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  1. Emperornikolas

    RN DD's from crates: loaners, or yours to keep?

    Given the last part of the patch notes i would assume you'd not keep the ships when the next update comes. I doubt they will give you credits AND let you keep the ships.
  2. Emperornikolas

    New operation suggestion: Perl Harbour

    If you want to "Experience" the battle i suggest playing Battlestations Midway and Battlestations Pacific. Midway's first mission is as a PT Boat engaging in AA support and taking out a Japanese Mini Sub Pacific's first mission of the Japanese Campaign is launching the air attacks on ships and engaging US Fighters. Those were some great naval games and Pacific even has a what-if story for Japan winning at Midway when you play their campaign.
  3. Emperornikolas

    Current Laptop GPU’s . . . Which One?

    I'm using an old laptop with a i7 3630qm and a GTX675mx and can run everything on high at 1080p with 40-60fps. This game is greatly optimized so really anything recent will be fine. My Brother uses a Dell Inspiron with a GTX1050 with everything on max at 1080p with over 60fps
  4. Emperornikolas

    Where'd the Cesare go?!?

    I got mine for the low low price of FREE!
  5. Emperornikolas

    Super Container......disapointment

    my last one from a few days ago. And one i got about 2 months ago Though for the most part i get flags, camo, consumables and FXP when they do pop up. Though getting a few hundred Repair Parties, those No-Detonations flags, or any of the +100% XP camo is really nice.
  6. Emperornikolas

    Code within

    Yep a [edited] ton of hits in the frenchies for some camos. pretty meh but it's free.
  7. Emperornikolas

    Super Containers DO Contain Ships - HMS Hood

    On my 100th container i got a SC with a Warspite in it. It was like 2 achievements in one! I usually only get flags or upgrades in any SCs i've gotten before