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  1. Love your cover photo. Where can I find the whole thing?

  2. >Stop nerfing premiums Tirpitz secondaries buff say hello
  3. My only concern aside from the implementation of mechanics is the absolute tumor that is the WoTB community which would also be in on WoWS Blitz action, who are in general the antithesis of the WoWS community: stat driven, aggressive, willing to flame each other just for fun rather than to prove a point. If it isn't the mechanics that drive the WoWS community away, then those people will.
  4. Iowo...=-= At least you get 10 flags and can still make a profit
  5. If you are thinking the two cannot be compared based purely on the fact that Mutsu has the Roman numeral 'V' and 'I' while Nagato has the Roman numerals 'V' and two 'I's, that is a "pretty weak position"
  6. Why would you take IFHE on a BB in the first place?
  7. *sees Kirov is "bad ship" A few moments later... You were saying?
  8. Any player has the right to access and play on their own account and at any time, including coordinated timings with a group of players. WG saying "you shall not sync drop" impedes this right as most want their clanmates on the enemy team to kill as an added challenge. Saying all people that sync drop are cheating, rigging, monopolizing, or altering the matchmaker and it is morally wrong is baseless for the latter and a glittering generality for the former. Last time I remember one cannot simply hack server so they and their clanmates only end up on one side.
  9. I'd suggest putting your money elsewhere, since your neither have the patience nor the brain capacity to play this wonderful game. May I suggest a grade 3 English class to enhance your "wonderful" grammar and spelling skills further?
  10. Changing core aspects of the game to be suitable for only ~5% of the overall server population...
  11. Collaborations like ARP and Haifuri are mutually beneficial for WG and the license owners. The license owners receive money from WG for allowing usage of the content, and WG can use content without any more incurred expense and can retain players who want the ships because "l0l free tier 5/7/8 ships", equating to increased probability the player will throw money SerB's direction. It is all inter-linked and collabs are quite a lucrative trade for games. Based on most comments, apparently free stuff that can keep a game free to play and that one can opt out of is bad. First world problems...
  12. KanColle is already in a collab with War Thunder so...doubtful at best and no at worse...
  13. do realise this would make the game exponentially more pay to win by locking content until another class is fully unlocked and bought? You do realise locking battleships also locks carriers? Or are you too emotion driven on your soap box to realise how bad of a "solution" this is?
  14. I personally haven't spent money on WoWS yet, but in other WG titles I spent once my coffers started to look like the Weimar Republic circa 1923. Plus crew training is an added bonus as well.
  15. Complaining about anime in WoWS because they are "scantily clad" is the equivalent of complaining about Barbie in a children's movie because she is "scantily clad"...