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    I would like to be a Pirate!
  2. I bought 6 on a whim: - 21 dragon flags - 100k CXP (x2) - Abruzzi - 1500 dubs - Roma
  3. WesternBloc

    Lexington Rant

    Everything stock on Lexington is plenty usable apart from the dive bombers, which should be upgraded as quickly as possible (I went DBs -> Rockets -> TBs). Focus more on team utility (spotting and destroyer hunting) than farming high AA targets and be judicious with your target selection. It took me 11 games, all 8-10 games in randoms or 8-9 games in ranked, to earn enough XP to fully upgrade Lex, and while the stock planes weren't fun it wasn' t the end of the world.
  4. WesternBloc

    Journey to the west container drops

    Bought four and got Wukong, coal, premium time, and camos (not in that order).
  5. As someone here with a legal education— I’m not sure where you learned this, but it is incorrect. In the US almost all law crafted by legislature is collected in a Code, so when Congress passes a law it becomes part of the United States Code (which is why federal law citations look something like 11 U.S.C. section 362–that’s a bankruptcy section, but it works well enough for an example). Off the top of my head, Title 13A of the Alabama Code is where our law “enforced by a guy with a badge” is located (and funnily enough, criminal law is almost exclusively code based, as common law crimes are generally disfavored and do not technically exist at the federal level due to practical and constitutional issues, meaning all federal criminal law stems from—you guessed it—the United States Code). But that gets to what the “code in question here is. Sometimes a particular title of a Code will take on another name among specialists, which is why tax attorneys will use the term “the Internal Revenue Code” or IRC (another code that is very compulsory), but to generalist attorneys it is just Title 26 of the US Code. But based off of what other users have posted, it appears that the Cypriot Advertising Code is not such a title or subsection of whatever Cyprus’s legislative code is called but instead a private code put together by that country’s advertisers, hence the reliance on name and shame instead of legal recourse. That makes it sound very voluntary in this instance, but I don’t know much about Cyprus.
  6. WesternBloc

    So how did you do with your santa crates?

    Picked up 36 Megas and that’s going to be it (unless someone gives me some ship money for Christmas): Vanguard, Ochacov, Yudachi, Duca d’Aosta, Makarov (SC), Exeter (SC), Genova (SC), 25k coal, probably 250 camos, and 120 special signals or so? I have a note with each roll, but haven’t totaled up everything. Hoping to make a push for the Smaland, so I needed the camos and flags. On the whole, I can’t say I’m too disappointed at all (was one of the few actually hoping for a premium CV and everyone’s looking to get a rare ship, but I got plenty of stuff to keep me busy for a while). Surprised that camos dropped so much more frequently than signals, as it seems to run the opposite way for others as far as I can tell.
  7. WesternBloc

    Is the short list removed?

    The Makarov is on the shortlist for the Big Gift crate (along with Cali and Orkan). The shortlist for the mega is The Duca d’Aosta, Yudachi, Ochakov, and Vanguard. The shortlist for the small Santa crate is London, Viribus Unitus, and maybe De Grasse (haven’t seen that one confirmed yet). So you’re right on track for the small crate shortlist.
  8. WesternBloc

    How long for your Tier X grind?

    I started* a few months ago when the anniversary event was going on. With the special flags and stuff from that, I got the Minotaur in about 80 games (and that was slowing down some and using fewer flags on the Neptune, because that ship and I did not jive). That was just playing F2P, as I was trying to see if I even wanted to get into the PC version. 22 games seems like a stretch, but another tier X in 50 or so games seems reasonable if I had the flags and credits though. *have played a lot of Legends and Blitz prior to making the jump to PC, so I came in a lot more familiar with the game than the average noob.
  9. WesternBloc

    Santa Crates

    On the one hand, this is better because you know the shortlist without needing early-adopters-as-guinea-pigs. On the other, half the community can’t/won’t even properly read the descriptions for the bundled “B-variant” missions, so I imagine they’d similarly have a hard time understanding the way the shortlist/longlist system works (“I thought I was supposed to get a Scharnhorst, but it gave me a Marblehead!!”).