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  1. nice to see you got ur name back hehe

    1. MikeLapTrap


      That didnt take long for someone to notice lol. thx. Now all i need is my zao, finally finished retraining my captain the game i got detonated....would have helped to know i was spotted ;(

    2. Wo_9


      i saw that ;a; i was like nuuuuuu =[. but grats on that. mayb you should speed grind on the weekend to get it out the way or whenever u have time

  2. MikeLapTrap

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    someone as Zman222 to the list. can't link it with the phone >_>
  3. MikeLapTrap

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    hmm. should I start streaming? that would be a first for me so it'd be a pain to set up add Zman222 to the list of streamers. can't link it using phone
  4. aahahahaha, they erased your name a second time?

  5. You should probably check in on the Kantai Collection thread sometime, because occ. we get stuff like this posted: http://i60.tinypic.com/2gwdn6g.png (see if you can recognize Hakuryu's TBs :P)

    1. MikeLapTrap


      Haha omg the amount of planes all around....thats how I attack too. a circle of doom

  6. Teach me how to use carriers Q.Q (I don't know how you manage those godly DPGs)

    1. MikeLapTrap


      sorry but I only plan on teaching my clan members

    2. Flametz