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  1. How to fix passive meta

    T10 is currently unplayable. 75% of players are pure trash. Sacks of potatoes. Ships are far too fragile. We have to accept that most players of this game are useless, and as long as they can die in seconds after being exposed to fire they just won't move. Ships must be much tougher, across the board. Time to face facts.
  2. Who told you that they're not easy to citadel? Noster? Did it make sense because of how low the citadel is set? Then why do they get citadeled left and right? Is Noster and iChase unaware that shells will happily pen under the water line? Are they unaware of plunging fire? Magazines? The conning tower with very little armor? Regardless, the fact is that these ships are ridiculously soft. If I take fire in the KG, it will almost certainly lose 20% of its health.
  3. There are multiple god-awful ship lines in this game, and while the Russians still top the charts in utter trash, the British BB line is right up there. Completely awful in virtually every way -- firepower, speed, protection. They are like slow, low-ROF cruisers with extra health. Junk range, standard BB accuracy (ie, poor), low health, and mostly poor AA. Get citadeled and full penned from virtually every angle while being under-gunned up until T8.
  4. Everyone knows that what kills this game are the players. There's PLENTY of poor design choices that WG has made, but let's be real about the actual culprit. I've come to the point at which I believe the only choice is to greatly improve the suvivability of all ships. As long as exposing your ship to deletion is a thing, the potatoes won't move. At some point you just have to face facts about the type of people who play this game and make design choices accordingly.
  5. New effects -- Awful

    The issue isn't WG improving the game....the issue is WG making it worse. Take BF3/4 for example. I like the war tapes sound mode, but if you don't like it you can chose regular sound effects. That makes the game better. Not only are the new effects inferior to the old ones, you don't have a choice in the matter.
  6. So I'm back to check out the new BB line, and I'm greeted by new visual effects that are simply awful. Flat, garish, 2D and fake. How much longer are we to be punished by "Russian PCs"? At least give us an option to switch back to the old effects.
  7. You're one of my biggest fans, you don't want me to go anywhere. Had another game with it....yeah, it's broken. It's essentially a cheat. I can't believe WG thought this was needed in the game. It might be ham-fisted attempt to move the useless potatoes out from behind islands and lemming train clusters -- but this won't help at all. If you want these quality of players to do anything you have to give them immunity to fire and torp damage needs to be reduced by about 300%.
  8. My first game with Radio Finding. I can't believe WG thought this was a good idea; it's incredibly OP and will be a required pick for literally every ship except CVs. It's not going to embolden the usual trash that plays this game, but for those of us who try to win you might as well give us a wallhack.
  9. I take long breaks from the game, usually chased off by the horrendously bad players that infest WoWS. So I'm sometimes not around for major changes. Did they nerf the hell out of Yamato? I don't recall it being this inaccurate. I definitely don't recall it being so squishy. It's getting penned by everything at all angles.
  10. Normally I can't stand this guy's reviews, because all he does is post the games he top tiers in and farms potatoes all game. But he is mostly correct in his assessment of the Graf Spee: 1. Damage output is bad. 2. Too squishy, gets wrekt by everything including HE plinks from DDs. 3. Is only strong against the oblivious -- which all cruisers are, and more so. 4. Can't contest due to lack of maneuverability to compensate for its weakness. The Scharnhorst is junk, of course, but his assessment regarding the Graf Spee seems to be based on reality.
  11. Just had a disastrously bad game with the Gaff Spee. I couldn't even take down a DD...in a cruiser. That's laughable for a cruiser. Of course, the 19 second reload and horrible dispersion makes it impossible to sink a DD with any degree of speed, while being hit by DD plinks -- which, bizarrely, almost always pen, regardless of angle -- and being sniped by literally everything in range. It really is a junk ship. I can't comment on potato tactics (ie, sniping from the sea cloud cluster, hiding behind islands all gamer waiting for someone to come around the corner, div buddies tanking for you, etc) but doing the things a cruiser should be able to do, it can't -- contest caps, screen for DDs and duel other cruisers -- makes it garbage.
  12. You can't hit anything with this ship. Yes, yes, we all have those games where the RNG throws you a bone, and this morning I did over 70k damage in it. But the standard pattern is, splice, splice, wild, overpen, wild, splice, splice, etc... You might as well just be a damage spunge, which might be a usable teamplay tactic if players of this game weren't so horrid on average.
  13. As usual, the main argument against these facts are reaction images, one-liners and screenshots from the one game they top-tiered a team of useless potatoes / AFK'ers and bots.
  14. To address the standard lies from the usual suspects, German BBs suck. I know because I've played the best of them. Please note the Scharnhorst is not the best of anything, and I knew better than to spend a dime on that POS. I do play the Gniesneau, however, being as that it's not horrendously undergunned -- on paper. The truth is, I don't play it that often any more because it can't hit anything. The Missouri with both main gun modules does hit things, and frequently; playing the Missouri is like how BBs used to be like back before the big citadel nerfs.
  15. The main issue is the dispersion, you can't hit anything. Completely RNG-based, even more so than BBs on average. You MUST get in close to have any kind of reasonable chance to land good hits -- and doing this puts you into range of other cruisers that handily out-damage you based on RoF (and the fact that they can hit what they shoot at). Nevermind BBs that can still casually delete cruisers if RNG allows them to.