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  1. So the HE spam crowd is all in tears they cant pen and cause unlimited fires. The IFHE skill should have never been introduced in the first place. Its a typical example of WG introducing unnecessary gimmicks that severely affected game balance. So you lose 50% of your base fire chance on your HE spam cruiser that shoots 200 shells a minute. I think the HE spam crowd is really upset over a minor nerf. As far as I am concerned the skill should have been out right removed or nerfed even more. I doubt many BB players are going to share in your grief. HE has become far too dominant in this game and needed a nerf. This was long overdue.
  2. i don't want it on my screen which is a gorgeous 27 inch HD monitor powered by a awesome graphics card on a 16GB/1TB 8 core PC...with an average FPS rate of 82 and a ping of 24-36..anyway the only numbers that matter is if its dead or not. Any other numbers are for stat fanatics who need to get out of the basement
  3. 1 DD was already dead and the other was on radar but there was no one too shoot it because the herd of BBs ran away..
  4. yeah unfortunately I don't disagree with you..i just would like to be on the other team for a change
  5. I don't want my screen cluttered with useless numbers so I turned that option off as well as team displays as well
  6. I wont disagree with u on that but I think it happens with somewhat more frequency on high tiers than lo tiers because the lower tiers play more open but it does happen there too
  7. I cant make the picture bigger but the big blob of ships are a Yamato Peurto Rico FDG Smolensk Amagi Thunderer Sov Soyuz These ships are all 75% health or better The 3 ships on left side are my CV, Baltimore and Stalingrad I don't know what to do. Maybe everyone should send pics like these to WG so they can start to see the state of high tier play..
  8. Look at the fantastic these Tier 10 players! There positioning is perfect They have each other well covered They are smartly using the CV as a scout. World class tactics! You can learn so much from just watching them play There u go WG this is the highest quality level of tier 10 play every single night. Terrified of 1 DD and 1 CV..
  9. 1- You cant deplane me 2- I can farm damage 3- 4 CVs in a match ruin the game for 18 other people but I don't care about your enjoyment level 4- I REALLY ENJOY ruining another players fun by harassing them the whole match with waves of planes 5- DDs are a virus and need to be put in their rightful place and exterminated 6- I can spot you till the end of time cause there is no counter 7- Most AA is a joke up to Tier 7 and 10 minutes into a Tier 8-10 battle AA is weak 8- Finally 1 good CV player will deliver his team a win because a average CV player doesn't have enough skill..
  10. I don't have the resources to waste a point on a useless skill Are you not paying attention to the mini map and your sights? there now u have the skill for free
  11. u really don't want to get into a fight with a NC, Iowa or Montana when driving a Thunderer or Georgia. I mean they are good ships but not op
  12. Anij

    CV Adjustments

    there are no buffs . just changes to game play. The alpha buff is countered by the number of attack planes being reduced to 2 flights of 4 for a total of 8 instead of the 3 flights with 3 planes for 9 total. Also keep in mind a tier 10 CV has 3 torpedo bombers drop 6 torpedoes at once and has 3 groups for a total of 18 torpedoes per squadron which is stupidly OP...If anything my suggestion is a slight nerf. If CVs get controllable fighters than you don't need insane AA. Look WGV will not remove CVs and that's a fact in cold steel and will never change.
  13. CV Adjustments Having played both RTS and current CV rework I feel that with some rework WG has an opportunity to balance CVs. These suggestions will require a AA rebalance but I think having DDS shoot down 32 planes in 1 game is pretty dumb. My North Carolina has shot down 69 in one battle and I don’t even use priority sector. That’s how broken AA is. So we will start with AA…. Spotting & Anti-Aircraft AA output at Tier 6 is could use a slight buff) and at Tier 10 AA output is insanely stupid. Tier 8-10 AA should a slightly higher output than Tier 6 but should have longer range and better accuracy. Get rid of priority sector and instead give AA a range boost Restore Aircraft spotting ranges to 8.0 levels however to balance DDs and CVs…. CVs & DDs Get rid of rockets because it is laughably stupid easy to kill DDs with it Replace rocket planes with fighters Get rid of ALL ship fighter planes and replace them with spotters and give CVs fighters they can control. CV players should be able to assign air cover for DDs and shoot down any aircraft used by the other player for spotting. I use the fighter consumable for a lot of spotting because the other CV player is helpless to stop it. This might ease life for Cruisers who I make sure are constantly spotted in the game from the first 2 minutes. Attack Planes A slight alpha increase for torpedoes and bombs. Give all nations access to AP bombs Get rid of double torpedo drops by 1 plane to compensate for alpha increase Get rid of 3 attack flights and have 2 attack flights only. Why? Because in the current state in Tier 6 you never use more than 2 and in Tier 8 + you are never going to use more than 1 if you are lucky early in the game. Later in the game you can probably use 2. Standardize all attack flights across all Tiers 4 Dive bombers per 2 groups for a total of 8 per squadron 4 Torpedo Bombers per 2 groups for a total of 8 squadron 6 fighters per group Plane Mechanics Get rid of the engine boost. Just give planes the max speed and be done with it. It’s a pain to hold the W key constantly to get the boost going Increase plane maneuverability. Increase Dive bombers altitude as it is too low Give damage/penetration bonuses to hits scored from greater height. A bomb dropped from 1000ft will gain more momentum than 1 dropped from 500 feet A 30 second launch delay at the start of the match is needed for CVs CV Mechanics Players need full control of their ship and consumables Make CV versus CV a thing Remove all automatic damage control for CVs Just suggestions…
  14. Lazy Tier 10 players! As a nominal CV player who hates the rework not only because its broken but the overall execution and implementation was so sophomoric and immature that you think a bunch of Russians wasted on vodka created it. However that being said I do enjoy some variety in game play. I do feel though that CVs should do more DD spotting and less DD attacking When you spot DDs and attack one of the following will happen: Your team watches and does nothing. Your planes evaporate. Some Tier 9-10 DDs have such idiotic levels of AA you wonder who came up with the idea to give DDs IDLs (Instantaneous Death Lasers) or this...….. Yesterday I spotted a DD and warned the Kremlin BB G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) player sitting behind an island that the DD was coming up. So what did he do? He didn’t move, missed with all his shots with his front turrets, ate a bunch of torpedoes, blew up and then got mad and reported me because it was my fault. If you are playing Tier 10 or any tier for that matter and you are warned there is a DD coming up and your sitting stationary in a BB or any other ship and not moving well than you deserve to get sunk. If your too lazy to hit the WASD keys than maybe you should go outside. So for the rest of the evening all I did was spot DDs and let the team rip them up. Some did, some didn’t. Why Tier 10 has so many blowouts! I finally decided that sniping in my USS Montana was a waste of time. All everyone does is camp and you really have nothing to shoot at. So on some winter map I decided a change in tactics was needed. I charged full speed into the cap. I sunk the DD, hammered the cruiser and too my surprise chased a Yamato, Montana and a Baltimore to the edge of the map before I got sunk. We won game easily. In another fight I rammed a 100% Vladivostock and all he did was complain that I rammed him. Are you kidding me? Your sitting stationary in a OP Russian BB and you want a fair fight? Thanks for the win you lazy donkey! We won the game easy. In a 3rd case my whole team went to A cap and I mean all of them. They thumped the enemy team because after 12 minutes the enemy team never moved from C cap to B cap while there team mates I am guessing were screaming for them to move up. In the first case what I don’t understand is why the 3 enemy ships ran? Sure I had some support maybe a BB, DD and a CA so at best maybe parity? As I thought about it I realized that most Tier 10 players actually don’t know how to play their ships other than bow camp and hide behind an island. Once they have to move they are clueless as what to do. It may explain why in Tier 10 the team that plays more aggressive and flanks the other team it usually results in a blowout. So why do blow outs happen less often in lower tiers? Probably because have a much more run and gun game and so from Tier 5-8 (Tier 8 as in a proper tier 8 game) these players move there ships a lot more so when flanked they adapt faster. In other words they create their own situational awareness rather than depending on others. For the rest of the evening I charged into the caps with the Montana though not always right away and walked away with 4 wins and 1 loss. Its more fun anyway.