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  1. There is a Team based incentive, it's called winning! The Team earns more credits and XP than the losing Team. It's still based on individual contributions, but who wouldn't rather earn more for the win?
  2. kvcaner

    Lag Spikes

    Since you don't indicate where you are, I would imagine there are a lot of people who have experienced similar issues over the last 24 hours around North America and the world for that matter. Personally I experience it on a nearly daily basis. Play is fine one minute, the next it's unplayable. By the way, I'm in northern NY (near Canada). Trouble is, there are so many devices between you, your ISP, and WGs server that are beyond either yours or their control, that it's really something you're just stuck with I'm afraid. Unless of course you can identify that the problem does in fact lie with one of those three entities. Then you do have some recourse. For example you can control your router, your ISP can control their network, you may be able to leverage your ISP IF you can identify the source of trouble with some of their equipment. They in turn may be able to leverage influence over the provider they purchase bandwidth from, etc, etc, ad infenitem. Good luck with that by the way. Same goes for WG. Just asking the obvious here, are you by any chance using WiFi?
  3. kvcaner

    Server Issue?

    Same here.
  4. kvcaner

    Servers are Down

    Same here.
  5. kvcaner

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    OK, so just because WG offers us the opportunity to earn a new economy that can be used to purchase select in game goods, we're being abused and mistreated? Oh yeah, and BTW, it's totally free if you want it to be, and completely optional. When WG announces they'll be resetting all ships with the next patch, and that you must then pay to get them back, I'll be right there with my own righteous indignation alongside you.
  6. kvcaner

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Agree completely. I've never seen such a display off irrational entitlement in all my life. No one forces you to participate in any aspect of this game. If you don't like something don't do it. And for those who are complaining about the fact that WarGaming tries to make money through monetization of the game, I have one thing to say about that, DUH! This is not a philanthropic enterprise, the purpose is to make money, lot's of money. For those of you who think WG should spend all it's time and energy focusing on aspects of the game which are completely free and have no earning potential, I say to you, how much time did you spend last year working for free at your job? If your goal is to play the game 100% free, then more power to you, the only difference is time and effort. Go for it!
  7. kvcaner

    Pink assignment

    Semper Fortis
  8. kvcaner

    Pink assignment

    @Kestrel_Falcon First let me start by saying, thank you for your service! Second, Go Navy, Beat Army!! Finally, in combat you operated under rules of engagement correct? Same thing applies here. If you run the risk of hitting an ally with your torps, the consequences of that action are on you. Of course as others have already said, you must weigh the risk/reward when making the final decision. Regardless the decision was yours. You wouldn't fire your mains at a target to your Port if you had an ally directly abeam your Port side at close range would you? Sure you might not hit him, but you still could.
  9. kvcaner

    Client unstable

    Been having serious lag issues for a while now.......also the Port UI is VERY laggy! I'll need to observe, but it may be as the previous poster stated. Does the lag occur with the appearance of aircraft....... I'll watch for that.
  10. kvcaner

    Odd game visuals

    Agreed, sounds like latency to me too. I have been looking into this over the past week as I too have been experiencing almost unplayable game latency. I believe this is due to a higher than average nationwide network usage over the holidays. I went from stable 35-50ms latency to rubber-banding anywhere from 35ms-2400ms! Happens everyday and every game since about the 3rd week of December. My local hops all maintain acceptable latency and packet loss up until I hit the first Cogent backbone switch at ORD Chicago ("be2717.ccr41.ord01.atlas.cogentco.com". This was the first in a series of 7 hops on the journey to "login1.worldofwarships.com". Ultimately the final hop is the only one that counts, but the average ping was now around 240ms, which is enough to make things very frustrating! Don't even get me started on packet loss!!! Hopefully if I'm right things will return to normal soon. So know you are not alone.....
  11. kvcaner

    Intellectual Property

    I think here you will find the deciding factor is the fact you are operating an for profit commercial enterprise. You pay to play the game with enhanced earnings, XP, credits etc. You don't actually own any real property, nor have you purchased any rights to any of the virtual products sold in the game. Take for example a photographer who sells you a photograph (print). You own that print (that one print), you do not however own the right to reproduce it however you like, unless you have specifically obtained a waiver allowing you to do so. For example, most photographers will for no additional cost allow a user to have an image used in a celebratory ad in a newspaper or magazine, however if you are using it for a commercial purpose such as an ad offering the item in the photograph for sale or for a service depicted in the photograph they will usually need to grant specific permission as to the date of publication, credit to the photographer etc; and they may require compensation for such.
  12. kvcaner

    I quit my job in the coalmine

    I had 224 qualifying ships in port and ground it all out in co-op in 3 days! It earned me 83,942 coal with Clan bonus and 5,723 Steel with Clan Bonus! Would I do it again? Hell yeah! But not anytime soon please :)
  13. When was the last time you made a purchase and are you in the US? I spent a long time on the phone with PAYPAL yesterday and although he could say that they were blocking the transaction as a security risk, he couldn't override it, nor could he give me any more information. My bank also blocked both ACH and debit transactions as well. Now I can get a 24 hour override if i call, but who wants to do that? Ohyeah and of course Amazon Pay stopped working as well.🤨 Come on WarGaming, don't you want our money??