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  1. High tier games ending quickly

    High tier games ending quickly is nothing new. It is something that has been happening frequently for the several months now.
  2. First time on "Ocean"...yikes!

    Ocean's is a fine map to play on accasionally Got it while playing my Yamato the other day, had a great game sailing mid
  3. Good luck to the entrants :)
  4. Caln wars battles activity

    Look. Players in the higher clans have lives too. Jobs, exams, all that fun stuff. We can't always make CBs. WG can't do anything about people having lives outside of the game.
  5. This is awesome if true. Played a Yamato game and I was citadelling everything. Ended up with 7 cits. Was fun.
  6. Looks like a party going on here. What's up?
  7. Maybe there could be a temp invite for the Discord and teach people the way of the science :)
  8. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    No, Yamato does not need buffs.
  9. How does someone...

    rerolls are obvious recruitment should be taking that into account
  10. No, but I don't want to instantly lose a game because someone else wasn't mindful of their torps.
  11. I'd throw my monitor out the window then. Don't punish the rest of the team because someone on your team did something super dumb.
  12. Fairly sure the enemy team gains points and you lose points when you teamkill. EDIT: Confirmed, clip is from last summer.
  13. Corgi flags?

    huh, you should get 4 awards. That's how it has worked every event before.
  14. Aim Bots

    Video title says today's date, but was uploaded a year ago. In addition, the gameplay itself is also very old. hmm......
  15. Yes. I've got a few with Gneisenau recently.