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  1. Charliegsand

    PSA: Moskva Camo Compensation Has Begun To Arrive

    I purchased Moskva Type 20 a few weeks before the announcement regarding the line split. I was pretty bummed when I felt like I wasted a fair amount of dubs on the Moskva camo I would have got for free. I have done a few games & have not got the camo for the Nevsky. a clanmate who did not have the perma camo pre-line split got one on login. I appreciate that WG tried to do a good thing & make up for the original oversight, but this feels so poorly executed that I cant help but feel a bit like WG just put salt in that old wound.
  2. Charliegsand

    I cannot login to WoWS....please help!

    same here, seemed like the google DNS helped initially, but a few hours later i got dropped to login screen while loading into a battle & came back orange (did not even turn pink first) i am now limited to co-op for the next 12 games. assuming it does not happen again during those games & i incur more penalties. i asked Customer Service for help removing the penalties in the ticket i have open for the server connection issue, but WG customer service seems unable or unwilling to remove the penalties (got a canned response that did not address the question) it would appear the only option is to pay for a VPN (or accept the risk of using a free one) or not play until WG is able to resolve the issue.
  3. Charliegsand

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    having the same issue here. game is currently unplayable WG blames Spectrum, Spectrum Blames WG. feel like the middleman with both sides pointing the finger at each other