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  1. A nice write up Ducky, great for beginners and those looking to get better. I am surprised it does not have more comments.
  2. Black_Sheep9

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Thanks, makes sense. I wish they would do something different for end game content like a different kind of game mode. I can live with this decision, because it gives us a choice albeit sort of a illusion of choice, but it is a choice.
  3. Black_Sheep9

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Anchoring? Could you elaborate, for me please?
  4. Black_Sheep9

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Much more reasonable. Thank you for listening I was having deep concerns. I still do not like the idea of a regrind, but at least now it is a choice. @Kami if the devs want us to have end game content they should focus on that content. Maybe a axis vs. allies mode on a larger scale than 12 v 12?
  5. Black_Sheep9

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Think about how absurd even entertaining this idea is. I have 20 tier tens. If I wanted to stay competitive on all my tier tens. It would be 120 regrinds. Does this sound remotely sane to anyone?
  6. Black_Sheep9

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Not good enough. I REFUSE to regrind lines. If that puts me at a disadvantage (which it will), I will leave the game. It is just that simple, start listening to your customers or you have none to listen to. Signed paying member since CBT and part time whale.
  7. Black_Sheep9

    Me when WG wants me to re-grind lines:

    The arrogance is astounding. They learned nothing from shoving the unready CV rework down everyone's throats. For some reason they seem to think we have the patience for yet another fiasco.
  8. Black_Sheep9

    Me when WG wants me to re-grind lines:

    We see your feedback comrade and no this will not kill the game.
  9. Legendary Modules will disappear if this is implemented. So sowry for all your wasted time....
  10. Premium time purchaser since buying into CBT, owning a majority of all premiums ships and this is where I draw the line. This idea is a hard NO from me and everyone I speak to. Not only will my wallet close, but my account will be dormant as well.
  11. Black_Sheep9

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    So you're expecting me to grind twenty ship lines again to "upgrade" them? What in the World made you think this was a good idea? Does it have something to do with the fact you put so much emphasis on T10 play and do not have sufficient numbers in the lower tiers? BTW, I will not regrind twenty ship lines two more times for upgrades. I would rather mothball my account.
  12. Black_Sheep9

    Standard game mode in randoms....

    Only if replaced with epicenter every match. A game without objectives is a even worse lemming train half going right, half going left or nobody leaves spawn.
  13. Black_Sheep9

    Monty guns upgrade n stuff

    How about we cut to the chase here and state what everyone else is thinking. You’re just bad and cannot be bothered to learn how to play one of the most flexible battleships in the game and you want to break it to suite you.
  14. Black_Sheep9

    Help Lert pick a new CPU

    The X chips really do not fare any better than the non X variants on the B boards. I have first generation 1700 and I have never said hey I wish I had gotten the X. If that tells you anything. To add another note we are looking at a month or so before third gen hits the shelves so if you can wait I am almost positive you can get a even better deal on whichever 2700 you choose.
  15. Black_Sheep9

    Help Lert pick a new CPU

    For the minimal gains honestly just the 2700 would do you just fine and comes with a more than adequate cooler as well. If you are going for a budget mobo there is really no point in getting the x variant.