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  1. I havent run into a single person in any of the times I've played it that enjoys it. 0 star blow outs arent rare, if anything they're common. I cant remember the last time the US cruiser has shown up, let alone made it to safety, and then stayed alive. It's an absolutely godawful operation. The other ops arent 'easy' but you can still 5 star them with a decent random match. This is just terrible. The most frequently lost star is a single ship crossing the line, which alot of the time instantly loses 2 stars for not killing all the ships before the attack starts as well. That's flat out idiotic. Some of the other ops work with the player, and if you perform well you can finish the op quickly. Aegis comes to mind. You have to wait here for the Ai ships to be ready to spawn, then they have a free minute or so to approach before they start being spotted, and even longer before anything short of battleships can start firing at them. Bad luck if you dont have a carrier to keep them spotted early, and even then 60-70% of the match cant shoot them so far out. The entire idea is awful. It should be taken out and reworked.
  2. Okay, but the game is still up on Steam with packages being sold. If it was a business decision, they'd have stopped that already to stop them taking a cut. That doesnt make sense as an explanation.
  3. But like, you're a developer of the game telling me how to find work arounds for an issue that has been occurring and reported for several updates previously. No disrespect or anything, but why is it even on Steam if you cant play it through Steam without jumping through all these hoops? It has all the achievements of a properly released Steam game, but you dont want people playing it through Steam or what? I just prefer a single place with all, or most of, my games on it, as well as the overlay working fine without any hassles. Small things but they are really make or break for whether I keep interest in a game. And I've been playing this for years now but this is really tanking my interest where if you prefer a certain platform a game was legitimately released on, you just get ignored update after update. I believe you can add launchers to Steam, but they are extremely tempermental as to whether any of the features that I'd want out of a Steam game stay there. I mean if I add a launcher to Steam because I want the overlay and such, and it doesnt keep them, then why bother?
  4. Why wouldnt it be supported though? I'm not asking you specifically, its not as if it doesnt work. if people are finding work arounds every time this happens, then clearly there isnt a technical reason we cant use standalone accounts on Steam. Just leads me to think they cant be bothered to work it. It doesnt sound difficult. Potentially it could immediately be solved by simply letting us back out of the log in screen. It tells me my Steam username is in use, which is fine. But I cant get it off that screen. if I did, I assume I'd log in as normal.
  5. Yeah that's right. It used to work, then you used to have to change some files, and now you cant do anything. There doesnt seem to be a technical reason it wont work, I've used my NA account on Steam plenty of times by editing the name of the steam api file and doing that used to work with no hassles what so ever. Since the last update, leaving the files tells me my Steam username is in use already, which I cant get out of to enter my Wargaming account, and changing the file names as the previous way to get past this leads to the game not loading at all. I'd agree, but like I'm not the only one getting it. The issue seems to come from using accounts made for the standalone game on Steam. But there shouldnt be a reason we cant. I myself did that constantly. It obviously can work just fine.
  6. Every update for the last few major updates, the Steam version breaks. You go to start the game, it tells you your username is in use and to use a different one. You used to be able to get around it by changing the name of the steam_api files in the Steam folders. Doesnt seem to work any more. If you change them the game simply doesnt load. Doesnt even attempt to load, your Steam username changes to green for a second and then goes back to normal. his has been happening for a long time, and it's pathetic that we had to use a work around just to play the game despite there being several updates since it first started. Now even the work around is failing. Honestly this is just garbage. It's been complained about every time and no one seems remotely interested in doing anything. it hasnt been in any of the bug report lists despite being reported plenty of times, quite a few by myself. Just shafting Steam players for no reason?
  7. Springfield_Fats

    Can't login to WoWS account on Steam after update

    Looks like the Steam_api work around doesnt work now. I've used it every update until now, but if I change all the file names, the game doesnt open at all, if I leave them unchanged it tells me my name is already taken and to create a new account. Looks like they're still trying to force this Game Center trash.
  8. Springfield_Fats

    Mikasa is a Blast in PvE!

    Main guns are an embarrassment. They cant be accurate for hopefully blatantly obvious reasons, but I've hit teammates over a km away from the ship I was aiming at with the absolutely pathetic accuracy. Secondaries are fun in Coop if you dont have any destroyers on your team. But as you do 90% of the time and all they do is charge the AI and spam torpedoes because apparently Wargaming isnt bothering to stop skill less losers from playing, good luck getting there in time to make any use of them.
  9. Springfield_Fats

    Match Loading Times

    Adding my name to this, it's dismal. 5+ minutes to load into a single match. Not a new thing, but the latest update has doubled the amount of time it was taking before. And before now wasnt great, the last few updates have skyrocketed the amount of time it takes to load, and judging from the loading screen and placement of ships, it's only me being affected every time.
  10. Springfield_Fats

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    It took me 5 minutes to load into a match of Narai today. That's [edited]pathetic. The last few updates have gradually increased loading times to several minutes, but joining into a match 5 minutes after it started is a new low for this game. The match was already pretty much over by the time I was able to rejoin. This isnt new, just today is the worst it has ever been after several updates a go made it incredibly sluggish to load.
  11. Springfield_Fats

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    Cool,, that's like watching 2 limbless torsos roll around trying to bite eat other. Carriers are still pathetically underpowered compared to everything else. If anyone is delusional enough to think submarines are going to be implemented properly, take a look at how absolutely dreadful the CV rework was and still is.
  12. Springfield_Fats

    Update Sound fixes.

    Every single time there's tweaking to the sounds it blows up in your faces. A dog would learn it's lesson faster than this.
  13. Springfield_Fats

    Stop loading Coop games with bots

    How about stopping loading Coop with unskilled destroyer trash. Sailing directly at AI shouldnt be rewarding people.
  14. Springfield_Fats

    Ark Royal in Defense of Naval Station Newport

    The only guaranteed way to win Newport is to not play that steaming pile of dogshit.
  15. Springfield_Fats

    Any tips on French DDs in Coop?

    Do you seriously need advice on playing destroyers in Coop? The pathetic AI only seems to target the furthest possible and largest targets. Just torpedo spam at point blank like every other skillless PvE destroyer player does.