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  1. We could have modern ships, so there's no problem. Animating missiles shouldn't be a problem even for WG and their ancient Russian potato PC target systems. Smoke would become chaff, ECM ratings would be detection range, secondaries would be anti-air defenses. Once the missiles are shot off the ships can close for gun battles. You could even have WW2 era ships in with modern ones because the modern ships would mitigate the missile threat for the team to a large part. Without their AShMs a modern missile destroyer is going to get absolutely wrecked by some WW2 cruiser or BB in the context of the game.
  2. GUTB

    USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    BBs in the game now are trash, but the US BBs especially are crap. Cardboard citadel magnets and pen sponges. The superior fire control of US BBs is nowhere to be seen in-game. This encourages to potatoes to hide all game and run at the slightest indication of danger. At least with the German BBs you don't feel like you're going to lose half your health bar at any moment.
  3. Premium ships suck and pay WG's bills. I know it'll be accused of p2w but if you pay for a ship it shouldn't suck. Well...all ships suck to one degree or another in the current state of the game so I guess it doesn't matter. For a serious discussion on how to keep this game going -- how about improving water physics, adding new ship lines, pulling a WT move and going Cold War / near-modern era ships? I would also suggest improving mechanics to make the game more compelling and influencing the potatoes to play the game and not lemming train behind island clusters while crossing their fingers.
  4. GUTB

    Musashi: What could have been.

    What a youtuber who's mainly intrested in shilling for the game says is meaningless. If the Musashi is like the Yamato it's just a floating Vegas casino. If you're lucky you can one-shot some mindless potato, but CHANCES ARE you're just going to die without getting much. Eventually you get tired of being a floating funeral pyre for the once-in-a-while chain citadel hit.
  5. GUTB

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    Lemming training behind islands, sitting in smoke and putting BBs on fire?
  6. GUTB

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    I have a RTX 2080 Ti.
  7. GUTB

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    So, in other words, it sucks?
  8. There were multiple people reporting a stealth nerf to BB accuracy, and after a week of playing I can confirm this. I used to get over 30% hit rate on average before and now I'm getting 25% and less. Last game I had with a Missouri fully specced for accuracy got a 20% hit rate -- that is not at all an exception. Essentially if BBs can't hit anything they're nothing but burning pinatas.
  9. I played some BBs yesterday. I did well in the Yamato in the first game of the day but each one of my other games were consistent trash. I was seeing a hit rate of less than 25% consistently and of those most were junk hits. If it was just a bad run of RNG then there would’t be so many people here complaining about the same thing.
  10. GUTB

    Game is finished?

    Italian line and Russian BBs were talked about forever. Where are they? We got the British BBs and French line. Since then there’s been nothing, just a few reworks, re-skins and a handful of premiums no one wants because they suck. But we’re getting an arcade mode CV minigame. Hey, where’s the Alaska? I don’t know, but when I logged in I found about coal and iron. I mean, seriously you’re down to this WG?
  11. GUTB

    Game is finished?

    So, where are these ships?
  12. GUTB

    Game is finished?

    I’m here for real talk about the state of the game. I’m very inactive in the game nowadays but why don’t you have twice as many battles than me? Could it be you’re bored of the casual crapfest? Not bored of posting though.
  13. GUTB

    Game is finished?

    This criticism should be aimed at people with 2-3 times more posts than battles.
  14. GUTB

    Game is finished?

    Farming money from a small handful, obviously most players in this game are ultra casual.
  15. With the release of new ships now at a trickle, no fundimental gameplay changes for a very long time and ships balanced around a state of weakness for quick matches — it seems that the game has entered its final state and just exists for Wargaming to farm shop dollars from a handful of hardcore players.