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  1. Gojira420

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    Ohhhhh......Side-SHOW Bob.....
  2. Gojira420

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    Yeah...but nobody can get those. It brings up an interesting question about rarity of any premium. Are they seldom seen because nobody has one, or they're aren't competitive, or both.
  3. Gojira420

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    It's hanging out with the Kitakami....
  4. Gojira420

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    I love Nurn, especially now that the rears are 360. I dont mind my Murmansk or Marblehead, either. Copy/paste ships are sometimes a little different. I'm just surprised not to see it in the crates. I love having variants of ships that I like already. Everything is in those Christmas crates but the galley sink....
  5. Where the heck is the Admiral Marakov?!?!?! Not in the Christmas boxes?!?!?! You can get a Gremy, but not a Marakov. The new unicorn of the sea?
  6. Gojira420

    Warship Jokes...

    So....I've been trying to come up with some funny jokes related to WoWs. Unfortunately, I'm not very funny. Anybody have any good ones? Here are a couple: How many red team ships does it take to change a light bulb? I dunno....they keep sinking! HA! What ship liked WoWs before it was cool? The Admiral Hipster! HA!