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  1. mikebiang

    Can't get Merchant ship crates

    It's on the containers screen. To the left... "Collect free containers" or something like that.
  2. mikebiang

    One on One DD Tactics

    Wanted to discuss DD tactics, and get some insight. I feel like i've learned a few things in Ranked this season, and wanted to see if I'm thinking right about this. What is the best way to approach a one on one DD engagement? This probably would only occur in ranked usually, where two DDs are contesting a cap away from the main force. Some I've picked up that seem to be helpful: Close range while keeping bow in. allows you to engage while presenting the smallest profile to his torpedoes Use HE while closing Wait until drops his torps, and close range before using yours. Don't panic fire. Speed boost to close range Wide spread torpedo drops Can you guys add anything to this? What other things could I do to be successful here?
  3. mikebiang

    Submarines are Coming

    So much salt about submarines. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the proposed gameplay. I think this could be a nice addition to the game, and would be less disruptive to the normal gameplay that the CV rework was. It sounds though that dropping depth charges isn't a manual action?? I need to manuever to the correct place, and then the automatically drop? that sounds like no fun...
  4. mikebiang

    Night Battles

    I find myself wondering why Wargaming has never implemented night battles. Reading the history of Guadalcanal, particularly the Battle of Savo Island, has me really intrigued about the possibility of night battles in the game. In this battle, an IJN cruiser force led by the Chokai, Aoba and Furataka succeeded in pulling off a complete surprise attack against 2 groups of US heavy cruisers. When all was said and done, four allied cruisers were sunk for scuttled (Vincennes, Quincy, Astoria, and Canberra). One of the main reasons for the success of the attack was the IJNs emphasis on training or night battles. During the engagement, the USN had many opportunities to obtain early warning regarding the approaching Japanese fleet, but failed due to poor training, lax situational awareness, and the general lack of visibility due to the nighttime conditions. On several of the USN ships, the main indication of the the attack was a blinding spotlight being pointed directly at the ship, or a star shell being fired behind them which perfectly silhouetted the US cruisers the Japanese gunners. All that being said, I've always wished for a game mode in WoWs that provides the unique elements of surprise, fear, and chaos that are unique to nighttime engagements like this. I think the starting points would be: extremely reduced visibility, lack of visual ability in the UI except at close ranges the ability for ships to blend in with backgrounds (islands, etc) star shells and / or spotlights (as a consumable) to spotlight enemy ships I just find this idea of night battles and the unique aspects of reduced visibility extremely intriguing. I think this could be implemented as part of a PVE operation, but ultimately I'd love to see this as a random mode. Thoughts?
  5. mikebiang

    Update - Bugs Report

    No torpedo aiming guide showing here either. Also seeing a very dark ocean. Running on a 2016 MBP. Also said about the dropped DirectX9 support. My kids love this game and now it won't run on their computer :(
  6. mikebiang

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I will add to the reports of lag and decreased performance after 0.8.0. Everything is fine in Ranked, but as soon as I step into a random battles with CVs and AA flying all over the place, I start getting graphical lag. I'm running on an older mac, (MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)), with OS 10.14.2. I suspect the lag is coming from the increased graphic processing required to render the AA. Is there a way to disable the AA graphics? From what I can tell, I'm already running at the lowest graphics settings.
  7. Greetings: Ever since the latest update came out, I am unable to open the game (running Sierra). I launch the program by clicking on the icon, but nothing ever launches, and it just shuts down. The client never starts. Looking in my console, I see a lot of the following errors: default 18:17:25.755924 -0400 taskgated MacOS error: -67062 default 18:17:25.785210 -0400 opendirectoryd Client: <private>, UID: 501, EUID: 501, GID: 20, EGID: 20 Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Where can I go to debug this further. Thanks