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  1. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    My condolences.
  2. Aimons l'oignon frît à l'huile, Aimons l'oignon car il est bon, Aimons l'oignon frît à l'huile, Aimons l'oignon, aimons l'oignon Cuirassé Le Gascogne Loosely inspired by the Richelieu 43 scheme and compatible with Tanz's Alsace and of course my Richelieu. Still no onions to the Austrians. That's all for now, -JB
  3. Le Turenne in a pre First World War inspired scheme, I would have liked to try the ochre upper works but the main battery is shared with Courbet: Gascogne is still in the yards getting her paint on: Cheers, -JB
  4. Okay consider my interest piqued. Maybe a little tricky due to the component sharing with Courbet but I have some ideas. Cheers, -JB
  5. Hi, I'm not sure I follow, what color would you like? Should be pretty simple, especially if you have a color image I can nab the hex code off. Cheers, -JB
  6. Bougainville, Turenne and Courbet added for le filthy seal clubbers. Bouge in a simple MS 22 scheme, Turenne and Courbert based off wartime and interwar schemes sported by Courbet class cuirassé. Little sad they did not model the WW1 version of the Courbet, I always found it a cool looking BB. I'll be shooting for the Gascogne and République next in order to round out the line. Have a new puppy so it will be slow going in the short term. Cheers, -JB
  7. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Sorry I should clarify. Trying to modify the model is redundant. The way to get round it would be to either replace the camo version's model and texture files with the stock ship's or adjust the pointers to target the stock files. (Also I am just theory crafting, not advocating you do it, afterall I am to lazy to pursue it)
  8. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    I've seen some pretty intense model swaps by Sea-Group: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/74190-061skin-shogun-battleship-from-red-alert-3/ https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/53573-067skin-arp-yamato-ultimate-version-released/ So there should be some way to redirect to point at the regular version and/or replace the custom model/texture files with the standards ones.
  9. New Mex: improvement, or waste of money?

    I recently ground through New Mex and she proved fun enough that I kept her. She is Standard BB Slow, but does good work when she gets there(Just don't expect to bail out of a collapsed flank). Guns are plentiful and punchy, especially at mid to brawl range were they tighten up. She is pretty maneuverable despite being a curvy girl, and she tanks well when angled. If you kit her out with camo and signals and average 1600 in base over 25 games and she will crank out the XP requirements for the Rado post·haste.
  10. PT Boats

    I think USS Melvin gets the lion's share of the credit for Fusō.
  11. Flamu: When he's right, he's right.

    TLDW: The focus on farming damage in XP/Achievements/Rewards should be shifted to contesting objects/winning games/helping your team.
  12. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Those RN CLs look great. plz gib
  13. I do not have the Big E so I will need to look into pulling down one of the tech tree extender mods to work on her. Once I wrap up the French BBs I plan on plugging the remaining holes in the USN CV tree so there is a good chance she will be addressed.
  14. The MKDM theme for the New Years ships made me chuckle. +1