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  1. OnlyFarms

    Returning, but Should I?

    If you have some friends that still play, link back up with them. Try not to take is to seriously and just do your best and have fun, the player base quality is not what it once was. WG does WG things you might like em you may really dislike the changes just try and enjoy it for what it is now. Or don't lol.
  2. OnlyFarms

    One Thing Too Many

    While it is true nobody twisted our arms to make purchases. I have been here since open beta and when I did whale I did so because I wanted to support the game and it's development. Unfortunately at some point the players that helped get the game to where it is stopped being relevant for feedback and the almighty spread sheet took over. The last real money I put into the game was the PR event and it's timing and what I gave up for a ship to finish the quest made me realize ships was just too much of my life. Once I came to that conclusion and watched with a different set of eyes you can not help but notice how predatory it has become right down to signal flag removal for achievements. Not to stat shame anyone but it seems they have chosen to cater to the lowest common denominator that is willing to shell out cash for everything instead of players that want to get gud. Myself and my original group of friends play significantly less these days and also are looking into other games to play as a group. I hate it got to this point but when ships was good it was good and let's be honest from toxic ships/classes to match making blowouts, ships just is not good anymore or worth the investment of currency.
  3. If they truly gave a rats [edited]they would put it back in for a limited time with the new multipliers for it's original resource FXP.
  4. OnlyFarms

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Yes because WoWs is the only game in the World. If their communities support them they will support them. If you're making your living on being a content creator for gaming it would be smooth brained only to cover one game.
  5. OnlyFarms

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/wows-affiliate-program/ Posted in the news section 8/1/21. Now does this entire situation makes sense and why the apology is such trash? It's not a far leap to think they were going to replace the CC program with the affiliate program and have no more pesky feedback just their trusty spread sheets. If everyone truly wants change even you CC's forget closing your wallet, stop pressing play.
  6. @crazyrom Just at a quick glance at your account. I would strongly recommend Alaska for you. I think you would enjoy the ship much more, and make much more credits and other goodies while in it. Cruisers and BB seem to be what you do the best in that would make it a easy choice for me.
  7. Something has been left un-optimized. I have noticed some less than smooth game play lately and last night I happened to bring up my afterburner overlay and my 1070ti was running at 80c.
  8. Hi

    You sent me an ingame clan invite.   I'm on the road right now, will be back home Weds night.   I usually don't do Discord, so it might take

    a bit for me to get it working.   Talk to you soon hopefully!   I get tons of clan invites, yours looks interesting as you have a lot of 51-52% players, like me.


  9. OnlyFarms

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Or at the very least put a tier ten perma camo in our inventory, very disappointed.
  10. OnlyFarms

    Getting Short Changed on Moskva Replacement?

    Any word on the people that have the perma camo for Moskva?
  11. OnlyFarms

    Excellent IFHE Nerf.Long Overdue

    Lol joke is on the OP. Specced into fire on Smolensk had no spotting still did 200k easy. BB's will still get farmed you can heal it back if you are not focused and get farmed again now! More credits and free xp!
  12. Four hours of downtime or critical errors during battles? I will take the downtime. Some people act like this is the first game they ever played that had server maintenance.
  13. OnlyFarms

    Clan Battle: PR, Stalingrad, Moskva

    Stalin is much better in early leagues where mistakes are made more often. Once you reach a certain level I would rather bring a Moskva for the less burn time and I can bring hydro.
  14. Total misunderstanding that the Gorizia is the real prize of 2020 New Year event. I have no idea where people thought the Puerto Rico was part of the the prize... Note the Puerto Rico is also the current log in screen.