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  1. I would like to see more cross hair options. I for one don't see why I need to download aslain whatever pack to get more options. I think WG should at least give us 2 or 3 variations of the dynamic cross hair and maybe a few more static ones. Finally I think one should be able to purchase/module install or captain skill extra magnification
  2. there mostly extinct. I mean you get them here and there but when my NON AA build NC shoots down 65 planes and I don't even use sector defense because using sector defense TIER 8 or above is really unnecessary. The skill gap is bigger than before so your chances of ending up with a useless CV is higher than in the RTS version
  3. Anij

    CV Fighter Control Screen

    I think this would work and ease the AA balance issue and make DDS happy and lots of surface ship players happy!
  4. the bb speeds are very well simulated. The assumptions are the boilers are hot and the ship can raise steam and from that point of view WG has a solid model. See USS Nevada during Pearl Harbour. Her boilers were hot and she raised steam and nearly made it to the channel before grounding herself due to damage suffered and to prevent the channel from being blocked
  5. sorry dude..keep dreaming WG will NEVER give subs 21knot speed underwater. You will be lucky if they give the a 18 knot surface speed
  6. well that's y a dedicated space can be given to subs. Its a niche class and they need there own space. Worst case scenario is WG will force cold war subs into the game into a WW2 ship game to get around the speed issue
  7. I think they will try it but there will have to be a condition that we as the players will have to demand Submarines will have NO EFFECT ON capping. Submarines can prevent caps but they cannot cap by themselves. For a submarine to cap there must be at least 1 friendly surface ship in the cap.
  8. it wont work unless they put your team subs behind the enemy team they are historically just too slow and they are not going to give them a 21 knot speed of the slowest us bbs. The only way this can work is if your team subs are behind the enemy team and they are really dead meat at that point because everyone will know where they are. They need there own dedicated space on really small maps.
  9. So should submarines be in the game. Yes! However they cannot be in random, Clan or other wise. Submarines need to have their own dedicated space and here's why. WW2 submarines did mot of their fighting on the surface. They couldn't stay submerged for long and more importantly they were really really slow. My suggestion for submarines is they have their own dedicated space Submarines would be divided in to 3 CLOSED TIERS. A closed tier means submarines from that tier cannot play in tiers outside of their tier range Tier 1-3-WW1 submarines' Tier 4--6 WW2 Submarines Tier 7-10- Cold war Submarines However its implemented I think putting submarines in randoms or clan is a terrible idea unless your planning to give them 20 knot speeds and unlimited underwater duration
  10. I know the tier 10s have no idea how to play it mostly because they don't know how to move their ships. This map needs to rotate a lot more often but I would like to see more weather effects on it
  11. HI So were going to have a NTC. Nice. I will NEVER EVER regrind a ship from Tier 1 to Tier 10. I hope this is very clear WG. PS-If you give the USS North Carolina- 16 inch main armor belt, 25 second reload 18 inch guns., super minimal dispersion, extra magnification, 30km range guns, radar, hydro, speed boost, super heal, 1 fire limit, AA boost, fighter boost, 8km detection range and 32knots standard...then I might regrind..oh yeah and 10 second rudder shift I hope my insane request gives WG some idea how seriously NTC could unbalance the game. I think cosmetic changes are a sure go like special cammo or special damage control or repair party but beyond that I don't think this is a good idea..besides maybe you should fix your broken non-existent CV rework first!!!
  12. Im sure this has been brought up but just to add to it. Got a Lexington today and did a compare to Ranger games! At Tier 8 AA is so intense that half the time you actually CANNOT see the target because there are too many flak bursts Due to the intense AA getting only 1 attack per run is possible and even than you might lose the whole squadron before you start your attack run. Torpedoes are a joke. You have to drop point blank because they are too slow. Dive Bombers bombs fall way too slowly Planes are too slow Ship fighters are idiotically OP and need to be seriously toned downed Spotting is broken. Its dumb that a DD can see a target that I cant see from a plane. Attacking squadrons are too small. They need to be more like 6 attackers at once instead of 2 or 3. This gives the CV player more tactical options and more chances of a hit. It makes harder for AA to shoot everyone down Over all the quality of play is very poor. You feel ineffective because no attacks get through and if your attacks get through the damage you do is between light and moderate. The game play is not intense its boring. I find your better off scouting for the first 10 minutes and attacking the random ship here and there. At Tier 6 While AA is intense its not the insanity at Tier 8-10 . I feel this is where AA at Tier 8-10 needs to be At least in this tier getting 2 attacks in is possible but not 3 maybe at the end of the battle Torpedoes are a joke as in tier 8 just too slow. Dive bombers are more effective maybe because your planes get through or the bombs fall faster Planes are way too slow Ship fighters are idiotically OP and need to be seriously toned downed Spotting is broken as above Solutions Tone down AA intensity in TIER 8-10 while AA in Tier 6-8 seems reasonable but could probably be toned down a bit. The solution is to bring in fighters. See below Remove fighters from ships. Create a hybrid RTS screen in the top right corner where the CV player can direct fighters to provide cover to a specific ship Speed up torpedoes by 10-15 knots Reduce the number of attack runs to 1-2 maximum but increase the size of the attack squadron to 2 flights of 6. Give CV players some variety as in the previous mod. A CV player should be able to choose his load out between Torpedo, Rockets, Fighters, and Dive Bombers Give CV players control of the ship and consumables Reduce CV survivability and give them the same damage effects like everyone else Make CV counter play a thing Buff the alpha slightly on all weapons maybe except rockets Speed up all the planes but remove the engine boost CV planes need a 30 second load time at the start of the battle Return all spotting values back to 8.0 or the RTS spotting values All in all I am done with CVS. The system is brain dead boring and requires no strategy other than managing your planes. I ve never been deplaned in a Ranger and after a few games in a Lexington all you really do is scout for 10 minutes, attack the odd ship here and there and after the 10 minute mark go do the CV attack thing; it is really stupid to create a new system but the players using it cant enjoy it and the players who have to fight against it really have no defense or counter play. You NEED TO BRING IN FIGHTERS WG and make the ATTACK SQUADRONS BIGGER..2 flights of 6 aircraft each!!!
  13. Anij

    CV Fighter Control Screen

    Wrong. You tone down the AA. They ae going to nerf AA anyway because it cannot stay in its current form. Enjoy your brief holiday because its almost 100% certain AA will be rolled back in 8.6. They cant balance AA because there is no counter play. This is exactly what I predicted would happen back in March April. Unless you put some kind of fighter control on screen you CANNOT balance AA. As long as there are no fighters AA must be OP..SIGNIFICANTLY OP. CVs need a counter play this is the easiest way to introduce CV counter play by adding a AI fighter Squadron. I want CVs in the game but with the AA as is they have pretty much vanished from play and that's not a good thing either
  14. Anij

    CVs seem perfect now :D

    they aren't perfect..they are getting slaughtered and its absolutely idiotic what WG has done
  15. The current AA buff is out of proportion and makes CV play much harder and widens the skill gap. I propose that fighters be brought back so that WG can balance AA properly A Fighter Cotrol Screen would sit in the top Right Corner of the screen CV player could select which role the fighter Squadron would play either Air Superiority or Defend. The command letters would have to be figured out by WG. This is a very simple solution to the whole CV rework and getting AA balanced and making CVs playable..