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  1. Happy birthday ! Thanks for the amazing 4 years. My best moment in the game was an Atago game where we won by 1 point after an insane 2v5. For me, I wish to have Friesland, I really enjoy gunboat DDs but sadly I can't afford it, it will be amazing if I can get it.
  2. Hi I just want everyone's opinion about the current state of HE spamming and fire. IMO, HE right now is way too powerful, especially those with the capability to penetrate 32mm of armor. Not only they can do super high alpha salvo (Cleveland, Worcester and many more can consistently do 5k dmg per salvo), they can also cause fires. Personally, I would like to see a change to IFHE: Keep the penetration buff but reduce the chance of setting fire by 80% (just putting a number on it). Also, instead of the fires doing direct dmg to the HP pool, they should have dmg saturation like all other types of dmg. A ship would be separated into 4 pieces for fire dmg, and after a certain amount of fire dmg, you won't take dmg anymore to that part of the ship from fire. These are only my opinions and I would like to know what you guys think about this "problem" .
  3. Daohan_Li

    Secondary armament overhaul

    also, they really need to add the possibility to shoot with both side of the secondaries when using man sec if they decide to keep that
  4. Hello everyone I m an active player and I currently own most of the high tier battleships and cruisers in the game and I m a big fan of secondary armament. However, as everyone knows already, the secondaries are terribly underpowered, even if you invest a huge amount of resources, time and experiences ( module, flag, and 14-18points captain ), they still feel underwhelming to use. Personally, I would like to see a global, across the board secondary buff to all ships in the game, such as giving the effect of secondary mod 1 to all ship, and a change to the dispersion formula for secondary armaments. Of course, we need the buff their range. These are just my personal opinions and I would like to know what you guys all think of the current state of secondaries in World of Warships. . Edit: I think that there is one easy way to improve secondaries and make them feel a lot better to use: Simple make the secondaries shoot other targets when using Manual secondary, but the target not selected manual won't have the accuracy buff from the captain skill.
  5. For me is, of course, Cleveland, one of the best light cruiser during world war 2, also one of the best girl in Azur Lane.
  6. Daohan_Li

    LAST CHANCE - Azur Lane Collab!

    Why can't we just buy single commander without rng bullsh t or bundle that inflate the price?