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  1. Arashi ur gey but tbh I'd go gei 4 u

  2. Was the RP exhilarating?
  3. Interesting Factoids: Two months are greater in numerical value than five months
  4. RenownDukeOfWarspite, if you are so much more intelligent than 99% of the human race, why couldn't you manage to get 29 other willing individuals to be in a clan with you.
  5. Destroyer_Arashi

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  6. Destroyer_Arashi

    Update 8.0 - Ranked and CV Rework

    When you complain about how unfinished BF5 at launch was but "give it a chance to fix problems and improve the system" with the pre-alpha levels the CV rework is at This post was made by the incompetent players' gang
  7. Destroyer_Arashi

    DD's in upper Tiers are OVERPOWERED against BB

    What is using more than one brain cell?
  8. Destroyer_Arashi

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar isn't an issue to the average player because the average player dies or grinds against the border before radar could ever affect them
  9. Destroyer_Arashi

    Just stop it

    Just ban the entire population. Solves all the problems with the game
  10. May the best weebs team win, BaKaga :nom: