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  1. What ever.. You must be from Wargaming or a fanboy
  2. Probably because many people quit playing the Beta's (like myself in this round) due to the lack of rewards, lack of documentation on the beta, screw up with the carriers making them worthless piles of junk and a whole host of other issues..
  3. BlastXng

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    Rewards for playing the beta are horrible.. So I won't even bother downloading the update to play the beta.. This will be the first beta I won't bother with at all in the last two plus years... The amount of time I'd have to spend to play the beta isn't worth the stingy moth eaten wallet rewards that WarGaming is dangling like one should be privilege to receive what you get like standing in line for bread and milk. Congratulations.. You've created Soviet BB's that didn't ever exist, never had been in a battle and were on pieces of napkins for what purpose? So the bias can continue to make them stronger than any other BB in the game? Which is exactly what you did with some of the cruisers in the soviet fleet.. Reminiscing the return of the Red Star?
  4. BlastXng

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Thanks dude!!! In the future when they announce a public test their should be a link right in the announcement that people can click that take them to the notes and other pieces of information about the beta. That's typically what technology companies due and I'm quite surprised that WarGaming isn't doing this. That way someone new can easily get to the information instead of having to hunt around all day looking for it.. (Some would spend all day.. :-) ) I understand the logic y'all felt you needed to have, but I didn't like the space battles and wanted to check out all the other cool az-sheeiitt.. HAHAHA
  5. Wow.. Calling me a Troll.. how nice.. I guess you have little to no idea who the avatar is or what it comes from.. Fanboy much?
  6. Sure.. All of them or some specific ones? WRT to 1, the interface when you start the beta doesn't let you put any flags or upgrades on the ships so you have to, whether you like it or not suffer through 4 or 5 battles before you can even put an upgrade on the ship, while 2 is the upgrade or like the want to call "Progressive" play before you can upgrade.. I don't understand why they want to copy Gajiin which does the same thing (Provides you with non-upgraded tanks and planes that are way below the specs the tanks and plane actually released) and now Wargaming appears to want to copy them.. WRT 3 I didn't like the UI and it took a bit to get around since I was used to the one that's in the release that we play today. I didn't find it as friendly or intuitive then the existing one and 4 of my clan members stated the same thing to me... WRT4 I was using the Bismark in a battle.. I told it to Auto-Pilot to a spot which would be on the other side of an island.. Well the awesome beta software (Really alpha IMHO) took the ship in that direction but instead of going around the island, it ran right into it. this happened on three separate Random Battles, 2 with same map 1 with a different map.. WRT 5 The lag on the test server or the software itself was very slow to respond to turning VIII BB"s and DD's. I would hit the key and the indicator would continue to stay in the middle until almost 2 minutes went by. I had to plan out turns well in advance. WRT 6 When Wargaming decided to make you have to earn a place before you could start doing missions, but provide pitiful compensation that was enough for me. There are plenty of others that feel the same way. Go look through the comments of the testing of the previous crapola release with the carriers that die from AA.
  7. Just use your imagination.. It's much smoother and better for you! Unless you're taking shrooms.. LOL
  8. Well after playing three games on the beta I've given up.. It's a pile of junk and the new UI is horrible. - Wargaming is taking a page out of Gajiin's Warthunder and penalizes players for getting new ships by completely nerfing them and they don't get better until you play hundreds of hours on a single ship to improve it's capabilities, add camo, add signal flags and upgrade the ship.. Total crap. - Wargaming puts people who can only use crappy POS ships in the first three games in Random battles with those that have fully upgraded ships.. Wow, what a bunch a aholes who came up with that.. Geez, I can't want to see how bad you screw up the real servers. The new UI is horrible and I don't like it. It's not user friendly, it doesn't make sense and it takes away from what everyone else is used to. How many players did you're QA and Development teams estimate that you will loose with the new interface? The ships on auto-pilot run into islands all the time.. what a joke.. it's like the direction they want to go in is got something in the way and they don't see it.. Wow.. who QA'd this POC? The responsiveness for turning the ships is so horribly delayed that I counted up to 2 minutes before a BB would turn.. - The rewards that Wargaming provides are pitiful.. What a joke.. I could squeeze blood from a turnip before I can get rewards from wargaming that are worth my time and effort in a beta.. I highly recommend that Wargaming rethinks what their going to do with Warships.. WarThunders Naval battles are looking more and more enticing than Wargaming for the interface is fast, it works and they are slowly adding in more ships from all nations. At this point I'm done testing this beta.. forcing me to play 20 games to get a single reward is a damn joke and the comedic attempts that we are forced to do in order to just get to a known place is irritating as hell. This will more than likely be the last beta I test for a long long time until Wargaming get's their proverbial head out of their butts and work on fixing the existing issues that they created with the AA and the carriers, along with nerf'xng they did to ships cause they were "too" powerful.. What a joke.
  9. BlastXng

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    The auto-pilot is broken.. I had the Bismark on autopilot and it continuously wanted to run into islands that were in it's way to get to it's destination..
  10. BlastXng

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Where are the notes that you speak of? I have looked and haven't seen them.. They definitely aren't in the announcement about all of this.. Additionally this is a continuous problem with Wargaming, which to be more succinct that complete lack of information on how to get into the battles and get going when playing a beta.. There should be a link directly in the news announcement and I can tell you that there isn't.. so people have to hunt around looking for the info on what to do.. Seems' to me your website people need to talk to your devs and QA to rectify this.. Why? Because 4 others I know won't play beta anymore cause it's gotten more convoluted in their opinion to find out what the hell their supposed to do to play beta's.
  11. BTW I like the gif you have as your profile pick.. ..
  12. I didn't play the tanks in the beginning and I've only played it a couple of times, but I can absolutely agree with you that Wargaming is pretty piss poor with communications about a multitude of things.. Ever since they moved almost everything to Moscow the game has started going into the shittar with changes that come out.. I've got clan team mates that have quit playing Warships cause of the poor communications and that they have screwed everything up in 0.8.8, plus they also dropped their premium for the Warships game stating that it was a waste of time and they were tired of paying for poorly thought out and written game that they used to enjoy. I've been playing the beta's now for well over a year and I can tell you that the latest 0.8.X (no matter of the version or round) has been the worst beta I've ever played.. I was going to re-up my premium, but not anymore. I don't like paying for debacles.