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  1. Only if your good. If your not very good than its always someone else's fault when you lose.

    State of the playerbase?

    Yup. Bow pen'd. Sort of sounds like some sort of weird niche porn. But its a thing when you're driving a CL.

    Rentals in ranked

    One of the pains I see associated with rentals is the amount of additional Salt this will spawn on both this forum and in-match chat. Anyone that's played ranked in the past already knows the level of Salt that can occur during a match. Rentals is just throwing -uhh- salt into that particular wound. What I think is amazingly short-sighted on the part of WG is that I recall reading that camo can't be applied to ranked rentals. That's such an obvious Scarlet Letter attached to any player using a rental. No one playing an earned T10 is going to rock a nude ship in ranked. So when the Salt gets spilled, a lot of it will inevitably be directed at the non-camo'd up ships.

    Rentals in ranked

    I don't have a problem with rentals per se. I get the argument that there is the potential for total lack of high tier match experience on the part of players using rentals in ranked. But I'd argue the likelihood is that issue will be spread over both teams relatively evenly...i.e. both teams are likely to get low Tier 10 match count folks. Particularly over the course of playing multiple matches. Having said that, if I were king of the world I think I'd have put a minimum match count requirement on use of T10 rentals in ranked. Something like a player needs to have played a minimum of 1000 matches in randoms before being eligible to utilize rentals in ranked. Thanks my 2 cents.

    USS Texas is moving...

    the USS Oregon dumb@sses. ever hear of it. yeah. population lost interest in supporting up keep. scraped. the only thing remaining is the mast. no one knows what the hell the mast even is. yet at the time it was one of the most celebrated ships in the united states navy. yeah. memory fades. leave the Texas in salt water. see what happens to it in 10-years.

    USS Texas is moving...

    uhhh...that's a artistic rendering of a concrete encasement of the hull. like I frickin said above only to to get a down vote. seriously??? salt water -- steel....a hundred or more years as a monument.

    USS Texas is moving...

    i visited it last year. very cool. worth it for anyone remotely interested in Ships. the hull exterior needs to be encased in concrete. no more floating museum. the money obviously isnt there for long term up keep of the hull as well as everything else.

    Would a 12 on 12 DD battle be fun?

    lol...what the hell Willem movie is that from?

    Would a 12 on 12 DD battle be fun?

    theoretically -- of course. but why would CV drivers bother when there's a target rich environment of ripe little piggies that are so much easier to abuse.

    Destroyer Guide to Countering Carriers

    it's an game abstraction related to scaling. if the maps were 200km by 200km then the concealment of 130m long ships and their bunker oil burning plumes would police themselves.

    Destroyer Guide to Countering Carriers

    The best way I've found to deal with CVs while playing DDs is to play Cruisers instead.

    CV Counter - Idea

    how about just make CVs attacking other CVs a lot easier.

    Yet another carrier balance idea

    only let CVs launch or recover aircraft if they are sailing into the wind. add a virtual wind direction into matches. that way when a red cruiser or whatever is chasing the CV down and blasting away at it the CV can arbitrarily keep changing directions while still launching and recovering aircraft.
  14. I've always thought conversion of elite ship exp to free exp is way over priced. Most folks end up accumulating huge amount of useless elite EXP simply because the cost to convert is so frickin' high.