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  1. Seems the game still cant connect to the servers..login just keeps spinning.. would be nice if WG posted some kind of update
  2. knock it down to say 5%, 7%, at 16km that's a really good skill. Now that will help the lower tier BBs 6-8 more than tier 9-10 so maybe the tier 9-10s will forgo it completely. For what ever reason at Tier 5-8 people are using dead eye but u don't see them at the back 2 lines but that may have to do with map sizes being smaller and a different player mentality. Maybe all maps from Tier 8-10 need to be reduced by 20% in scale anyway because some of them are too big anyway but DE has a big effect on T9-10 because it was too campy to begin with and this really ruined T9-10 games
  3. u know they wont what I am hoping to head off is for WG not to nuke the skill to the point where no one takes it. Dead eye is not the only skill that has issues but its the one that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. I would even go as far to say cut it from 10% dispersion reduction to 5% reduction dispersion and even with all the other things I suggested its still a solid skill. There are other skills that need to be addressed especially skills that have penalties. Like seriously WG do you really think any BB player will take SUPER HEAVY AP skill that comes with a 30% increase in fire? like seriously
  4. The fix for dead eye is easy. I think its a great skill but the way its been set up is going to make a already slow game even slower. The issue As it stands now-Cruisers get destroyed from 20km, If cruisers are destroyed DDs have no support and BBs wont move up because of dead eye so again DDS and cruisers end up being screwed because all the BBs are on the back 2 lines The Fix Have dead eye activate INSIDE a BBs basic detection range ( no added bonus such as flags, concealment module or captain concealment-on a Iowa and most BBs that's about 16km this makes it an excellent skill that still supports sniping and brawling and getting bbs to move up and another bonus is no penalties
  5. Anij

    GOOD BYE, world of warCAMPERs

    STOP attacking him..YOUR playing your BB wrong. Hes playing correctly. What is wrong with you? Maybe you should learn how to play your bb
  6. Anij

    GOOD BYE, world of warCAMPERs

    STOP attacking him..YOUR playing your BB wrong. Hes playing correctly
  7. The Skill DE (DEADEYE) was introduced to help improve the accuracy of BB guns at long as they remain undetected based on their base detectability. WGs Intent How WG intended for this skill to be used is very different from what is happening. It shows how little foresight WG used in creating this skill. DE works best not at range but somewhere between 18km (furthest effective range for almost all BBs) and 14km (the base detectability for most BBs). The idea was that BBs would mount the Concealment Expert (CE) and then DE and then move up and shoot at targets requiring BBs to move after each shot out of detection range and then move up. Using DE Correctly Yes I do use DE but not to sit back on the back 2 lines. I don’t use CE on my NC so I know my true detection range ( I don’t use CE on any BB cause that’s just really stupid). I shoot at targets using DE that are under 18 km and the results are absolutely devastating. Then I turn and get out of detection and then move up again and repeat the process. Reality is DE is very situational and for most of the game the skill will remain inactive unless your on the back 2 lines and then your useless for the most of the game. If I see your butt on the back 2 lines and I am in my DD or CA I won’t spot for you and go somewhere else and leave you blind. What Happened WG probably for some weird delusional reason thought this skill would mean BB players would move up and take full advantage of the skill just at the edge of your BBs detection range. If you are using DE to snipe from the back 2 lines your using the skill at its weakest. This skill is absolutely devastating when used at much closer ranges. Unfortunately most BB players think the skill is best at 20km-23km and that is where the skill is LEAST EFFECTIVE. Fixing Dead EYE DE is the only counter BBs have to super cruisers. These ships have laser accuracy at long ranges that make most BB players really envious, excellent armor, excellent penetration capability, excellent HE capability and excellent maneuver ability. WGs stupidity of making super cruisers and then pretending they are not better than BBs is among the worst decisions they have ever made and has seriously unbalance the game and for that reason alone DE needs to stay in the game. The fix for DE is to make it incremental 20km -2% less dispersion 18km -4% less dispersion 16km -6% less dispersion 14km -8% less dispersion 12km -10% less dispersion
  8. Hi All Its been annoying to have to troubleshoot the torpedo FPS problem and the previous random battle end screen that pops up at the end of the current battle I finally got it mostly fixed. It still crops up here and there but both are far less frequent torpedo FPS .The main thing I changed was dropping the Multi sample Anti-aliasing rate from 8x to 4x. Prior to patch 9.10 it was always set to 8 but this seems to have fixed the torpedo wake rendering stutter issue...in most cases previous random battle end screen that pops up at the end of the current battle This one is weird but its connected to the game sounds. If I set audio settings to low its 99% gone. If I set audio settings to high plus the above solution its mostly gone WG may want to check their sound audio set up for bugs because the I found that the torpedo stutter issue can be solved by setting sound audio settings to low hope this helps
  9. Anij

    Torpedo FPS drop

    AMD 3.2 =ghz-6 core/ GTX 1060-ti-6gb/ 500gb/ 16GB antialiasing is set to HIGH
  10. Every time someone launches torpedoes the frame rate drops from 82 which is my normal to 45-55..this started since the last patch. The torpedoes are not rendering properly. The wakes are all staggered...anyone else?
  11. anyone else having issues? sent ticket to support and I uninstalled the game and then went to download and got the same message of WG website..cannot connect to update server...are the servers ok
  12. I noticed since last patch the graphics run smooth than take a dip than run smooth then hiccup and then run smooth..seems to have something to do with the recticle view when u zoom in and out . Some others in chat mentioned it as well..just wondering if anyone else noticed
  13. I think i found the problem..unauthorized personnel in the server room
  14. WG designed so CVs cant kill CVs ( well they made it really hard for a CV to kill a CV) and this is to address the issue of good CV players sinking a not so good CV player. I understand it from a certain point of view but I agree there needs to be more CV versus CV action and it should be encouraged. Of course if u want a CV dead just ask a BB with long range guns and spot the enemy CV till hes dead..i ve done this twice now and the enemy CV died with 5-7 minutes of game starting