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  1. i have the Kurfurst and Yamato, I do push, but am often left unassisted. You can check my stats.
  2. The idea I presented would definitely need tweaking if it were ever implemented, I was just trying to give a suggestion, not everything there has to be taken word for word. I do agree that creeping in a cap is a good idea (free 200 XP). What I wanted to fix was Yamato's parking around an island and reversing. Or just sniping at the back.
  3. What's confusing? My language or the content?
  4. WG, in order to prevent the high tier camping BB meta that everyone keeps complaining about, I have a suggestion. Make it so that a BB has to be going above 1/4 speed (1/2, 3/4 and Full, this also includes stopping and reversing) in order to have normal dispersion and to promote going at full speed, have a +2% to dispersion while going full speed. Now, I know what your going to say. "This will just promote camping in the back while going full speed". I have a suggestion for that as well. Have a -4% to dispersion while firing at a target more than 19 km away, have a +1% to dispersion while firing at a target less than 14 km away, and have a +3% to dispersion while firing at a target less than 9 km away. The -4% to dispersion is negate the effect of going full speed while sniping in the back and punish the player for trying. You could also try to lower the chance of detonation (by main gun battery shell) as you get closer to the target (nothing is more upsetting than setting up a good brawl and then getting detonated while in said brawl). Discuss in comments whether this would be a viable option. Please don't murder me if it's a bad idea.
  5. So far in ranked I have been using Scharnhorst and Belfast, though, lately I have been using solely the Belfast \. I have had extremely good success in both ships. But, I am worried, I have now reached the sub-ranked 5 bracket. Any ship changes I should make? I have all the Myoko clones, Sims, Shiratsuyu, Blyskawica, and Nagato + enough credits to purchase one of the following; Pensacola, Mahan, Akatsuki and Shchors + Shiny-Horse and Pay-fast. Edit: Also, my ranked win/loss ratio is 60% and going skyward.
  6. ONCE YOU'RE DONE WITH ALL OF THE PROJECTS, Can you please add a Yamato skin to your list? This is only if you have time and/or want to do it. The skin i would ASK for (not want or harass you for) would be a Shin Gojira skin for the good ol' giant of the sea herself. edit: I can send you a picture to confirm that i actually have the Yamato
  7. Ah, alright. Is there a way I can monitor when you have finished all of your requests?
  8. I have a quick question for you, Aoba. Do you still accept skins requests?
  9. Edited
  10. I'm going to buy 21,000 doubloons because of ranked coming up soon. I will be spending 10,000 of it on 2 tier 10 camouflages. That leaves 11,000 left. Any recommended premiums or convert it to free xp? Stats are below if you want to see what I do best. I was considering Belfast for ranked. https://na.warships.today/player/1011272780/Razrusha_ya
  11. thank you
  12. Anyone have the picture for the event that was released today? I would really like to use that as a wallpaper, as I am interested in Star Wars and World of Warships (+ Warships in general). Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a happy New Years.
  13. Thank you very much, now I just have to draw it on paper or in a CAD software
  14. think it is based on the hull of the H-42, don't quote me on that though