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  1. It’s not “Wooster”

    Expecting phonetics to work went by the board when the Normans invaded in 1066 Here ya go: Straight from good ole' Channel 5 News
  2. It’s not “Wooster”

    Because its named after the one in Massachusetts and we call it Woostah.
  3. Probably not, the shark/eagle camo, french rooster/lady, etc. are seperate models with their own texture files. You can check Aslains to see if there is a mod to swap them for the defaults but a skin mod does not fix it because it's essentially a whole different ship.
  4. I will take a look at the black Kaiser Cans. Speaking of the Kaiser I also have a skin ready for the Schlachtkreuzer SMS Prinz Eitel Friedrich in Hochseeflotte colors, which I think looks pretty spiffy. So you can expect that when she drops. It's just too bad they are not shipping it with the WW1 bow and uncapped funnels, would have been a reflex buy if so. Hopefully if they drop Derfflinger or Lutzow at some point they will appear in their Jutland Glory. Cheers, -JB
  5. Since I run Measure 31/32/33 on my USN ships parts sharing precludes running MS 22 on them. On the other hand I really liked the look of USS Kidd in the scheme she sports as a museum ship: So I bit the bullet and took advantage of the "other" USN DD line... That's all for now. Cheers, -JB
  6. Can we get a hype train behind this?

    To be honest I'm hoping they do a high tier Can for the next free xp ship. A Sumner or Mitscher class destroyer would be nice.
  7. Prince of Wales

    The camo was put together by Bran the Builder, you need wight Dragonfire to burn that Ice.
  8. Remove BB HE

    But I enjoy trading DPM in my cruiser with HE chucking BB players...
  9. Unless someone has written a custom editor for camouflages. xml then you will probably need to use Major Renegade's Unpackager to extract that file then edit the entries for the specific ship you want camo suppressed. This method would also likely require keeping tabs on the file during updates. That or go all the way down the rabbit hole and use custom skins for all ships.
  10. During the WW1-interwar the Japanese Navy used Water Tube Boilers that burned a mixture of coal and oil, and gradually replaced them with Kanpon oil-fired boilers during refits Looks like the Nagara's retained two of the dual fuel boilers while the other ten were fully oil fired.
  11. ..and ARA Nueve de Julio in the haze grey scheme she sported in the Argentine Navy: Cheers, -JB
  12. Should Ocean Come Back?

    God this map in CBT when Kagerō was Tier IX with the original un-shat on Type 93s? It was glorious.
  13. So WG went ahead and split the Nueve de Julio and USS Boise which I wasn't planning for. So I whipped up the Boise in a black version of MS-33/21D as seen below. I plan on revisiting the NdJ and probably offering her up in the historical Cold War gray she sported while in Argentinian service as well as MS-33/21D in Ocean Blue I originally put together. While the reduced stats make her a bit less comfortable than Helena, that heal does let you go a bit more ham. Cheers, -JB
  14. I would be down for a gnarly Tin Can furball.