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  1. Black_Sheep9

    Still suffering, Alaska or Smaland? Help >.<

    @crazyrom Just at a quick glance at your account. I would strongly recommend Alaska for you. I think you would enjoy the ship much more, and make much more credits and other goodies while in it. Cruisers and BB seem to be what you do the best in that would make it a easy choice for me.
  2. Black_Sheep9

    Game performance declines with every patch/update

    Something has been left un-optimized. I have noticed some less than smooth game play lately and last night I happened to bring up my afterburner overlay and my 1070ti was running at 80c.
  3. Hi

    You sent me an ingame clan invite.   I'm on the road right now, will be back home Weds night.   I usually don't do Discord, so it might take

    a bit for me to get it working.   Talk to you soon hopefully!   I get tons of clan invites, yours looks interesting as you have a lot of 51-52% players, like me.


  4. Black_Sheep9

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Or at the very least put a tier ten perma camo in our inventory, very disappointed.
  5. Black_Sheep9

    Getting Short Changed on Moskva Replacement?

    Any word on the people that have the perma camo for Moskva?
  6. Black_Sheep9

    Excellent IFHE Nerf.Long Overdue

    Lol joke is on the OP. Specced into fire on Smolensk had no spotting still did 200k easy. BB's will still get farmed you can heal it back if you are not focused and get farmed again now! More credits and free xp!
  7. Four hours of downtime or critical errors during battles? I will take the downtime. Some people act like this is the first game they ever played that had server maintenance.
  8. Black_Sheep9

    Clan Battle: PR, Stalingrad, Moskva

    Stalin is much better in early leagues where mistakes are made more often. Once you reach a certain level I would rather bring a Moskva for the less burn time and I can bring hydro.
  9. Total misunderstanding that the Gorizia is the real prize of 2020 New Year event. I have no idea where people thought the Puerto Rico was part of the the prize... Note the Puerto Rico is also the current log in screen.
  10. Black_Sheep9

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    I can not imagine why?
  11. Black_Sheep9

    Refunds for boosters?

    System is probably overloaded
  12. Black_Sheep9

    Refunds for boosters?

    There were pages of guesstimates there were not details such as base construction speed in which one could mathematically determine what the booster would actually boost. Please stop trying to create a false narrative, I was here watching them await what the data would be.
  13. LOL, and this is what we call a shill.
  14. Black_Sheep9

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    You're not the only on my friend. Been here since CBT through all the illogical mistakes and controversies since that time and honestly this is the one that has me at the end of my rope. They seem to never learn from past mistakes and it almost seems like they try to top each one with the next.