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  1. FumesOfAssGas

    CV Hate

    well i for one am going to stop playing this game if wows cant or wont fix the problem with cvs doing excessive damage to dds. every game i play a dd in and get spotted by a cv, if he attacks me and i get hit just once ive lost half my health, and im getting really sick and tired of it, wows have made playing a dd in a match with a cv near impossible. as everyone wants intelligence and wants a dd to go into caps, you loose your [edited]almost instantly when you get spotted. either tone down the damage a cv does to a dd or remove the cvs all together, How whould you like it if a cv hit your bb or cl with one attack and you loose 50 percent of your health and god forbid he takes another run at you
  2. FumesOfAssGas

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    great idea, my uncle was a turret gunner on the heida that was sunk, his turret took a direct hit and he was killed before the ship sank, ill play to remember all those who lost their lives. But wows, dont be so chinsy with the amount of perths given out, for god sakes, they are free to you, they dont cost anything to give out
  3. FumesOfAssGas

    MM suggestion

    well as far as i can see the mm is ok, but i have noticed that when you have a team full of players that dont go for caps and dont move forward and just sit back , you can almost always bet its going to be a lost game. ive been watching it for a long time and 99 percent of the time the team looses when people play like that. so my suggestion is to get rid of caps alltogether and then they will have to fight to win, and there will be no loosing instantly over caps. second suggestion is make the map boarders shrink in over time forcing players closer together that way youll have no sit at the back and be useless players contributing to loss after loss after loss
  4. could we please tone down the damage a cv does to dds, last game i played i lost half me health to one bomb hit, its not the first time i was taken out of the game right from the start due to a single plane attack