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  1. I don't know why anyone would post pictures of them running out of planes. That's why you haven't seen any. Anyways, here's the picture you wanted:
  2. It's hard to find because it's not worth sharing a high damage game in a top tier match. I can give you replays, though :)
  3. mrmariokartguy

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    I don’t know why everyone is slating the OP, he makes a good point here. They are exploits, just like how side strafing was back in the RTS days. I have no idea if WG will remove it or not, but it is definitely something worth addressing.
  4. mrmariokartguy

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    I don’t think it’s a matter of superunicum or not. It’s that most people haven’t seen how to get the most out of reworked CVs. I wasn’t very good at it during the public tests, but then I watched video and streams and then I started doing very well in them. Of course, the more difficult part for most people would be experience and instincts. Being able to know the general area of an unspotted DD is a tough skill to learn, but once the DD is found bombing it should be a fairly routine activity once you get timing down.
  5. mrmariokartguy

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

  6. mrmariokartguy

    83 Strike planes shot down for a 90k dmg loss.

    The Kaga is a Tier 8 though
  7. mrmariokartguy

    83 Strike planes shot down for a 90k dmg loss.

    88 planes lost is baby numbers. In a good tier 10 game, you can have good damage, over 100 planes lost, and still have plenty of reserves.
  8. mrmariokartguy

    Double CV Games

    There shouldn't be any debate that CVs can average a very high amount of damage, higher than other classes. The difference in perspective between different people comes from the skill gap. The very skill gap the rework aimed to decrease. "But with the rework 1 CV can't shut down another!" Okay, that's true. But that doesn't mean the skill gap is gone. In fact, the skill gap is worse despite there not being any CV vs CV interaction. While the good CV players are able to equal or even push past the skill ceiling of RTS CVs, the bad CV players do even worse with reworked CVs. RTS CVs at least had autodrops to give bad CV players influence on the game. Now, all attacks are manual and the average damage of the poorer CV players has dropped through the floor. The inability of the poorer CV players to mitigate AA damage and dodge flak also contributes to their poor performance. How about the average player? Average CVs struggle due to the same issues that bad CV players struggle with. While the average player can attack decently to some degree, they still struggle with mitigating AA and dodging flak. It's harder for average CVs to do as well as before. While they can't get shut down by enemy unicum CVs, they do get shut down by the incredible AA that some ships possess now. And AA ships are far more common than unicum RTS CVs. The unicum CVs are farming with the reworked CVs. These are the guys who know how to mitigate AA, dodge flak, and select the right targets to attack. There are various techniques that can dampen, or even nullify, the effects of AA that are not commonly known, and these techniques are used to stomp on everyone and rack up a lot of damage.
  9. mrmariokartguy

    WG: can 8/10 CVs play more than 30-50% of the match?

    Yeah, that's fair. I only played 1 game in the Langley before I had to dip into free xp.
  10. mrmariokartguy

    WG: can 8/10 CVs play more than 30-50% of the match?

    Try USN CVs, because they are the best CV line right now. I think your CV experience will improve then.
  11. mrmariokartguy

    WG: can 8/10 CVs play more than 30-50% of the match?

    lol that game actually hurts his hak avg damage
  12. A quick glance on EU forums shows that there's significantly less uproar about GC being uptiered than on NA. Perhaps this outrage is just an NA thing, just like many events in the past.
  13. 500 people posting 1 thing is a great way to annoy people and get people against your cause.
  14. mrmariokartguy

    Double CV Games

    Hold up, that's not true at all. Where are you seeing this "3-400k damage in any other ship"? 300k games are ridiculously rare, most unicum players can count on 1 hand the amount of 300k games they get on surface ships. Then I watch some of the unicum CV players get 200k fairly routinely. Your statement doesn't hold up.
  15. mrmariokartguy

    Game Designers Overreacted

    Ah right, that reminds me. In the time between that post and now, I did an even better drop. So yeah. You guys can keep telling me that CVs can't possibly do a thing to DDs anymore.