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  1. I have all my End of Battle Reports but One, and I believe someone mentioned the Bug on the General Discussion Page as well.... Sink a CV and the Game Locks Up and Forgets you Played it for a Minute or More... When you Finally get Back to Port, that Battle is Not Recorded and the Prior one's Are... I just Torp'd a CV to Finish the Game and No End of Battle Report for that Round, but the 4 Before it are all there....
  2. oldewolfe

    Secondary builds are still lacking

    When 2.0 Dropped, the Consensus was Secondaries were Dead... But they Gave Skills yet that Worked for them, which to me Seemed Odd if they'd essentially Nerfed them Out of Existance for the Most Part... So I looked at All the Available Skills in that Area, all being 3 and 4 Point Skills and I had No Interest in Dead Eye what so ever... I'd already been Building my Roma into a Fast Broadside Machine, Pre 2.0 I had the Turrets to around 23 Sec Rotation and Adrenaline Rush for the Sub 30 Sec Reload once the Damage Started Mounting.... When 2.0 Dropped I looked at all my Usual Skills I'd used as well as Close Quarters Combat and Found that I could get my Turret's to a 21 Sec Rotation and the Extended Secondary Skill Boosted the Range for those Guns to 8km, adding Close Quarters to that and I have a 27 Sec Reload Inside that 8km Base Range.... Once Adrenaline Rush Kicks In, then it's All Fun and Games after that, unless you're the Red Boat.... So in the End I used the Secondary Skills to Boost my Main Guns and not even Bothering to use them for my Secondaries.... This makes my Core Skill Set Preventive Maintenance, Grease the Gears, EITHER Extended Secondary Range or Adrenaline Rush and Close Quarters Combat for the Bulk of my BB's for any 10pt Commander... Most don't have Fast Turrets anyway so they don't see much Improvement since I don't have Main Battery Mod 2 on anything but the Italians if I recall, but every little bit Helps.... I use Main Battery 2 to Boost the Italians Turret Speed even More thus the 21 Sec Rotation, with the Roma's Speed it keeps my Guns On Target for a Full Broadside Pass at Speed and I can Maintain that Lock thru a Crossover of the Red Ships Wake while I Reload for the Base 27 Sec's or Faster and another Full Salvo into their Rear or Other Side... Since most Ships can't Rotate their Turrets that Fast, they lose their Lock on me as I go Past and begin to Crossover to their Other Flank and Occasionally, even a 3rd Salvo once I can Line Back Up and Shadow them Parallel...
  3. oldewolfe

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    I'm not Wasting my Time on those Games anymore... When the Bots Main Strategy, Your Team or the Red One, is Ramming.... I'll just YOLO my Ship to a New Game... On the Downside though, seems when you DO get a Team with a Pulse, you're always 2 Tiers Down and in the Wrong Boat... But at least Ramming the Red Team is Cut WAY Back... So, there is that to look forward to....
  4. oldewolfe


    Stop Crying and get Over It.... Good Lord you sound like the Children in Tanks.... Thunderer is Still as Effective as it was Before I'm Sure, so you're gonna get Shot Back At Finally... Oh Darn... Try Moving for Once instead of Napping in a Map Corner somewhere.... Yes, I'm in a Crap Mood today... lol
  5. oldewolfe

    OK, so I got a 30% Off Coupon...

    I have looked at the List's... First Set I had the Bulk of already and did manage to Get a Couple I didn't like Thunderer... This List, Haida's the only one I don't already Have... WG's been Pretty Good to me when the Holidays Roll Around and the Freemiums, they tend to wait until AFTER the Giving Season to Take it all Back... lol But I did go with the Gold, not the BIG One, but the One right Below it... I'll go back Thru and Look at all the Boats Later for the Bazillionth Time, but 25K Gold'll go a Long Way for Now... I have to Split my Time and Money between Here and Tanks, so I figured for Now that was the Best Option, plus it'll get me the ZF6 when the Time Comes too....
  6. oldewolfe

    OK, so I got a 30% Off Coupon...

    I had forgotten about the Coal thing, Thanks for the Reminder... That's what I get for just Surfing thru the List and Looking at the Choices Available... As for the Gold thing, that's a Useful Tip in itself, hadn't thought about it that Far yet... So Again, Thanks.... As for the Free XP, it would just be Mainly to get them Topped Out before Launch not to Bypass anything... Having been Playing Tanks for a While now, I never did see the Point in Free XP'ing Past a Tank unless it was a Particularly Horrific Grind and to Date I think I have only Skipped 2 Tanks for a Later Date, treating them more like Hobby Tanks than a Grind Tank in the End... Time to Look into the Gold Aspect and see what's What in the Store... Thanks Again...
  7. oldewolfe

    Kii be the bully

    My Kobayashi Crew from Thursday AM if I recall.... I just Loaded them Up and Hit Battle and then decided I'd record it... Then, Realized I hadn't shut it Off until I had gone thru all 3 Boats... lol Love the Paint, Love the Boats... Too Bad my First Game was so Buggered Up... Was so busy trying to Get INTO Position for the one's I could Shoot, I was Too Far Out when the Next Batch was In Range and able to be Shot At, Roma made up for it a Little in the End though, but I hate when that Happens... Only one Missing Now, Yamato and it's Paint, and I LOVE the Sound of those Guns... SO Looking Forward to that....
  8. For having been here for 1yr now and I have a Few Ships I'm looking at.... Pommern, Alabama, Prinz Eugen, Mutsu, and Friesland are just a Few of the Primary Considerations.... Pommern, because I like my German Boats alot, same for Prinz Eugen... I have Tirpitz, Spee, and PE Friedrich and the Hipper I got from a Crate over Thanksgiving so Pommern would Fit Nicely... I'm Grinding Nurnberg and Bayern right now, been Putting it Off for the Italian Grind when the BB's rolled Out and am on Lepanto right now with Marco Polo as well... I'm also almost Done with the Dockyard, 3 more to Go or 8800 Gold and the ZF6 is Mine to Add to the Other DD's I have... I still Miss the Forward Torp's of the Lower Tiers, but whatta ya gonna do... Alabama would work as a Match to my Massachusetts and Georgia, and I have Florida as well, but this one's in need of a Skill Rework right now as it was one of only 3 Boats I used Deadeye on because of it's Thin Skin... Grinding NY right now and Headed for NM, haven't yet Decided where to Go once I get to the Split, but I'm Leaning toward the Original Lineup and leaving the New Line for Later.... This Grind also got Sidelined for the Italians... Mutsu would be for Scenarios more than Anything, but 410mm Guns at Tier 6 would be Fun, and Despite their Limited Trajectory, it has Torp's... I have Ashitaka and Kii, and I added the HSF Hiei because I Liked the Kongo and I think the Paint Scheme on the HSF Boats are Nice, Clean and Simple unlike some of the Other Anime Offerings.... Grinding the Fuso at Present here and Looking Forward to the Nagato when the 410mm Guns come Online in the Tech Tree... Also have Atago and Grinding the Furutaka here, as well as the Minikaze Grinding and the HSF Harekaze and the Asashio One Trick Pony as well.... Friesland is a Consideration because it looks Interesting with the New Tech Tree coming Soon... I have the XP to get it for Free, but I'm On the Fence about that or just Using it toward my Grinds, 1.3 Million Free XP can go a LONG Way towards Grinds from the Mid Tiers... Beyond that, I have No Euro or Commonwealth Boats as yet... Haida's another Possibility because well, they're Pulling it Next Patch... But being where it Is in the Tiering, it's not an Impossible Buy at any Time between Now and Then.... The Italians Sidelined ALOT of my Grinds having Nearly All of them right now with with a Few Exceptions... Genova and Gorizia I can probably get at Any Time, Paolo Emilio I'll probably Never see in my Port, and Gulio Cesare that you can't even GET anymore which was Really the Only Italian BB I wanted when I started Playing Last Year and Bought Roma just because it was a One Off at the Time... My Italian Grinds are as Mentioned Lepanto and also the Amalfi right now... I'm also Grinding the Russian Lines, but don't See alot there that Trips my Trigger since I have the Lenin already and the Ochakov from Crates, with my Grind being at the Piotyr Velikiy and Lower so Far... Like I'd said earlier I had Deadeye on only 3 Boat Commanders, Florida and Vanguard due to their Thin Hides, and since I had 2 Scharnhorst I put it on One to Differentiate it from the Other... Since then I have put AA Gunner on One Commander in the Scharn Twins, but the Vanguard and Florida Commanders still need Doing... I didn't use it in my Roma nor the Rest of the Italians and I did get Thunderer to see what all the Hype was about, but still never Used it here either... I like getting Into the Mix which is why I like the Italians, the Kii and the Germans, you can get them Stuck in there pretty Good and also have the Added Bonuses of the Torp's in the Latter Two....
  9. oldewolfe

    Marco Polo : WG fix the bloody reload

    I'm liking the Whole Batch, but they're Different Critters to what everyone is used to I think.... I'm finding they work Best In Close at White's of their Eyes Range, especially anything Tier 7 on Up, but the Tier 6 will work too, the Turrets ARE Slower by about 5 Sec's... Those Guns'll Murder someone at that Range, and the Turrets are Fast Enough to Stay on Target for a 2nd Salvo at that Range too without Chasing the Sight Down... They're Mobile Enough to Wiggle and get you in there and then Drop Full Broadsides on them as you go Past... Most Ships can't get their Guns Around for that, let alone a Second Salvo, unless Fully Pre Aimed for it... And Most are too busy Dumping Shells into your Bow to even Think about Pre Aiming which has them on Reload when you get there, unless they're French and that damned Reload Booster... lol These are also Ambush Ships as well, you can Park and catch someone completely Off Guard with the amount of Damage you can Drop in a Salvo at that Range.... They're not MEANT to be Used at Extended Ranges, and Deadeye is Frankly a Joke on them... I tried it on my Roma when the Skill Rework was just getting Started, I didn't see any Measurable Difference so I went Back to my regular Build and Commander Skills.... Surprised a Few already that had no idea they were Playing to my Band and Not their own when we got Side On to each other and I deleted them in a Salvo... But it's not for Everyone and you'll get Hurt Bad doing it sometimes, but if you Account for that before hand, you can Make it All work in the End and come out the Other Side in Good Shape... Just don't wanna be Too Far Out from anything Carrying Torp's either, if you Pass RIGHT Off their Hull, even if they Launch they can't Arm in Time... People just need to Rethink their Game in them is all I think.... And Marco's no Different in this Respect...
  10. oldewolfe

    Sell Italian Battleships?

    I've no Plans to Sell any of them myself... I'm Liking all of them so Far... They're not Meant to be Used at Range, not from anything I've seen out of them.... They're meant for full on In your Face Drive By's and Ambushes.... They all Tank rather Nicely and with the Right Amount of Wiggling, can take on Multiple Ships No Issues.... Their Over Pen's are Tamed Down at these Ranges and the Citadels Stack Up, the Dispersion is No Longer an Issue and the Turrets are Fast Enough most times to Remain on Target or be Pre Aimed Nicely when Passing Close to other Ships.... Basically, I can only Describe them as Bullfighters or Pit Fighters, nothing More.... If Sniping is your Thing then I can see Selling them, they're Not for You.... If getting Up Close and Personal so you can see the Brown Trouser Moment in the Red Commanders Face when these Guns come around and his are Struggling to Keep Up, then I see no reason to sell any of them... This is why they Have the Dispersion they Do, This is why they have the Ranges they Do, this is Why they're some of the Stealthiest BB's in the Game, and, They're NOT Slow Boats either.... Tiers 4 and 5 are just Fun Boats, nothing Special outside of the SAP really other than being Distant Relations to the Giulio Cesare, they're Typical for their Tier.... Tier 6 starts to show Signs of what the Line is Capable of with Cruiser Fast Turrets and Reasonable Mobility... Tier 8 you start to get Smoke, and Built Specifically for the Purpose of Mafia Style Drive By's, you can get a 21.7 Sec Turret Traverse out of the Tier 7 thru Tier 9 Battleships.... Barring Marco however, whom I've only managed to get to a 26.1 Sec Traverse on the Same Builds and Commanders, but those 406mm Guns REALLY Lay a Hurt on Someone and even that Traverse Speed is Plenty Fast, this is also the Fastest I can get the Tier 6 Andrea Doria.... I have managed to get Marco to a 22.1km Range WITHOUT a Spotter though, and I don't even Use Deadeye on it either, add the Spotter Plane and you're looking at a 27km Salvo of Non Italian Guns, this has yet to be Fully Tested however... I don't Pub Much, Ships is my Break from Pub's usually, but my Roma has Surprised a Few who thought they had something for it when I started to Drive it Straight Into them and Held my Fire while Wiggling like a Fish on a Hook and letting the Secondaries Soften them Up on my Way In... Once along side them, they're Reloading and I'm Unloading while they're Guns are still trying to Come Around, IF they're even Still Afloat... If they Live thru the First Volley, I'm already Crossing their Wake and almost Fully Reloaded while they're still trying to get Gun back on me.... Just Food for Thought, not telling you Don't Sell'em, like I said they're Not for Everyone.... But they're Not UN Fun either, even the Low Tiers can Blap the Heck out of another Ship with Either Shell once they make the Mistake of letting you Too Close.... They don't Compare to the Upper Tiers, but they're Still Fun...
  11. oldewolfe

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just Broke into the Hundreds with Amalfi, Leone and Vittorio Venito.... If you can Get the Italian BB's in Close, they can Wreck a Boat in Short Order... Loving the Line so Far.... The DD'll be another WiP as I'm only OK in those, on a Good Day... lol
  12. oldewolfe

    Dante Alighieri T4 Italian BB

    Games are a Business now...??? Who Knew...???
  13. oldewolfe

    Port Display Suggestion

    And while we're at it.... How about an Overlay when you're Looking at the Stat's List on the Right, you have a Spot that Shows the Armor and Values, what's Where and so Forth... Maybe Add one when you're Looking at the Weapon Systems that Shows Firing Arc's of Each as you look at them on the Right... Main Battery shows Firing Arc's and Overlaps of those Weapons, 2nd's showing their Area of Coverage by Size/Caliber, Torpedo Firing Arcs and Overlap's, AA Overhead Umbrella of Coverage by Caliber.... Could even maybe add a Quick Sweep for the Turret Rotation's so they can see what they're looking like Stock before Choosing Skills to Offset Ship Weaknesses/Benefits... It'd just be a Brief Visual that you can Turn On or Off in the Settings or a Drop Down there in the Ships Stat's.... Could also be Tied Into the Skills as Above showing the Effect of Skills on each System and still using a Drop Down or Tab in Settings so that after a While if it's not Needed anymore it can be Switched Off... And if nothing else, as a How it Works if Not as an Overlay to Better Explain for the Newer Players the How's and Why's...
  14. oldewolfe

    Brawling and Pushing is Far From Dead

    I don't use Dead Eye on my Roma.... Not at All Impressed with it as it is, I prefer the the Benefits of CQC and Add to that Adrenaline Rush and a Few Other Changes Outside the Box to the Roma, and Battleships in General for that Matter.... The Ships take on a Whole New Flavor... Dead Eye is a Skill that does have it's Uses though, I mean, you'd never want to get a Florida any Closer than you have to to the Front of Any Battle unless you're planning on Dieing there... That Ship's just Far too Thin and the Citadel is Too Exposed to make that a Usable Option.... Dead Eye keeps Ships like that where they Need to Be to Survive, but there's not Many of those Ships out there.... For Roma, I Played to it's Strengths instead of it's Weaknesses, those being it's Ability to Tank Damage and Deliver some Nasty Broadsides with Fast Reloading Guns and Quick Turrets.... Roma's essentially a Super Heavy Cruiser at that Point, and is actually Faster than Most Cruisers for Keeping Guns on Target, and Definitely nearly All the Battleships... Not the Only Ship I have to be Set Up Differently than the Status Quo... But I don't see the Point in Sniping in a Ship that has such Miserable Gun Handling Over Range by sticking a Band Aid on it.... Put it where it Belongs, in the Thick of it like any Good Bullfighter, Dodge, Strike, Repeat....
  15. oldewolfe

    Kii be the bully

    Just Recently Added the Kii to the Port myself... Have the Scharn Twins and the Tirpitz so having the Torp's on another BB seemed like a Grand Idea... I do Like the Boat too, those Guns can put a Powerful Smack on someone.... Still Playing with Skills right now as well, so right now as it Sits running Prev Maint, Grease, Adrenaline Rush and CQC.... Basically the same Skills I have on my Roma Commander for the 10pts, but Roma also has Priority Target for the Extra 2pts... I plan to Change that to BFT when I get the Next Point and will Likely Mirror on the Kii when I get the Commander this Far... Seems to Work OK so far, the Reload Reduction on the Mains inside the 2nd's Range is a Great Boost on my Roma and I felt this one needed it a Bit as well... It's not as Tanky as the Roma is, but it's Close.... And you can usually get the Torp's Out Long Before you get so Close they Punch thru your Sides, the one thing Roma doesn't Have in it's Arsenal, Angry Fish....