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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] is now recruiting. Must be 16+ years and have a mic for TS3 to join. We hold weekly events for our members and are looking for good team players. If you are looking fir a friendly, multi-game, international clan to join, PM me or visit our website at TAW. net to check us out. GL and HF
  2. Bfoster19955

    Russian DD

    As a Grozovoi owner, In the beginning I wouldn't dare cap early as you'll be in a lot of problems if spotted especially with stealthy DDs and radar cruisers. I had that experience already. Since I spec my ship as mainly a gunboat/AA destroyer, My best bet is in the beginning you stay with the capital ships providing AA escort (Groz has good AA) and supporting fire at long range (up to about 14.7km if you have AFT) doing damage to Battleships and cruisers, if necessary to move up to engage enemy DDs (depending on if they are compromised or you are capable of taking him on 1V1) . Towards the mid and late game when most if not all the radar ships are taken out, you can go hard on offensive mode, cautiously moving into the caps. Possibly the enemy DDs if still alive might be low on hp and can be easily be dispatched. But its not bad to have cruiser with you for radar and fire support.
  3. Bfoster19955

    Technical issue redeeming codes

    Been following the birthday anniversary stream with the codes. However when I try to redeem the codes it's telling me that I can't redeem the codes because there is a technical issue. Not sure when it will be rectified.
  4. Bfoster19955

    Issues entering Codes

    Not too sure what's wrong considering it's having technical issues
  5. Bfoster19955

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    I haven't gone down the Khabarosk line as yet but working on it as I already have the Grozovoi. Khaba line shouldnt be using concealment a whole lot (Khab line has base detection of over 7km). Its niche is practically open water engagements at long range using its speed, RoF and fire chance as its advantage. My choice of skills would be to omitt from using Concealment skill and upgrade and instead use AFT to increase the range of your guns and DE to increase fire chance. Once you get to the Khabarosk, the legandary upgrade is a must-have requirement as it increases the gun range even further. Make it easy to engage capital ships without the risk of getting hit by them or get radar by RU cruisers (12km radar range).
  6. Bfoster19955

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    Would be happy to have a RN heavy cruiser line. Possibly the hawkins class being a tier 5. Not sure about the Hull modules. Would have one of the hulls having the nine 6 inch guns like HMS Effingham after her modernized refit (considering both Hawkins and Frobisher were planned to get the same refit) or HMS Effingham might be a tier 5 premium.
  7. Bfoster19955

    The Grozovoi is now fun!

    Ikr. Managed to beat that record with 53 planes from a midway
  8. Bfoster19955

    The Grozovoi is now fun!

    I enjoy my Grozovoi. Most told me to choose Khaba but I chose Groz first and I don't regret getting it first. Versitile and with great utility. Speced it as a long range gun boat DD with AFT and BFT which also made it effective as an AA destroyer. Planning in picking Demo Expert as my last skill. Also grinding the legandary upgrade for it. This is a battle result for the first game in 0.8.8 update.
  9. Bfoster19955

    What Ship(s) Are You Currently Grinding?

    Right now. Grinding . Jutland - Daring . Izumo - Yamato . Minsk - Khabarosk Mostly getting some tier 10 ships in the port Grinding Grozovoi, Yueyang and Minotaur for their unique, legendary upgrades
  10. Mine would be a 100k damage salvo. Kremlin vs Kremlin close quarters, danger close action.
  11. Bfoster19955

    Anyone planning to take a DD into Ranked this season?

    i sent harugumo into ranked. Ended up winning the 4 matches last night although i managed to survive 3 of the matches. All matches didn't have a CV.
  12. Bfoster19955

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Ships Sunk

    i would say my Texas being the one with the most ships sunk with 111 by main battery guns, 1 surprisingly with secondaries and the last 4 by ramming action #tonnagetuesday
  13. Bfoster19955

    Keeping a Ship From Each Tier.

    T3: Depends - Dreadnaught as Historical ship and hard grinded this sucker during the mission - Nassau for its Insane secondaries at its tier T4: Wyoming - Good looking ship and able to hold own when facing CV with its AA T5: Texas - God-like AA at its tier T6: Depends - Warspite for the BB due to historical preference - Fushun as DD for its 8k torps T7: King George V - Good when use to spam HE on enemy battleships T8: Amagi - Just love the outline of the ship T9: Depends - Musashi for historical and how can't you love those heavy hitting 18 inches - Dmitri Donskoi for HE spamming goodness at long range as well as long range radar to flush out those pesky DDs and cruisers in smoke T10: Depends - Montana as being my first tier 10 ship, heavy 16 inch broadside and AA. i even made a second Monty captain to be specialized in AA - Minotaur as being a designated AA cruiser escort for the still good AA and AA spec captain. Managed to take down 30 planes when was platooning with clanmates (also speced for AA)
  14. . My username is Bfoster19955. Bfoster is a shortened version of my name, Brandon Foster, 1995 is my birth year. The other 5 is just a random number i decided to add .I have been playing World of warships since 2015, so its been about 4 years now .I found out about World of Warships from when i was playing World of Tanks. At the time i would watch The Mighty Jingles for daily/weekly videos. When he bought up World of Warships i was interested as with tank combat i also enjoyed naval warfare. I tried to sign up for early access but never got though with it so i decided to wait until the full game came out to enjoy the gameplay. . When it comes to my favourite ship, there are so many ships that i considered my favourite, from the quick "get in and out" destroyer Lightning to the slow and devastating broadside Battleship Montana. However i would choose the cruiser Dmitri Donskoi and its predecessor in the game. I pretty much like it as a all round cruiser as it has the capabilities of harassing attacks on enemy battleships at long range with HE, long range radar to give destroyers a bad day, especially in smoke as well as decent AA with proper skills can assist in sufficient self defence as well as AA escort for the larger warships, although i can say that Minotaur would be the true AA escort ship The Donskoi was very reliable during Ranked as i was able to rack a decent number of medals such as the High Caliber medal As for real life, i would go for HMS Vanguard. Whilst the ship never fired a gun in anger and that she missed out on WW2, she is no doubt a very gorgeous ship with her profile and her guns. Could of been a menace on the seas in the Post war world if she wasn't scrapped. Dmitri Donskoi HMS Vanguard
  15. Bfoster19955

    Skills for Chapayev and Dmitri Donskoi

    So i finally obtain the Moskva a few days ago(took me some time to get use to the new ship but manage to get a few matches breaking 100k dmg) so now i'm planning to have designated captains for Chapayev and D.Donskoi because i enjoy taking them to sea. However i am unsure what skills would be relevant for both ships. The image is the skills i have so far for my designated Donskoi captain. Not sure if other skills should be chosen in place of the ones that i have so far. And with the change to the AA, not sure if its possible to add a AA skill to the captain to help with air defence. For my upgrades i have MAM1, Survallence Radar Mod 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1, Steering Gears, Concealment and Gunfire Control Mod 1. Also plan to use the same captain skills for Chapayev captain. Needs some assistance. Would be greatly appreciated.