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  1. Operation Hermes seems to be broken. Bots: fire at anything with low(er) health than other ships. I had lost maybe 5k health and was being focused fired by 3-4 ships, despite being the furthest away. It actually can make the game easier for your teammates if you're good at kiting, but it seems to be an otherwise illogical mechanic. Difficulty: just too many ships. Multiple DD swarms and battleships. Complications: Limited ship selection, you can't take any german or japanese. The only ship I have access to is the New Orleans, which has been nerfed; it has slow guns (slow reloading and turning) and due to it's low health pool is an instant focus-fire magnet, regardless of distance to the enemy. Team and ending: Despite having decent players, scoring plenty of kills, failure is very real. I scored 100k damage in a battle and was actually the 3rd worst player, we still failed, and I ended up losing more than 70k credits. Doing well and still losing is a fact of life for world of warships, it happens daily in random battles and ranked; but scenario's are supposed to be fun. It's no longer fun when I'm losing credits on every playthrough.