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  1. JulianHeafy

    Santa Crates

    I understand your decision but it is not worth for People in argentina and all over the latin america community. We have to pay 65% on taxes for international purchases (I know it's not your fault, but money is money) . So if you refound me I will still lose the 65% of my purchase. Its like a lose or lose. I have opened over 60 crates, and Im not regreating since I received ships I didn't have, but spending a damn ton of money trying to get the ship I want and still receiving what WG decided to give me instead of what Im paying for is kinda annoying. Let's be honest, people only want musashi and missouri. All in the remaining ships are still available on the premium store.
  2. super mega bienvenido <3 Un placer tener en español a alguien que nos represente y nos ayude a los jugadores de este juegazo. llevo cinco años jugando, y recientemente comencé a hacer streams. ya creo que como jugador le ofrecí al juego todo lo que podia, y ahora lo que consegui en estos cinco años quiero compartirlo con mas gente como yo <3 por lo tanto aca te saluda un futuro CC en desarrollo. llevo unos meses haciendo steams de WOWS y en un futuro, cuando consiga mas viewers me encantaria anotarme para el CC program. espero que cuando eso pase estemos en contacto <3
  3. JulianHeafy

    World of Warships Launches Its Maiden Podcast

    Are this just naval legend chapters but in podcast format? Or is there people discussing those topics? I like when wise people talks about certain topics, but I prefer the video over the podcast. So if it's just a naval legends audio I can pass of it.
  4. JulianHeafy

    Community. Tell us about yours!

    i started playing since the first day of the open beta back in 2015. I watched an E3 wows trailer and get fascinated at all. a few month later i received a mail telling that the game was ready to download and the same day i downloaded and started to play. The same day get to tier 5 and reached IJN Kongo, a battleship i felt in love with. it was so fast, so acurate, and so deadly, i never could stop loving that ship.i was 17 that time, now im 23 and still love playing as the first day, and this year i found a magnificent clan to be part of [ADN] (american dream's nightmare xD) a bunch of latinos like me, an argentinean playing for fun, and now focused on break the floor on clan battles and earn all steel we can. dor my part this year i started streaming on twitch. i want to be more than a normal player now. i want to grow into the game. for that, i have to grow in my spanish speaking commuity first, and i'm doing so. in a future, i hope we can work together, Hapa, Mademosail, and the rest of WG stuff <3 JulianHeafy on twitch and Youtube if you speack spanish and want to know more about me <3