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  1. mrmariokartguy

    Why is there no Clan Battles for coop clans???

    Clan Battles is inherently PvP. It's a battle between clans. There are no AI clans. Your clan can play CBs. It will be against other players.
  2. mrmariokartguy


    “Specialization” is the term WG has used since release, and has consistently used in that context.
  3. mrmariokartguy

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Change of direction is the second most important factor in dodging torps, not speed. The USN BBs turn fairly well, so they can dodge torps pretty well given that they have situational awareness and WASD hacks. The first most important to dodging torps, especially Kamikaze torps, is to sail away from the DD. Low tier DDs do not have the range to hit you with chasing torps. Butt-in, kite, and laugh as the DD has no chance of torping you.
  4. mrmariokartguy

    A question about ST

    Test ship stats are not recorded publicly.
  5. mrmariokartguy

    CV Damage Emblem Needs Rescaling

    It is easier to do damage in T10 CV now than before. So no, no rescaling needed.
  6. mrmariokartguy

    Why does AA have no effect

    Well, yes. It's negligible. Even if we consider the best case scenario of all the plane kills being strike planes, 10 planes is a minuscule amount of plane kills and I would gladly trade that for more damage. This is 10 plane kills throughout the game, not 10 plane kills through one of two attack passes. 10 planes can be 2-3 planes an attack wave, which doesn't stop attacks at all. And we're only considering strike planes. CVs love to put fighters over DDs and that inflates DD plane kill stats.
  7. mrmariokartguy

    Why does AA have no effect

    Sorry, but that's a negligible amount of plane kills.
  8. Charts don't measure enjoyment. Charts don't show the growing apathy for the game. The charts don't differentiate if I log on to play 1 game, or if I log in to play many games. We can hide behind stats and charts all we want, but using those to paper over growing issues isn't going to make anything better.
  9. mrmariokartguy

    How was this a draw?

    Replay does not load for me either. Picture seems to indicate simultaneous base capture, so I'm guess that is what happened.
  10. You know what missions would promote good play? Missions that require winning. :) Yet everyone hates that more, so I'm not sure what people want.
  11. mrmariokartguy

    Midway Nearly Unplayable

    Cutting planes is not necessary in Midway, it is actually not advised as you are shrinking the health pool of the squadron by doing that. Midway has enough reserves where plane count is not an issue. TBs are best used for dropping large targets that is protected with AA, or you're trying to get a flood (good luck). DBs are your main weapon and they wreck things provided you get the bomb hits. Tiny Tims are great as well, not as easy to use as DBs, but they attack quickly and can do similar amounts of damage as DBs.
  12. mrmariokartguy

    Wkipedia confusion

    Yes, it only has 4 upgrade slots. Thanks for bringing it up! I've corrected the wiki page now.
  13. mrmariokartguy

    Cross Server Random Battles

    NA is campy? First time I've heard that.
  14. mrmariokartguy

    Concern over the Engine Cooling nerf

    That only makes people want the changes more
  15. mrmariokartguy

    Concern over the Engine Cooling nerf

    These are the speed values we should have started the rework with, nobody would have complained and we could at least balance on those speeds.