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  1. Just sounds like a way to print win rate with 2 no-fly zone ships + 1 CV Dialing it back a few years back to RTS CV fishing divisions
  2. If win rate isn't a good measure of the strength of a ship, then what is? As far as I know, the better the ship the more games it wins you.
  3. GZ bombs only miss reliably because they drop 2 bombs per drop.
  4. mrmariokartguy

    This is not ok.

    Are CVs an issue? Yes. Is your positioning terrible? Also yes. What on earth are you even doing? You knew there would be early spotting in the game, you chose an absolutely terrible position to take and got punished for it.
  5. mrmariokartguy

    Improving Average Player Skill

    You can't, and there is no incentive to. I've been around long enough to know that no amount of information or tutorials will boost average player skill level in any meaningful way. Basic instructions and tutorials would be great, but they don't really change much for the below average players with many games already. New players? That's where the hope lies and where WG can certainly do better, but that's just a small bump in the right direction. We're gonna need more than that.
  6. mrmariokartguy

    You, your ship, the MM and win rate

    Yeah, actual skill gates would cause major unrest in the playerbase. Hitting a skill wall is very frustrating, since you make no progress no matter how much you play.
  7. mrmariokartguy

    Is it possible to dodge all the flak 100% of the time?

    Would have to depend on his ping to NA. CV is very ping sensitive, anything higher than 100 will start to affect gameplay
  8. mrmariokartguy

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    And here lies your problem. You're not the only group of CV players out there. I've asked around in the group I'm in, a group that consists of some extremely high skilled players, and we have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. mrmariokartguy

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    OP at this point is just dodging questions, I don't see the point of this conversation anymore. OP has yet to provide any proof of these supposed changes, despite being asked to multiple times. If only OP dodged flak as well as he is dodging questions...
  10. mrmariokartguy

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    much wow, very nerf If you're going to make claims about stealth nerfs, at least come with some form of documentation.
  11. mrmariokartguy

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    The only ones I know were the reticle rotation and the refactoring of CV code. Both are documented.
  12. mrmariokartguy

    MM is a complete failure. Time to fix your game WG

    Some of us would literally never get a game in that system.
  13. mrmariokartguy

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    I have no idea what nerfs you are talking about
  14. mrmariokartguy

    MM is a complete failure. Time to fix your game WG

    Sounds like CV rework all over again Let's not do this again
  15. mrmariokartguy

    Maybe CVs should be +1/-1

    That would make CVs too powerful on average, so no.