problems with good CV vs. bad/no CV. Also, this is a competitive game mode and there is nothing wrong for the team with the better players to win.
  15. This is revolutionary!!! This will change how battleships are played, both in randoms and in competitive. We must adapt these tactics quickly!