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  1. Black_Sheep9

    How to setup Game for 2 accounts

    Use the old launcher and just change you log in information in between sessions.
  2. Black_Sheep9

    Excellent IFHE Nerf.Long Overdue

    Lol joke is on the OP. Specced into fire on Smolensk had no spotting still did 200k easy. BB's will still get farmed you can heal it back if you are not focused and get farmed again now! More credits and free xp!
  3. Black_Sheep9

    OGRES, our swamp!

    Another Clan Battle season is behind us. Much thanks to all the OGRES that participated and to our allies for their help. As the title page states, we are looking for a couple more semi-competitive people for our Alpha squad. We are looking for more people to fill a more casual for fun Bravo squad. Looking for everything to a potential caller all the way to people that have not experienced clan battles yet. Come add another layer to OGRES.
  4. Four hours of downtime or critical errors during battles? I will take the downtime. Some people act like this is the first game they ever played that had server maintenance.
  5. Black_Sheep9

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    Shame was hoping one of them would be a resource ship. Considering they are all just clones.
  6. Black_Sheep9

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    So are loot boxes going to be the only way to obtain the new premiums?
  7. Black_Sheep9

    THE HORDE community is expanding.

    Looking for some more Captains to fill our ranks for the upcoming CB season. Also looking to add more member clans to THE HORDE. If you're a Commander of a clan that is always one or two short of fielding a team come by and talk to us. If you are the right group to add to THE HORDE you keep your clan, we try and help you fill up your team so you can participate.
  8. Black_Sheep9

    Clan Battle: PR, Stalingrad, Moskva

    Stalin is much better in early leagues where mistakes are made more often. Once you reach a certain level I would rather bring a Moskva for the less burn time and I can bring hydro.
  9. Black_Sheep9

    THE HORDE community is expanding.

    Another clam battle season is upon us. Are you looking for a place to participate? We have four clans to choose from. From semi-competitive to highly competitive we have offerings for almost all competent Captains! Stop by, bring your spreadsheet and prepare to be dynamically engaged!
  10. THE HORDE is HERE! THE HORDE is a community of clans founded by WTP, OGRES, WFSDL, and BLEP. Who we are: THE HORDE is a gaming community for clans, and clan members who want to have fun and improve by working with other like-minded individuals. The goal of the alliance covers everything from enhancing the player experience, to helping member clans advance in Clan Battles. This will include joint training and recruitment along with other shared resources. Although we all work towards common goals, each member clan is still autonomous once THE HORDE’S charter has been adopted. What we are looking for: THE HORDE is not only seeking individuals, but also other member clans. Joining will increase our ability to advance our members, and provide the options and flexibility our players want. Tired of waiting for CB teams? Help us help you. Increasing our numbers helps guarantee efficient player placement at the start of each season. Players with Typhoon/Hurricane experience will receive preference as they are less common, but we want multiple teams running in every league! Tired of a dead Discord and nobody to play with? With each new addition our Discord community becomes even better! Tired of toxic clan-mates and petty drama? THE HORDE is a drama-free zone. We’re all here to “git gut,” but we recognize that there's always going to be someone better and we need to treat one another with respect. Clans wishing to become members of THE HORDE should have a minimum W/R of 50%+ and a personal rating of 1100. No less than 12 active members. Individuals that meet or exceed these requirements will be placed in a member clan based on your experience, ability, and availability. Clans wishing to join THE HORDE have additional requirements that can be discussed via Discord. Recruitment will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Let’s talk and see how we can integrate you into THE HORDE! https://discord.gg/aTX8QFR
  11. Another narrative shift and you're wrong they spent a good portion of the day waiting for values from WG to calculate the math and if you want to go by way of the "community" the consensus was get boosters immediately if you thought you needed them. I know you and many of the NA team have a lot of history together seeing as most of you came from the same clan and all, but you do not have to constantly run interference for them.
  12. No no they were not. This valuable information as to getting x done before the actual addition of y being unlocked was not announced at all.
  13. In hindsight, it is clear that our communication about this event was not great and as a result we created an expectation that the ship was going to be more accessible to the general player base – we own that. Only hardcore players with a fair number of special signals and camouflages can be expected to obtain Puerto Rico entirely for free. 
  14. Total misunderstanding that the Gorizia is the real prize of 2020 New Year event. I have no idea where people thought the Puerto Rico was part of the the prize... Note the Puerto Rico is also the current log in screen.