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  1. oldewolfe

    4k anyone?

    Playing on my 65" Hisense U8G... This was Before the PC Upgrades.... So, the FX 6300 and 1650 Super are waiting for New Jobs as an HTPC... Now, in their Place is a Ryzen 5600G and MSI RX 6600XT... The 5600G'll be Replaced at some point with a 5700X, though, that 5800X3D looks kinda nice too....
  2. oldewolfe

    Coupon Fever..... ughhh (UPDATED)

    661K Coal here and the Coupon yet for Ships and all the Others too, not to mention the 1 Million Free XP still sitting... lol Just NO Idea what I wanna use them on... Could get Black and use the 25% and get GK for Full and STILL get Lutjens, or GK -25%/Pomm and the Commander and just stay with One Nation... Pommern has been on my List for a VERY Long Time, but it's kept getting Bumped Off of it by Other Ships, Napoli was I believe the Last to Knock it out of the Running... Before that it was Marco if I recall, so glad there's no more Italian Ships in the Running for Coal.... I know where my Limitations Lie, so I'll be Avoiding Kearsarge and any of the Carriers, I bought Loewenhardt to see if I'd like the Class as a Whole and my Timing in the Planes and the Drops is Lousey, so they're not even going to be a Consideration... Besides, WG has a Twisted Sense of Humor, I Sold the IS3 way back when I was Grinding the Line because I had Unlocked the T-10 and really didn't get along with the Tank, so, WG gave me the IS3A a couple years Later in Xmas Boxes knowing I'd never Sell it... That Trend continued Here with the Carriers, I bought Loewenhardt as a Test, the Test didn't Pan Out, WG has since given me 5 more CV's thru Various Events, INCLUDING Immelmann... All they've been good for so far is Collecting Snow Flakes, and I've Kept them to that too... lol I DO Like the US DD's, but I'm thinking I MAY just get Pommern outta the way this Run before something else comes along and Kicks it to the Curb again, looking at the Tech Tree at some of the Up and Coming Ships and not knowing WHERE they'll Land, if I don't do this Now, I'll keep Sitting on the Coal and never get this Done... Decisions, Decisions... lol
  3. Internet Issues are Against ANY Flipping Control I Have.... Shove that Unsportmsman [edited] and Choke on it... Wasn't anything I DID, Happened in Tanks as well, so it was a Comcast Thing, send it to them and see how far that Gets you...
  4. oldewolfe

    7th Anniversary Video Code

  5. oldewolfe

    Talk Like a Pirate Day

    I got the Red one Dern'it, I want the BLACK One... lol I'd get the Black then and I'd put the Black Flag on that and the Kidd... Leave the Red Flag on the others... lol
  6. Funny how Napoli hasn't come up yet in this... Alaska maybe... But aside from that, I can't say I've ever Paid attention to my Potential Damage on Cruisers.... Hell, I can barely remember what Cruisers I do have off the Top of my Head... lol
  7. oldewolfe

    Roma Kii Camos

    Only one I didn't Have was the Yamato, and it didn't give any Extra Bonus more than the Usual anyway... Still want it though... lol But I do have Ashitaka, Kii, and Roma already...
  8. oldewolfe

    Skip Zieten with free XP or not?

    Look for Searaptors Video's on YouTube... He's had a Change if Heart if I recall about his Initial Impressions of this Boat... I myself kinda Like it... It's Goofy Looking and the Guns are Laid Out Bassackwards, but if someone's Chasing you, yhey Eat whatever you Have in those 2 Turrets... But I wouldn't Free XP past it, you might Like it....
  9. coffee...??? someone say coffee...???? If he's not Allowed anymore, can I have his...???? sorry, just waking up from a Nap in the Recliner after work... what were we talking about again...???
  10. The Tier 7 is the only one I'm Seriously Disappointed in, and I don't have the Tier 10 just yet... I don't Play them at Range, if I can, I try to get them into Close Range and that sometimes means Sneaking them In there behind an Island and then Popping Out with ALL Guns Fully Aimed at the Target... At Close In, Full Broadside Ranges like the Olde Days, these Guns Chew thru Ships and Citadels, the Line is EXTREMELY High Risk or you're just Wasting Shells... Veneto and Roma are the from the Same Class of Battleship, but I'll take Roma ANY Day of the Week, Veneto doesn't even Compare... I think some of this comes from the SAP in the Main Guns, they didn't want to make them TOO Powerful and Gimped the Hell out of them Instead for the Sake of Balance... Lower Tiers are just Lower Tiers, EVERYTHING about the Ships is Slow at these Tiers, but they're Very Good Boats... Andrea Doria is an OK Boat, not a Fantastic Boat like some Lines, but OK... Francesco is just, not Definable by Words, everything about this Boat just FEELS Counter Productive and Infuriating, I have yet to Find a Sweet Spot for it even in Scenarios or Coop.... Veneto is a Worse Roma, not Bad, but by no Means as Easy to Drive and Fire as Roma Feels.... Lepanto I do Like, in fact I think I like Lepanto Better than the 2 Premiums at Tier 9 and Marco is just a Fatter Roma at this Tier and I really haven't Played Guiseppe as much as I ought to.... And Yes, Sansonetti is a BIG Help for these Boats, I have him in all the Premiums DD's on Up and he's the Commander I THINK of the Zara or Amalfi, I forget now.... I'm even thinking about getting the Russian Guilio since I can't get that Boat ever since they Pulled it last Xmas from Crates, even if it IS at Tier 6, it's still Overall an Italian Boat.... Aquila I'm on the Fence about only because I'm not Great at CV's, my Timing and the Game's Timing never Seem to Mesh... lol
  11. Friend of mine has been Playing and Lately, when we Div Up, they Crash and don't Load in... That in itself is Frustrating, but they've been Flagged at least Once already for Quitting and they aren't Quitting, the Game just Hangs Up on Load In or Crashes... Anyone else having Issues with this on their end as well, or if anyone at the NA Office has a Solution, it'd be Great to know that it's Not just Us and that there's a Fix/Work Around.... Well, I see it's getting Looked at, but no Responses so I'm guessing no one else is having this Issue.... Even though they aren't in the Clan I'm in, if they Were, with the Current Division Event running, we'd never get to do it together... They have no Issues Solo, and I'm not the one Dropping Out when we Div, so I don't have any Ideas where to Start to Fix the Issue.... And before anyone asks if they're using Mod's of any Sort, I'll hazard a Guess the Answer will be, Mod's...??? What're Those, so I'll say No....
  12. oldewolfe


    https://replayswows.com/replay/163151#stats 286K Damage... Highest I've done in ANY Ship in my Port so far.... Video's going to YouTube as we Speak... lol
  13. oldewolfe

    Premium Ship Removal

    I still want Hornet even if it's just to Look at the Mitchell's on the Deck... lol
  14. oldewolfe


    Aggression is Definitely Fun... But my Math Skills Suck... lol
  15. Sitting on over 550K Coal only because I haven't Decided on a Boat, or at this point BOATS.... Iwami was on my List as soon as they Mentioned it, I have Kii and I like having the Torps as a Welcome Addition to the Arsenal of Toys so Awami oughta Fit right in... When the Lighthouse for Musashi Dropped, I was looking at that as a Possible until the Cost came into Play and to be Honest, the Gold Outlay was Kinda steep to me at the Time.... BUT, I had a Metric Butt Ton of Free XP Sitting and Musashi's Initial Cost back in the Day having been only 750K was More than I needed to Unlock from where I was at on Fuso thru to Yamato, so I went that Route instead... Mainly got Yamato for the Gun Sound, but it's NOT an Un Fun Boat to Play either, especially when you Launch Shells over 30km and Nail a Ship for 5 Cit's in a salvo to Completely take it Off the Map... So Iwami is Still a Possibility because that Dispersion, though occasionally Frustrating, isn't Always bad... Besides, 410mm Guns are Pretty Good still even at Tier 9, just NOT as Impressive as they are at Tier 7.... Other Choices include Pommern, Black, F.Sherman, even Kurfurst looks Interesting now that I don't have to Grind to It per se, or there's getting a Bunch of Mid Tier Ships as well, and then there's the Commanders... Tough Choices all Around, part of the Reason I'm Stuck with all this Coal to begin with... lol