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  1. How is this thread still going
  2. ITT: people who want ships delivered to them on a silver plate, no work or effort needed. No, throwing your wallet at a wall does not count as effort. Yeah, no. There is nothing wrong with making a ship a reward for a lot of work and effort in the game. There'd be no point in ever trying to play the game at a competitive level if there were never the rewards to justify it.
  3. AP does plenty of consistent damage as well. It requires a bit of positioning, aim, and target selection, but once you get that down you can consistently get boatloads of damage.
  4. This is a player skill issue, not a ship issue. I play plenty of BBs, AP is superior 99% of the time.
  5. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    I went on the forums to search for a thread to talk about the World Cup. Instead I find this.
  6. Why is it that every time I get linked to forums, it’s never for a good thing? I get linked to the forums every day too...
  7. Spotter plane is not the worst by far. Try DCP mod.
  8. PSA Eula changes

    afaik nothing changed. according to radarx they brought part of the tos and merged it into the eula. so nothing has changed besides gdpr stuff.
  9. Torps are fairly easy to dodge if you take plenty of actions to avoid torps. Eating one or two occasionally is fine.
  10. Cruisers Mayhem - is Endless Fire Too OP

    There is a lot of things BBs can do against fires. Primarily, don’t misposition. Don’t overextend and always have a way out of an engagement. Also, learn how to manage DCP. Never DCP a single fire, and sometimes not even a double fire if you’re under heavy fire.
  11. team Kill penalty

    Don't send torps towards allies, even when there is an enemy there. If there is an ally closing distance with an enemy, don't torp.
  12. Rank 10 to Rank 5 - Season 9

    Honestly, radar is not a big issue for me when I play DDs in T10 ranked. I've played 13 Z-52 games so far, split between R10-6 and R5-2, and have yet to lose a single game. First thing you need to do is identify the radar threats. Always assume that YY and Mino are radar ships, because chances are they have radar. Once you identify those ships, anticipate which positions they will take; this will typically be an island close to or inside of cap. From there, there are multiple different approaches to take. You can avoid the radar locations and play around them, this is a very safe option. Another option that is more aggressive but more rewarding is to stick to an island when you bait out radar. A lot of caps have island cover within caps, use those islands when you cap so that you cannot be hit while the enemy is radaring. This grants you cap contest, and if you can counter radar or hydro you can win the cap. If there is no island cover on the cap and you suspect that the enemy team has radar on it, you can either avoid it, or reverse into the cap to bait the radar out and then bail.
  13. eh I'm talking about the MM in general. T4 is special and frankly it screws a lot of other tiers up.
  14. The Pigeon's Mess

    Stop clubbing!