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  1. Springfield_Fats

    Bot Richelieu's = the epitomy of the cheating bots

    The quality of the bots in this game is just laziness honestly. AI in other, more competently designed games seem to get slight reaction and accuracy nerfs to compensate for them being, well, AI. Imagine how 'fun' UT bot matches would be if every shot landed perfectly on you, or imagine Pokemon where every single fire attack caused a Burn. That doesnt sound fun, because it isnt fun having to watch that crapbecause they cant be bothered to attempt to improve the 'humanness' of the AI in this.
  2. Springfield_Fats

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    I dont really trust Wargaming anymore, but I dont think it'd be deliberate. Happy to be proven wrong, but when the Yamato just got a model upgrade, and the Musashi exists the same as always, leads me to think it was some kind of error.
  3. Springfield_Fats

    USN Premium BBs Arizona and Texas.

    I only really play PvE, particularly scenarios, so I dont have alot of experience with Texas. I have it, but yeah. Arizona is monstrous though in that kind of game type. Eats everything and pummels everything right back.
  4. Springfield_Fats

    Update - Bugs Report

    Cant even log in now. I use my NA account on Steam and it has worked fine for several months and several updates since I swapped from the standalone game launcher when it started asking me to use that WG Game Center crap. Now it asks me to create a new account and I cant get past it to get to a log in screen. Used to be simple by changing the steam api file but doesnt work now. Obviously theres no technical reason I cant use my standalone created account on Steam because it's worked fine for ages and all through the big carrier update.
  5. Springfield_Fats

    Absolute garbage matches this afternoon.

    Spent an entire Killer Whale only getting 0 damage penetrations or overpens. Fun and engaging game mechanics ™
  6. Springfield_Fats

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    Flak is overpowered, people find a way to save some planes by ditching an entire attack run, and people cry about it. Pathetic honestly. The fact people have to do this to not lose every single plane in seconds would, to a person with a brain, tell you that the AA mechanics are broken. But no, as usual the colossal toddlers who have to have their hands held the entire game lose their crapand demand every ship except theirs not be allowed to damage them.
  7. Springfield_Fats

    To many Bot DDs.

    What a stupid post. When has this mattered? Just played a Coop with 2 Graf Zeppellins. Were you aware there was only one in real life?? How could this have happened??
  8. Springfield_Fats

    Scenario Review: Cherry Blossom

    Should stay removed, or ditch this trash "sorry you can only use certain ship types from certain countries in this Op" because that's utter crap. They obviously didnt care about German ships assaulting the German base in Killer Whale, or Japanese ships repelling the Japanese attack on Newport.
  9. Springfield_Fats

    CV class is being deleted

    I, too, latch onto an unfunny meme to try and look cool.
  10. Springfield_Fats

    AA Changes in Update 0.8.2

    What "new tactics" do you think people can make exactly? Instead of making ridiculous useless posts like this, how about throwing out some tactics people could use in a game where you cant even change the height of the planes unless you're attacking? Like jesus it's as if you think this game should wank itself off over peak realism when it's an arcade based game. No one wants to lose whole squads of planes instantly to an overpowered game mechanic, it doesnt take a genius to realize this.
  11. Springfield_Fats

    0 damage pens need to go

    How is it good information? It doesnt show any information what so ever except that you've penetrated and done no damage. Sometimes the little icons showing you've damaged the engines or destroyed an AA gun show up, more often than not though the only feedback you get is the penetration notice, and nothing else. No damage, no idea what you penetrated, no idea what you destroyed, no information to use what so ever. This is the complete opposite of "good information", it's utterly useless. IF you're penetrating and destroying something, it should tell you. It's not like it's being overwhelmed, very often I land a single shell for a 0 damage penetration. It's done something, but I have no clue what and because it hasnt told me I dont know whether I can use that or not.
  12. Springfield_Fats

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Am I blind or is there no reference to new British Carriers? It refers to the Audacious, but it pretty clearly says "carriers". Or are the "new carriers" the old ones just slightly different for the proper release?
  13. Springfield_Fats

    ST: Icebergs

    I'd be interested if it was like sea forts or various other scrap that might be blocking off paths, even then I dont think it'd be great in random matches. You could have some fun with scenarios though, making paths to get to objectives quicker or having larger sea borne things to destroy as opposed to the flimsy forts and buildings. They're already not something you play for realism.
  14. Springfield_Fats

    Loss of sound.

    I dunno what you think your improvement of sounds was supposed to do, but this rubbish isnt it. Ive constantly had sound issues since your big 'rework' of them. Playing scenarios, as soon as AI ships start to show up in even small numbers it would crackle, and echo to a painful degree. Every single sound was echoing constantly until the match ended. Now I just played Killer Whale, and less than 2 minutes in, all sound stopped. Didnt come back at the port, had to restart the entire game. Headphones work fine because I'm listening to music perfectly as I'm typing. It's been a few weeks since this started, I made a thread about the crackling and echoing before. Nothing has happened, infact you've made it worse somehow.
  15. This is just [edited]annoying. No one ever played a game thinking "I want to take tens of thousands of unavoidable damage lmbo". Ive made a thread on this in the past, and it's still goddamn obnoxious. Once again, the Ai is already laser [edited]accurate. They dont need every second shell to set a fire ontop of that. Just ditch this absolute crap. You cant even hold onto the damage control party because the instant it's off, the next shell just sets you on fire again. You either take the damage, and bad [edited]luck if you dont have a repair party capable ship, or you just heal fires and instantly get set on fire again when it runs out of it's protection timer. Half my 80,000 damage taken in my last match was fires alone, and that's with the captain skill that merges the middle 2 fire spots into one. Just imagine being s ship that cant spare the hitpoints like a cruiser or destroyer. As soon as the perfectly on target every single time HE spam flies at you, you might as well just go back to port and take the penalty because you're just going to burn to the waterline. And it's not as if the AI can complain about not having an unfair advantage. This benefits no one what so ever. It doesnt make the game more challenging, it just makes it more irritating.