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  1. SteelShadow105

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    Appreciate the insight. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in this. I was looking forward to playing an Agano class CL, but given this I'm probably gonna have to pass. Unless WG can buff some of the obvious issues to make her more enjoyable to play and not make it seem like your playing a crippled ship with nitro
  2. SteelShadow105

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    All of this ^
  3. SteelShadow105

    An Idea For CVs

    Noooo, fighters are useless right now. I dont know how many times I've placed fighters in advance and watch as the enemy CV flies around in the bubble and flies out without as so much startle my fighters. Literally the only way they do anything is when the enemy CV isnt paying attention.
  4. SteelShadow105

    Submarines & Random thoughts

    I second this. What I'm thinking is have DDs be the ones that can fight against SS. In the Escort the convoy game mode, you'll have two teams where the dds have to protect their transport ships while the other team consisting of submarines have to destroy them. Then we dont worry about "OP ships that can nuke me and I cant shoot them". Plus it gives us another game mode to play other than randoms. Just an idea though
  5. I second this, I went there and couldnt do anything with them
  6. SteelShadow105

    Custom Camos?

    Just a quick little thread. Why can't we ever make permanent custom camos? Like they won't give you any benifits or anything, just a cosmetic plus. I hate that if I want my ship to look cool or unique I have to use a limited amount of camos just for cosmetic purposes. I understand that WG uses it as another way to make money, but it could be like any other company and charge doubloons for certain decals, patterns, emblems, etc. I know WG tries to make camos for us to buy that we'll like, but honestly out of everything I'd spend my money on, camos would be the last thing I'd buy. So you might as well make them customizable and charge players for unique add-ons. (Plus what better way is there to show off your clan other than having it in bold paint on the side of your ship :D) Just wondering why this was never implemented
  7. SteelShadow105

    Scharnhorst just came up (summer sale)

    Man the one day I didnt check the store, fml
  8. Bought Boise cause I always wanted to play a Brooklyn class, also got Duke of York and Haida in the roll, and I have to say, they werent what i was wanting but they are good ships. Really enjoying Duke of York.
  9. SteelShadow105

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    I need to play more matches to really get a better opinion on it, but it feels better that I cant fly around ships like nothing, i either have to make it happen or risk losing the squad. But like i said i need to play more to really get a better opinion. So far I feel like its gonna make CVS into being like vultures. If too many ships are grouped up, the cv will just wait around and spot the team until one of them stays too far away from the others AA bubble. Also yeah they kinda made torp heal useless.
  10. This honestly sounds like a typical buisness practice. Now I'm not trying to say you arent skilled at the game or anything (most other people are prob better than me), but just doing some basic math; if its 1500 for Lazo and if you could atleast get 50 tokens a match itd only take you 30 matches. Yes I know they'd have to be wins, but if you really couldnt get those over a course of 2 months then ig 🤷‍♀️
  11. If that's the case, I agree. I do find some of WG buisness decisions questionable, but then again that's nothing new with these gaming companies
  12. Guess your just unlucky? I mean I usually get one once every 2nd- 4th container. I think went through all my daily's the other day and didnt get any 🤷‍♀️
  13. @Excessive_Paranoia Sorry you didnt join at the beginning of the event? I mean I really hecking wanted the arp ships but I joined way after they were over and I have no way to ever get them unless weegee gets a wonder ship trade lmbo. But I knew i never could've know when to join, same as you with when you joined. Good for you for grinding so far, but you cant really be mad that WG gave you a end date to use the tokens when you joined later.
  14. SteelShadow105

    Trying to be civilly critical here, can we do that?

    Ok I'm just gonna say right here, whether we agree or disagree with anything you posted. I personally, and I assume the rest of the playerbase, really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and let us a little inside what wargaming is thinking. I've been touching in on the forum for weeks and dont really see much staff involvement in discussions. If we could actually discuss this without keeping everyone in the dark and surprise us with changes that we dont like that could had been prevented, it really would help us get that much closer to getting rid of this "catastrophic" rework. Appreciate your time :)