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  1. mrmariokartguy

    is WGC finally unavoidable?

    Yup, old launcher is dead. First thing WGC does is autoupdate all of my clients without my knowledge, leaving me to wonder why my internet was going at 0.1mbps for a few hours.
  2. Ah yes, because the only way to teamwork is to deathball. OP is completely off base with what happens in the game. There are more ways to teamwork than to all clump up together so that you don't get free farmed by a carrier. Teamwork is also spreading your ships out to cover all angles and to assert map dominance via positioning. Carriers close off this avenue of teamwork; talk to any high level clan about this season of clan battles and they will tell how just how little variety there is in this season. A lot of tactical options are not possible with the existence of carriers, and the result of that is just bland gameplay. And this is coming from a CV main. The most trouble I have during games is if the entire enemy team balls up in the back of the map. If you call that teamwork, then teamwork loses games.
  3. mrmariokartguy

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Enterprise in a top tier match. What counterplay? There is none. You absolutely streamroll in this matchup. The most you can do it mitigate damage, but in this matchup that's just delaying the inevitable.
  4. mrmariokartguy

    Fighting against subs. Well maybe?

    I played 6 games, 3 in a DD and 3 in a sub. My experience seems to differ from most. As a Monaghan, the subs were incredibly easy to kill. I didn't really go hard on sub hunting either, I just went after them when the chance presented itself. I was able to kill every single sub I ran across without issue. As a Cachalot, honestly I didn't really get the point of subs. I didn't feel that subs had much game impact, although I never got into a late game situation where it was just me against ships that couldn't do anything against me. I did not feel that subs had any early-to-mid game impact at all.
  5. mrmariokartguy

    how great were the pre Rework CVs?

    Having played both, you actually do more damage with reworked CVs than RTS CVs. All CV now is damage farming, while in RTS CVs you had many different tasks. The biggest thing that RTS CVs had that made them extremely powerful was map control. If you managed to outfighter the opposing CV, it allowed you to have control over large parts of the map where you could influence. And with multiple squadrons, you could exert your influence in multiple areas at once. While RTS CVs dealt more damage in a single attack, these planes were slower and more vulnerable to AA, not to mention enemy fighters as well. There were many things that would stop you from attacking a target in RTS CVs, many of these things are much less effective now.
  6. mrmariokartguy

    AA too OP. Needs nerf especially Halland AA

    Oh yeah definitely agree with that. One moment the Halland is an easy oneshot, then it goes stealth while you prepare a rocket attack and then it comes back up at half health.
  7. link is in his signature dear god that 1.7k Enty games, whew
  8. One of the best ways to get a CV to go away is smoke, camping is the meta with CVs, and stealth torping was never an issue to start with.
  9. mrmariokartguy

    Cv Debate

    I did notice that AA is automatically turned on at the start of games, regardless if you had it off the previous game. Wasn't like this until recently, which may be catching a few DDs out.
  10. mrmariokartguy

    CV-DD interaction

    Nerfing of slingshot will do nothing in terms of DD/CV interaction. DD hunting does not involve the use of slingshot. It's mostly map knowledge and using fighters as spotters. Half the DDs out there keeping their AA on helps a lot though.
  11. mrmariokartguy

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    RTS CV definitely could have worked. Plenty of suggestions were made but never tried, and ultimately WG reworked the entire system. Whether the rework is a success or not will depend on what you perceive the goal of the rework as. Understandably, WG has seen the rework as a success as it increased CV player population. Hop into T4 queue and you can see that very clearly in action.
  12. mrmariokartguy

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    More likely that the article is wrong than anything, start time in client sounds about right compared to previous seasons.
  13. Skill based MM has worked in different games before, definitely. But the question is will it work in WoWS. I don't think it will, we don't have enough players. The amount of players above a 55% WR is very, very small.
  14. mrmariokartguy

    Time to have a serious look at KMS DDs

    German destroyers are fine up until you get to high tier. Issue is that you don't get much more range as you go up the tiers. Z-52 has completely inadequate torpedo range for the tier, and the guns do not make up for it. However, mid tier German destroyers are fine. The torp range and gunpower is about on par with similar tiered destroyers. Z-39 is especially good with the insane amount of health it has.