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  1. The Go Navy event is great. But as a periodic competition, it would be better to make it more consistent than the Ranked Battles. I would also make it a switch, a player must chose between playing ranked battles or play the Go Navy event. Resource containers must include steel. The team tallies should be permanent, meaning the players accumulates team tallies consistently. Making the tier X ships available through the arsenal and the team tallies is a good idea. Since the credits are virtually impossible to earn enough to purchase the tier X ships. Since Ranked battles are no longer set to one tier ship and now must include tier X ships means most players cannot play the ranked battles to their conclusion. Long term players should have received better resources in their arsenal startup relative to the number of battles played with both coal and steel. The Narai scenario was impossible to play. One battle was defeated within 5 minutes as the bots could not miss, and could not be sunk. DDs that take 100 shots to sink from much larger ships is a little ridiculous. Additionally, the bots targeted the troop ships we were escorting, everything was sunk before we got half way through it. The Raptor Rescue did not come up for me. I liked the containers and I was frustrated when the containers actually opened instead of crashing the game. The camouflage rewards were too skimpy, the minimum reward should be 3. The Medium reward should be 5. and the Maximum reward should be 7. Keep the randomized award pattern.