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  1. NeutralState

    Are the Japanese Battleships still good ships?

    Yes and Yamato is more scarier than ever.
  2. with T-61 release T6-7 MM this weekend is going to be a monkey slinging feces show. Good luck.
  3. NeutralState

    Server Statistics and Skill Floors/Ceilings

    I actually have not even read the opening post, now I'm interested. Edit: I'm pretty sure WG has more data available to them internally than just win rates and raw dmg numbers. WG probably have data on distance of engagement, map locations, ammunition type, all the things that game has to process on the server side. Wait... there are people that believe all classes have the same skill floor? Have they tried CV?
  4. Yeah confirmed. Okay, thanks.
  5. NeutralState

    Kraken the 300 K damage milestone,,,,,

    Isn't "milestone" something once you go pass becomes the new bottom line? So if 300k dmg is a mile stone for you, you are expecting your performance hence after to do on average > 300k dmg?
  6. Fairly sure that commander bonus exp (from flags and paints) are bonus based on the base exp. Can someone confirm? Does the x 3 bonus exp mission that comes with purchasing a premium ship increase cpt exp earning rate?
  7. NeutralState

    Server Statistics and Skill Floors/Ceilings

    kek Also what's the real purpose of this poll? There are several studies can be done with the poll info together with people's replies.
  8. Last night, breaking the 50% win rate in the Misery. Up from 30%. Key lesson is patience, with 30 sec between reloads and engine acceleration of glaciers BBs really need to be in the hands of the zen masters.
  9. What? Also no, I'm not spending a ton on the game. My first 19 pt cpt was trained playing 500 games in Mutsuki (before IJN split). OP wants to know how capt re training is handled grinding down the line. The reply was the best way to do it. Yes, it does imply that I never moved pass tier 6 till I got my first 19 pt capt. That's how you plan FTP the game efficiently.
  10. 1. have a 19 points cpt of any nation 2. play that 19 point cpt to save up elite cmd exp, save up enough to skip captain retraining after using credits to re specialize them for the a new ship 3. ??? 4. profit Once you have your first 19 points captain, the grind becomes much easier.
  11. The video starts 1/3 way through, start at the very beginning. Watch the minimap. He had many chances.
  12. Enjoy this gem from first match of the night. Our Z23 taking position middle didn't have the balls to actually spring the trap, ended up getting himself killed without doing anything. Let this be a valuable lesson to DD players wishing to improve. You need to have balls of steel sometimes and if your intention is to set an ambush, ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE ATTACK. Don't [edited] out at the last moment, slowly starts to back out, then gets cornered and killed. If, for whatever, reason you have to stop the attack, ensure your torpedo tubes have the traverse to at least launch a retaliatory salvo. That means orientate your ship according to their torpedo tube's traverse characteristics.
  13. NeutralState

    Weather Front Wednesdays - The Cyclone

    Streaming into a balled up enemy piece meal is a great way to throw the game. Spotting is still vital during cyclone, even though your team might not be able to lock onto target. They can still use the spotting info to position themselves in order to take out enemies that are isolated. Attackers should use the cyclone duration to pick off isolated enemy ships, especially the juicy isolated BBs. Ships with torpdoes can do great damage during cyclone, especially torpedo equipped cruisers. Cyclone gives you enough cover to approach capital ships. If spotting info is plenty, a faster ship can choose to approach the enemy from behind their turret facing or some place unexpected even in open water. Cyclone is also a great time for come backs, the losing side should ball up, then engage enemies one by one using cyclone as cover. Start with the ships closest, stopping at a distance allowing you to lock onto your intended target, but as far as possible from targets you wish to hide from. Think of it as a smoke cloud, people outside can't see in, and great mischief can be done to the enemy within the vision range.
  14. NeutralState

    No longer the red headed step child?

    With the recent arsenal update, lower tier clans finally realized they are just in the queue to be farmed. "Hardcore" players in this game is very very few, just look at the eagle/sharks daily top 1000 point limit. It's around 1200-1400 points, that's like about 15 - 20 matches played. Less than 1000 people daily actually play more than a dozen matches. That's pathetically low number for a "free to play" game. If game design forces less dedicated players to go up against more dedicated players to earn resources. The "casuals" will quickly quit. This happend in World of Warcraft and Blizzard back then immediately made the change to make competition more casual friendly. Without casuals in multiplayer game, you won't have a game to play.
  15. NeutralState


    Depending on the how you view premium ships. They are either "trainers" or " just an unique ship". For a "trainer" ship Mass is a USN cruiser trainer because AA build is quite popular and viable for USN cruisers and those captains can take advantage of Mass's secondaries.