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  1. mrmariokartguy

    This is why CVs don't bother me all that much

    Guy still lived, so the torp hit was fairly pointless.
  2. mrmariokartguy

    Zoup the feeling police

    If you have an issue with something in chat, send in a ticket. PMing the clan leader is a good way for it to go nowhere.
  3. mrmariokartguy

    WGing needs to redo their AA ratings

    Rating never mattered, which is a bit of an issue for players that aren't super experienced with the game. They're vague estimates, but they can be very far off from reality. Here's an example from 2016 of ratings being very misleading:
  4. mrmariokartguy

    WeeGee did it again!

    I play a good amount of Lexington and Enterprise, and I'm gonna need to see that to believe it. Yes, you can drop a GK that has AA support with T8 CVs. No, you cannot "HOVER around and make 2-3 pass's". At the very limit it is 2 drops at most, most of the time the CV will only get one drop in that situation.
  5. I've done a few games of Ark Royal bottom tier, and it works perfectly fine. Yes, it will take more caution but that's the same with any tier 6 that is bottom tiered. With good target selection and plane conservation the Ark Royal will perform well even in harsh matchmaking.
  6. mrmariokartguy

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    Didn’t know Henri, Bourg, and Kleber were Russian. The most prevalent ship in competitve for months was Henri, yet there was no outcry of “French bias”.
  7. mrmariokartguy

    DD concealment is ridiculous

    It is recommended to enlarge your minimap above the basic level and turn on last spotted ship position. This way, you will know the approximate position of the destroyer even if it is unspotted. A combination of that and your detection circle will give you a good estimation of where the enemy DD is.
  8. mrmariokartguy

    CCs host new skill based MM via training rooms!?

    So you want skill based matchmaking in a closed format. That's called a league, which we had a few years ago and has now transitioned into Kings of the Sea.
  9. mrmariokartguy

    CCs host new skill based MM via training rooms!?

    I don't understand what the post is asking for.
  10. mrmariokartguy

    Mods Please Lock

    This is brilliant. I'm very interested in seeing how this turns out.
  11. mrmariokartguy

    Way too many torpedoes

    You must anticipate the torps, not dodge torps once you see them. Preventative action is going to save your butt.
  12. mrmariokartguy

    Why is there no Clan Battles for coop clans???

    Clan Battles is inherently PvP. It's a battle between clans. There are no AI clans. Your clan can play CBs. It will be against other players.
  13. mrmariokartguy


    “Specialization” is the term WG has used since release, and has consistently used in that context.
  14. mrmariokartguy

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Change of direction is the second most important factor in dodging torps, not speed. The USN BBs turn fairly well, so they can dodge torps pretty well given that they have situational awareness and WASD hacks. The first most important to dodging torps, especially Kamikaze torps, is to sail away from the DD. Low tier DDs do not have the range to hit you with chasing torps. Butt-in, kite, and laugh as the DD has no chance of torping you.
  15. mrmariokartguy

    A question about ST

    Test ship stats are not recorded publicly.