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  1. Imperial Schlachtkreuzer for life. Too sweet.
  2. French Battleships Bretagne and Lyon are available. Bretagne is based of this interwar photo: Lyon depicted in a modern MS 22 Haze Gray/Cavite Blue combo since she is equipped with a lot of modern equipment that will be shared with the high tier BBs. I initially had planned to do Normandie in the same interwar scheme as Bretagne but she shares too many components with Lyon and I have to reassess. In addition Lyon shares components with Dunkerque so I will likely need to address her as well. Fingers crossed I can nab a Richelieu. Cheers, -JB
  3. Just a heads up I've unlocked Bretagne, Normandie and Lyon and am actively working on them. Bretagne and Lyon are pretty close to done but I needed to rethink my approach with Normandie due to parts compatibility.
  4. Seagal's departing!

    Having Willis Lee would be seriously awesome.
  5. Novik cavalry cannons?

    Time to go ashore lads and so em' whats what.
  6. Why did you pick your patch?

    The grenade has was the insignia for grenadiers and other elite regiments since the 17th Century. I am a fan of the Napoleonic era so it was an easy choice.
  7. Let's talk Asashio

    If this thing makes it to Prod in its current state more than likely we would get a week or two of stupidity as folks try for the torpedo memes before moving back to ships that actually can win games. Because thats exactly what this, is an over specialized damage farmer, not a match winner.
  8. Armored Cruisers

    While I'd love me some Blucher and other Jutland era boats, I imagine the mixed armarment of most armored cruisers make them difficult to implement.
  9. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Well that is pretty permanent. Good catch.
  10. L'Aigle classe de contre-torpilleurs: I've grown to like this Haze Gray/Cavite Blue Measure 22 pattern. Its quick to put together, looks nice and the Haze Gray makes for good cross compatibility for components. Cheers, -JB
  11. A couple Royal Navy ships added. HMS Bellerophon and HMS Weymouth, both in standard Grand Fleet colors.
  12. WiP Asashio test

    Looks promising, though having to run a custom skipper doesn't sound terribly appealing.
  13. Schlachtschiff SMS Nassau is available Go forth meine Kinder and kick it like the Kaiser.
  14. About Horn Sounds.

    Being able to issue a challenge Pacific Rim style as you close into man fight range is stupidly fun.