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  1. The Go Navy event is great. But as a periodic competition, it would be better to make it more consistent than the Ranked Battles. I would also make it a switch, a player must chose between playing ranked battles or play the Go Navy event. Resource containers must include steel. The team tallies should be permanent, meaning the players accumulates team tallies consistently. Making the tier X ships available through the arsenal and the team tallies is a good idea. Since the credits are virtually impossible to earn enough to purchase the tier X ships. Since Ranked battles are no longer set to one tier ship and now must include tier X ships means most players cannot play the ranked battles to their conclusion. Long term players should have received better resources in their arsenal startup relative to the number of battles played with both coal and steel. The Narai scenario was impossible to play. One battle was defeated within 5 minutes as the bots could not miss, and could not be sunk. DDs that take 100 shots to sink from much larger ships is a little ridiculous. Additionally, the bots targeted the troop ships we were escorting, everything was sunk before we got half way through it. The Raptor Rescue did not come up for me. I liked the containers and I was frustrated when the containers actually opened instead of crashing the game. The camouflage rewards were too skimpy, the minimum reward should be 3. The Medium reward should be 5. and the Maximum reward should be 7. Keep the randomized award pattern.
  2. P.T. 6.11

    WOW just adjusted the detection especially for smoke. I observed that ships hiding in smoke get the same detection as the DD until they fire their weapons and then their detection springs out because you announced yourself. This is especially true for CAs and BBs who used to hide and pulverize targets with impunity. Now when the big guns go off in smoke, they partially clear the smoke and reveal the ship but not all the ships. Additionally, high tier ships have a concealment package that can be added. Finally, Captains also have a concealment training badge they can earn greatly improving the ships concealment. Together they are formidable. However, like any shots fired, you reveal yourself regardless of your concealment capacity. Beyond that, some ships can stand alone, but most of the ships only succeed when they coordinate fire with other ships on a specified target. The Coordination is the hardest aspect of the game.
  3. It is 2234 DST US east coast, I just finished the 6.11 test. I thoroughly enjoyed the expansion. Although, I am not typically a clan member player. I play as a loan wolf. I love the idea of base operations and would encourage expansions to this line of thinking such as earning via Missions and Tasks future naval bases with shore batteries and landing strips for players to play from and attack. Historical examples are a plenty. The US and Japan were famous for major Naval Stations and to some extent still are. Iwo Jima and Tarawa are two legendary Bases. This also places geographical sense to the game. Players will have to select regions to play from like Hawaii or Gibraltar, or traditional Naval Stations and ports. Then the WG designers can set up geographical campaigns with a series of battles to win to accomplish it. As for the this Base scenario, the economics are excellent and there are many questions and ideas still to come. I would recommend that Clan Bases also include a .5% bonus for every player to all economic advantages. This will encourage clans to remain virtually fully stocked with players. That allows a clan of 50 players to have an additional 25% to the 10% bonus the Base brings to the Clan. I would also include a bonus package on the Clan Base for silver and experience points for clan members so the economy works for the senior players. Senior Players are defined as player with more than 5000 battles and virtually a completely full harbor with but a few slots open. Their ships should average tier 7 or higher to be designated as a senior player. Such Players struggle with silver because 30+ ships in port and all the upgrades and purchases needed to maintain the ships because economically impossible past tier 8 or higher. I enjoyed this public test. Looking forward to the next one.
  4. What happened to my Blue Steel Fleet? It was in my harbor yesterday now all my ships are gone? I checked the Japanese and the Dragon Harbor. I had over 1 million experience points in those ships. My Takao had 350,000 experience points alone. I want my Arpeggio Ships back Please.
  5. Public Test 0.6.9 feedback

    I have my final report for the PTS Yamamoto Campaign. Under the 3rd Mission final task, one had to earn 50,000 experience points to activate mission 4. I succeeded but it took 35 battles averaging 1400 points each. Now the final task for mission 5 requires 9.000.000 experience points. Given the current average, that would take 6428 battles. I have been playing for 2 years and I have 7000+ battles under my belt. I am a less than average player too. I recommend that for the regular game, the final task should not be greater than 1 million points. It should be also available for all battle modes from Co-op to Random, Ranked, and weekly missions, provided you win the battle, defeats still don't count toward the award. I like the Campaign but the final 2 missions are nearly impossible to achieve. All the tasks fall Random Battles only. So far I have yet to survive a single battle nor win one. The majority of the players are ridiculous skilled and my ship gets rapped every time. Now it is not me nor is it the other players nor is it cheating. I have very bad luck in random battles. I think my average life expectancy is 5 minutes. Over extending or simply being isolated makes for easy kill. I am still learning how to match wits in Random Battles. My biggest complaint is the lame super containers. All the regular containers have 3 items. I think the Super Containers should carry 4 items with the special in the 4th slot. Moreover, I have seen super containers with only 4 signal flags. The regular containers have more. Especially when running on chance. My recommendations are in two parts. The first is a modification to all ships regarding Flags, that three flags can be flown on ships with only 1 being a bonus enabled flag and the other two are commemorative flags. WOW programmers can make that a premium feature as non premium players can have 2 flags. The second and final recommendation goes for the missions. Currently, the number of tasks are limited to 3 for premium players and 2 for non-premium players. I recommend a change to 3 tasks for non-premium players and 5 for premium players. PS, I would love to keep all the camouflage I got during the Yamamoto Campaign. Thank you for a great campaign. I enjoyed it and hope to see it soon in the NA server.
  6. Public Test 0.6.9 feedback

    I am new with the Public Test. This is my first. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not done. I have completed 3 missions. Yet from the previous posts. I see that I may never get done. This Public test only goes to the 31st, right? I have given this exercise far more attention and time than normal. Typically, I play to clear the daily bonuses and accomplish some tasks or missions. But it is unrealistic to ask players to dedicate themselves 12 and 18 hours a day to meet some of the challenges you post. I love the new commanders but I recommend making them a rare bonus and not common. I also recommend that you use them as rewards for achievements or goals over random prizes. Additionally, keep the 10 point commanders too. The mix of 10s and 15s will force players to better manage their Captains and pay more attention to them. I suppose you could say that would be a distraction but its a game. Throwing the players off their game is not out of bounds. The Super Containers that appear every now and then are super lame. Super Containers can have slots, ships, and I would add the new 15 point Captains to them, but then we get a Super Container with 1 consumable and only 1. That really drops the energy when you open it and virtually nothing is in it. Add some more camouflage, other consumables in larger quantities with the 1 consumable you want to hand out. More Later
  7. Patch killed Game

    I had to re-install the game also. It works now and that is enough for me. Thank you for the information.
  8. Patch killed Game

    No, but that is a good point. I am not sure. How do I do a fresh install?
  9. Patch killed Game

    I have no repair function or I have not found it.
  10. Patch killed Game

    The July 22, 2017 emergency patch has left my computer toast with WOW I cannot launch the game. The Critical Error Occurred Message states. Could not find resources.xml. I have been playing for over a year and do not want to lose my progress. I have not been able to play for 2 days now.
  11. How do I fix this? the game will not launch.
  12. Today after an update that came in at 0600 July 22, 2017. The game instantly crashes when attempting to launch. It is now 0822 July 22, 2017 and I cannot play the game because it no longer loads up. Was your update patches high jacked? Because the last patch screwed the game all up. Kirk
  13. Hello, This is a1kjl. I am a non-premium player for over a year. Still struggling with coin. Cannot seem to break even.