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  1. Lord_Smily

    Totally obvious <insert nation here> bias

    American Bias FDR
  2. Lord_Smily


    sounds like an issYOU no an issUS
  3. Lord_Smily

    CV Auto Pilot Still Sucks

    The autopilot has a panic attack when it gets too close to an island and reverses to "unbeach" itself. That's why your helmsman seems to be drunk.
  4. so you did 135K damage, killed 2 ships, shot sown 51 planes, survived and won, and yet [edited] about the results. Be happy with your game and move on.
  5. Lord_Smily

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    I ranked out playing a lexington and while I lost more planes then a T8 it was still doable. You just have to select your targets more carefully and not throw planes into blobs
  6. short answer no. You can take sight stabilization to form up the radicle faster but there is nothing you can take that can make the radicle "smaller"
  7. ASW for the german cv line but the other cv lines have tools to interact with a sub that is on the surface. I would like the o2 mechanic to return to subs but not as oppressive as the first iteration to force subs to the surface at some point
  8. Lord_Smily

    Tier VIII CV mayhem

    WG doesn't want to have long que times so sometimes it doubles up the CVs. I agree for power balance 1 cv on each side but WG prioritizes the que times over balance
  9. Other misconceptions that should be addressed is CVS cannot win games by themselves, we can be influential in winning those games by dislodging ships bunkered down behind islands or lighting up dds or taking out important targets for you but we rely on the surface ships to take the caps to win the game. That 100K damage and 5 kills means nothing if the enemy has all 3 caps and still wins. With the radicle changes cvs are not as good at hitting dds as we used to. Having said that DDs FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT YOLO BY YOURSELF. The days of lone wolfing to the side of the map or rushing for an early cap are over. You will be spotted you will be targeted and you will die. Stay relatively close to your team for AA support about 3 to 5km and take the cap when you have support to do so. The best DD players stay dark and are patient when taking caps. DDs TURN YOR AA OFF, too many times I can get an easy strike off during a scouting run doing around 5k then turn around and do another 5k all courtesy of lighting yourself up for me. DDs USE YOUR SMOKE CONSUMABLES, use them to protect yourself and yes that means popping smoke when your not in a cap. That forces the cv to either hang around and waste time or move on to someone else. While blobbing in the corner of the map does make you relatively immune to attacks IT DOES NOT WIN YOU GAMES. I too often see teams blobbing in a corner doing what ahskance refers to as the washing machine maneuver because they are too scared of the CV or DDs still left, accomplishes nothing and looses the game. Worst case scenario you get sunk, go back to port, and still loose the game, but at least you tried something. I know this thread has been a bit of a rant of mine but sea raptor brought up a point about CV misconceptions and I'm trying to address the ones I can think of. I do have one final issue I'm going to rant about before finishing. For those players that downvote a CV player for playing a CV, for those who wish those who play CVs to die from cancer SHAME ON YOU. We don't downvote the Holland player who "surprise mother F***er" with there AA or the minotaur who smokes up and shoots all our aircraft down. Were people too trying to enjoy the game in a class we have chosen to take up despite all the changes and nerfs we have to relearn over and over again. We don't need that hate.
  10. Lord_Smily

    Sad life as a CV main

    When that DD gets stuck surrounded by enemy AA boats and spams the F3. What do you expect me to do?
  11. Lord_Smily

    karma points

    The Karma system would have to be reworked but positive karma could count towards a currency for small nick nacks, extra crates, or signal flags. Would be nice to be rewarded for playing well
  12. Lord_Smily

    How often does this happen to you?

    sometimes you just cant carry your team kicking and screaming to victory
  13. 1) not many people will have FDR and it s planes can be countered easily with fighters as the airplanes are slow, combined with 2 min regen you just have to change your tactics a bit and run the fighter consumables 2)the question is do you want more fire power and health or have some utility and aerial flank. Clan battles is very campy so cvs are really good at punishing campers and taking care of lone flankers that bbs cant do. On the other hand extra pushing power can make the difference, we lost a couple of games because they pushed with 2 bbs and we couldn't stop them
  14. Lord_Smily

    Time for a new acronym

    WG plz buff people
  15. Lord_Smily

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    dont worry next patch will nerf CVs AGAIN by removing RPF from the planes. As if CVs needed more nerfs