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  1. Bfoster19955

    Welcome Back Contest!

    . My username is Bfoster19955. Bfoster is a shortened version of my name, Brandon Foster, 1995 is my birth year. The other 5 is just a random number i decided to add .I have been playing World of warships since 2015, so its been about 4 years now .I found out about World of Warships from when i was playing World of Tanks. At the time i would watch The Mighty Jingles for daily/weekly videos. When he bought up World of Warships i was interested as with tank combat i also enjoyed naval warfare. I tried to sign up for early access but never got though with it so i decided to wait until the full game came out to enjoy the gameplay. . When it comes to my favourite ship, there are so many ships that i considered my favourite, from the quick "get in and out" destroyer Lightning to the slow and devastating broadside Battleship Montana. However i would choose the cruiser Dmitri Donskoi and its predecessor in the game. I pretty much like it as a all round cruiser as it has the capabilities of harassing attacks on enemy battleships at long range with HE, long range radar to give destroyers a bad day, especially in smoke as well as decent AA with proper skills can assist in sufficient self defence as well as AA escort for the larger warships, although i can say that Minotaur would be the true AA escort ship The Donskoi was very reliable during Ranked as i was able to rack a decent number of medals such as the High Caliber medal As for real life, i would go for HMS Vanguard. Whilst the ship never fired a gun in anger and that she missed out on WW2, she is no doubt a very gorgeous ship with her profile and her guns. Could of been a menace on the seas in the Post war world if she wasn't scrapped. Dmitri Donskoi HMS Vanguard
  2. Bfoster19955

    Skills for Chapayev and Dmitri Donskoi

    So i finally obtain the Moskva a few days ago(took me some time to get use to the new ship but manage to get a few matches breaking 100k dmg) so now i'm planning to have designated captains for Chapayev and D.Donskoi because i enjoy taking them to sea. However i am unsure what skills would be relevant for both ships. The image is the skills i have so far for my designated Donskoi captain. Not sure if other skills should be chosen in place of the ones that i have so far. And with the change to the AA, not sure if its possible to add a AA skill to the captain to help with air defence. For my upgrades i have MAM1, Survallence Radar Mod 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1, Steering Gears, Concealment and Gunfire Control Mod 1. Also plan to use the same captain skills for Chapayev captain. Needs some assistance. Would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Bfoster19955

    I just click with the Chapayev

    Chapaev is a fun ship. I really enjoyed it when i fully upgraded it. 72 battles so far and still going. The IFHE was the significant positive impact as i was able to pen battleships armor. Of course most times i end up getting citadelled for pretty much half HP but it is expected. The radar was also the godsend bonus as i was able to wreck DDs and cruisers in smoke. If you like the Chapaev, probably the next ship, Dimitri Donskoi would also click you on as well, some improvements from Chapaev but still plays the same. So far i have 38 battles in Donskoi and it hasn't let me down. Just stay long range and bring brimstone and fire on the Battleships.
  4. Bfoster19955

    POLL: How AA Specced Is Your Surface Ship?

    Most of my warships have a mixed assortment of skills and equipment. My Donskoi for example, have the BFT and AFT skills and the AA mod 2 upgrade and reinforced with the Defensive AA consumable to help in its AA defence as well as an escort for the BBs and other ships. One of the matches i shot down 18 aircraft with Donskoi. Same plan for the other cruisers that have the def AA once i get the skill points. For my Battleships, primarily the US Battleships i added more skills to help its AA as they were AA battleships. My Montana has 2 captains with one of them dedicated to a full AA build.
  5. Bfoster19955

    Amagi — Japanese Tier VIII battleship.

    That’s true. Probably just lucky that it didn’t pen my armor
  6. Bfoster19955

    Musashi or Kronshtadt? Help Me Decide

    Went for the Musashi and it was worth the 32k coal that i used via discount
  7. Bfoster19955

    Just a Reminder BB AP Still Hurts DDs

    I agree on this. managed to vaporize DDs in my Montana during my clan wars session. One time a Shimakaze turned broadside to dump his wall of skill at me (which of course he did) but i fired my full broadside at him and vaporized in all those overpen damage
  8. Bfoster19955

    What to use to get PE Friedrich?

    i can understand the situation. I still have the German BBs, USSR cruisers and French branches to work out. I used my doubloons to buy about 13 port slots (there on discount sale of 75 doubloons). I also like to play mid tier ships, also considering that most of my premium ships are at mid tier. Not too sure if October Revolution would be good for credit making though (considering buying it with coal discount) but i have a supply of credit flags and credit camo so there is a chance i might complete the PE Friedrich mission. I don't know about the Yueyang, Tirpitz or the other smaller tech tree lines, but I would recommend using the doubloons to purchase a ship and you are comfortable of using and also have a good credit bonus. In the process use the credit flags to assist in boosting your credit potential on your premium and non premium ships.
  9. Bfoster19955

    Montana Captain Skills and Module Upgrades

    The Montana is a very great ship. For the modules, i used Main Armaments mod 1, Damage Control mod 1, AA mod 1 to buff the already insane AA, Rudder systems to turn faster, though it still sluggish turning, Concealment and Artillery Plotting mod 2 for more accurate shots, especially at long range. i was also torn between which skills to use, so i decided to specialize 2 captains for Montana. My first captain is specialized for survival, therefore i used preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Superintenent, Concealment Expert. Hopefully when i get more skill points, will invest them in Advance Firing training, Basics of Survivability and Adrenaline Rush. My next captain is specialized in heavy AA so i have Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Basic and Advanced Firing Training, Manual Control for AA so far. After getting a few more captain points, i would go for Basics of Survivability and Adrenakine Rush. This will boost your AA capacity to insane levels so you can survive airborne attacks from Tier 10 CVs. Whilst the AA build isn't popular nowadays, it would be of good use if the CV rework comes online and there would be two carriers on each team. Although for the past few days i have seen some Tier 10 carriers in my matches. The captain skills depends on your preferance, however i wouldn't recommend building your secondaries as the Montana's main abilities are heavy broadsides and fantastic AA. To me , compared to the German BBs, the secondaries on the US BBs, with the exception of the tier 8 premium, is kinda meh to me. Most of the DDs would be already in torpedo range (shimakaze) to send torpedoes outside your secondary gun range. So i decided to fit it to suit its survivability and AA. Its just my 2 cents. I might not be good as others in the game, but it doesn't deter me from doing what i can and better.
  10. Bfoster19955

    Royal Navy Destroyer Collection - complete

    Completed my collection about 2 days ago. completed half of the collection and used the 10 duplicates i had in stockpile to complete it. Still getting British containers so will be getting silver credits.
  11. Bfoster19955

    Skip Edinburgh or Neptune?

    In my humble opinion, i would say grind both the Edinburgh and Neptune, they are fantastic ships at their tier. For the Edinburgh use smoke to spam AP rounds and flee before it disappears. On the other hand, i use radar for the Neptune because at higher tiers smoke is pretty much obsolete with all of the radar cruisers around. Found out the hard way when my Neptune used smoke with all the radar about. Always hug a island and fire your guns over it. Both ships have their different play styles at their respective tiers, wouldn't advise to free xp either as i found them to play well. I still have the Edinburgh with my Neptune and will still keep them when i get the Minotaur.
  12. Bfoster19955

    Amagi — Japanese Tier VIII battleship.

    Amagi is a very good and tanky ship, especially at Tier 10. I remember one of my matches where i was stuck between a rock and a hard place between a Iowa and a Yamato. teammate took out the Iowa and i went in for a honourable banzai ram on the Yamato. managed to bag over 55k damage from him to my measly 300 HP in a ram. Also managed to bouce some of Yamato shells at close range.
  13. Bfoster19955

    Clan Wars rental bug

    i know. Posted a ticket to customer support. Hopefully everything will work out.
  14. Bfoster19955

    Clan wars rental ships

    Wish I could know. Sent a ticket to wg. Hope they can help
  15. Bfoster19955

    Clan wars rental ships

    Yup. Level 15