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    Wichita is finally on sale

    Cleveland was good and fun. But hey WG saw the fun aspect and bumped it up a tier or two. GC syndrome but at least this one was a non-money free to play ship. Wichita -- is it good enough to play for three months? If yes, then lets all clap when WG nerfs it by bumping it up a tier or two. Right? Yeah -- right. Or should we just avoid it regardless of future WG niggling? I mean its a Tier 8 cruiser so its will likely to see 90% of its life in matches where its up-tiered. Kewl! Sound fun. A new $50 premium tier 8. That's just great. So Excited and I just can't hide it. How about some attention to the MM algorithms such that anyone that's still remotely interested in spending $50 on WG pixels can actually have some fun with those pixels? Maybe us schleps that actually are playing a game that ISN'T PLAY FOR FREE can see something like 1/3 of their matches in T10 -- 1/3 in T9 and hey what a concept but maybe 1/3 of their matches in Tier 8. As the pundits and disingenuous beta tester shills on this forum have so non-eloquently stated over and over again about the Gulio -- BUYER BEWARE. EULA says blah blah blah. Spend $50 on nothing...Air -- ether. Buy it play it two or four times and than let it collect dust. Rinse and repeat.

    CV Rework poll

    lol -- did he really announce in the forum that he was quitting?

    When will submarines come to World of Warships?

    ^This. I mean good gawd we're living through the 8.0 train wreck. Now Lets drop napalm on the train wreck.

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    ^ this.

    The sexiest butt!

    I Thought this was going to be a thread about the Kardashians

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    could be worse...just sayin'
  7. Spock's reaction to 8.0. The Horta of course plays the part of the CV rework.
  8. You're clearly insane. What about the players that only play BBs and need BBs to be ontop all the time? What about the players that only play DDs and demand DDs be on top all of the time? What about the children! Did you think about them before putting pen to paper?

    The true core of the problem has not been fixed.

    lol -- damn dude you were way ahead of my thunder.

    The true core of the problem has not been fixed.

    I'll mention realism in support of this idea, even though it will invoke the invariable "this is an arcade game" from anyone opposed to any suggestion with a basis in reality. Attack aircraft from CVs didn't have the capability nor the crew training to function as forward observers for surface ship gunnery. This capability was the purview of catapult scouting aircraft organic to the ship that is requiring the air observation and fire direction. This would include catapult air elements on Battleships and Cruisers. Therefore your suggestion passes the reality test in that carrier borne attack aircraft very well might report on the presence of enemy surface ships they happen to spot but their mission isn't to subsequently provide fire direction for surface ship gunfire. Just radio SOP of the era alone should squelch the whole concept. What WoWs does by allowing carrier spotted surface ships to subsequently be rendered in the 3d playing space is in essence to say carrier aircraft are both spotting and providing fire direction instructions to anywhere from 1 to 11 other odd ships. Which of course didn't happen in reality. It therefore makes far more sense to limit CV air spotting capability to showing spotted ships only on the mini map but not rendered in the actual 3d playing space. Ok -- in comes the "gee this is an arcade game and the errr gunnery and radio stuff is too confusing therefore I want to talk arcade stuff and so no planes should spot and stuff".
  11. so does that mean the doubloon refund will be bumped up to reflect the T6 value of the ship. Oh...and yes I left the question mark off purposely

    How to fix the problem from the Community.

    A hot patch that fixes WGs current -- uhhh -- lets call it ebb in political capital? Scratching Chin...Oh I know...lets screw with premium ships.

    Stop Teasing, When can I get Doubloons for GC?

    screw WGs Virtual currency. I want my money back.