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  1. LufiaLunar

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Me too. I do hope they become a permanent addition to our game.
  2. LufiaLunar

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Loving the subs. My favorite so far is the German one, followed by Soviet, and then USN. I really wanted to like the American Sub. I just could not. Mainly due to the 1 km dumb fire it has. I noticed that the German one stays locked on for longer and then going dumb at the last possible second, while the Soviet is at about 1.5 seconds and the American is at 2 seconds. I have been viewing subs like this. German, ASW focus, Soviet All rounder, USN large ships mainly BB's. The reason for my thoughts on this is; I attack a sub and its actively trying to dodge I miss every time in the USN, about 50% for the Soviet, and about 95% in the German one. I also noticed that not ALL torpedoes follow the homing. I was expecting my torpedoes to do what they did in your trailer about subs. They don't! they do not even have the marker that they are homing if you fire aft torpedoes and your target is Pinged or double pinged. I only see the marker if they target for the torpedoes are within a 40 degree arc of your sub from the tubes. I currently like how subs are invulnerable to certain classes. I think to help lower the sub bobbing around 6m is by giving a consumable or a plane to the Ship/CV that forces the Sub to the surface for a short time. maybe a shock wave barrel that screws up the depth control for a couple seconds. this will allow CV's to help their team better and allow everyone to attack the sub. I enjoy fighting Subs as a DD, I also enjoyed my battles where I played as a BB and a CV against them. I constantly kept an eye on the mini map. if I saw a grey sub icon pointing me, I knew I was its target. Start Evasive maneuvers, or dive right at it. had several battles where the sub did minimal damage to me. I go along my business pass by it, and keep killing his team mates and cap the point. I'm fine sitting on top of them too, since it will allow a DD to use me as a shield so it can kill the sub. I did get some fights where all the fighting stopped since we could not damage each other. It sucked for sure. It just made me want to pursue the ships that had depth charges more, or I will jump into a fire fight to save a DD to win the battle. if I was playing a DD, I made sure not to go all in with any of my engagements, thus allowing me to save allied ships that could not fight the sub later in the battle. I highly enjoy subs. I am kinda scared on how long they will be on the back burner. what you guys have planned for them, will they have future testing live like this again soon. will you bring them out this year? next year, 5 years from now? I don't know. These subs is what brought me back to the game. Thanks for the awesome Event, I am playing the Submarine mode every day, not only for the EXP, just so that you can get more testing done. I mainly play CV's and BB's since I know alot of people will not play these against them, also because I know people who do play this mode will play subs and DD's :)
  3. LufiaLunar

    CV Rework Feedback

    Thanks Wargaming. Highly looking forward to testing the Tier 4's the most. since that is the ENTRY that alot of people are going to see when try out the CV after it goes Live. I think most of my battles will be in these lower tiers. I really want more CV battles. so If we can garner that the lower tiers are fun to play and that the higher tiers will promote more Awesomeness then more new players will take the time to play CV's. Im really looking forward to the improvements. Lets see what these new babies can do :) V/R STS2 (SS)
  4. LufiaLunar

    CV Rework Feedback

    That would be interesting. You could even have commander skills that cater to this too.
  5. LufiaLunar

    CV Rework Feedback

    To me its the black puffs. when I see them I make sure not to run my planes through them and I make it to the enemy ship with minimal loss of health. If I have to fight multiple ships and All i see is black puffs. then I NOPE the F@#$ out and go for another target. Starting my attack run early seems to help sometimes since they are trying to hit you in mid air. so right before I know I'm going to get hit i start the run. this gives me a couple seconds to weave and line up my shot. V/R STS2
  6. LufiaLunar

    CV Rework Feedback

    Nice touch with the Improved AA. I like the fact we CANT just run in anymore compared to round 1. I actually have to dodge the black puffs(Flak) of smoke now to avoid my planes getting shot down. Boosting is much better now. Yet I think having a "issue" when you FORCE the plane to boost for long period might be needed. if you hold the boost and wait til it emptys and just keep holding it, It just locks the plane at normal speed and you dont recover any boost. it would be nice to have a gradual loss of HP and or plane explosion for pushing the engine to hard as a warning to let up on the throttle. Then again it would give players a risk/reward factor to push the engines in a combat situation where they need that boost or to try to help allies when you are far from the combat zone. Thanks again Wargaming. V/R STS2
  7. LufiaLunar

    CV Rework Feedback

    I agree with what others have been saying. I would like to add ONE game breaking bug. Losing control of CV and Planes. I would be flying my planes and all of a sudden it stops accepting my orders to manuever. Instead I get sounds like i am controlling my CV instead. Ex: about to start a run on a ship Press the A key to move my angle a little bit more.... and I hear that my "auto" movement disengage on my cv? I was like "what". then All of a sudden my planes get shot down and I am flying my next squad with out selecting them and instead of the planes views i have my cv in my sight. Yet im controlling the planes with my keys now, and i am not seeing the Planes consumables just the CV's. stuck on my screen is Press F key to return to carrier, but im looking at my carrier. Pressing M just allows me to re map my movement for the carrier. as you can see in my SS its hard to control the planes and my CV when the camera is focused on different things. first 3 shots are me struggling to control my planes and last shot is somehow looking at my CV but im controlling my bombers. My planes are being launched with out my consent and trying to figure out how I switched cameras while flying is weird? pressing Shift and M keys dont change anything. The M key allows me to bring the Map up normally. Pressing M key again brings me to what I was looking at previously, with no control. if I am looking at the CV I can use my WASD to control the planes. Spamming the number keys or the SHIFT key gives me some control back,but I lose it once I am on a run. Also seeing a permanent Return the carrier on the bottom does not help. worse of all is that sometimes both ship and planes accepted my orders so when I turned the ship the planes turned too. Thanks Wargaming I hope this gets fixed soon.
  8. LufiaLunar

    CV Rework Feedback

    Thanks alot Wargaming. Looking forward to the new changes you added. its 6:41 am here so heres hoping I have no issues trying them out. I am worried though that you are allowing the Higher tier ships into play. Granted they need testing. I'm just worried that when Players try out CV after the rework. they will have to start from Tier 4 and deal with the "slowness" that I experienced with the tier 6 ones. It would be nice to have some testing with the Tier 4's to see if there are any issues and see if there is "boredom" factor since I dont want people to "try" out CV's and say "this sucks, Terrible job wargaming. Give me back my old CV's" kinda thing. I think you might have to add more planes in a squadron so a CV feels more engaging at lower tiers. Thats my thoughts before your second round. V/R STS2