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  1. PubturtleSr

    Help with Over-Aggressiveness

    I'm a DD main and though I do launch torps from max range sometimes, it's usually only for area denial or to force a turn that will benefit my team. Ambush torps are king, if you can master that skill "play low tier US DD's" then you will be able to really be a thorn in the enemy's side. I can't tell you how many people forget that the Khab has torps or how many people I've sunk with them. lol
  2. PubturtleSr

    Using karma in clan recruitment

    I agree the Karma ratings are pointless. I've been reported for carrying my team, killing someone, "cheating" by using smoke, etc. Plus I'm a tester and just showing up in a test ship nets you down votes sometimes. Ironically, the only time my karma goes up is ranked.
  3. PubturtleSr

    [SSPL] Somthin' Special opening recruitment

    Thanks to all who joined! Still have a few spots to fill out. Accepting casual player and are looking to pick up one or two more competitive players. As we fill up competitive player will get priority until the sub clan is established.
  4. [SSPL} Somthin' Special is looking for a few active members. We were the competitive team of a larger clan that recently split off on our own. We are composed of experienced Supremacy, KOTS, and Clan Battles players that are looking to grow the clan. We are looking for members that are looking to improve their play as well as experienced players interested in competition. The only hard requirements for joining is activity and a desire and willingness to improve, that said, we don't just take everyone. If have interest in competitive play we have an internal team dedicated to that and you will be evaluated and trained. If you want to play with a cool group socially that is fine as well. We are a no drama zone and we operate by vote for major decisions. Also, we are a salty yet funny bunch at times so if you are looking for a "Politically Correct" group we are definitely not for you. If you are interested, please apply in game and join our Discord. Someone will get with you asap. https://discord.gg/XZDpH6N
  5. PubturtleSr

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    I actually agree. I'm kind of a Khab specialist and it's still very potent for me but you have to be very good in it to see results. There is a reason that you don't see them much anymore. You literally have be unicum or nearly so in that ship to make it worth playing. I don't think it needs a lot but when WG nerfed range AND torps AND rudder, it was too much. The only reason that I have success in it is that I have it set up specifically as a DD hunter killer. I can burn down BBs or engage cruisers now, but it's generally more trouble than its worth now that there are some hard khab counters in the game. I would say that putting the range back up is all it would need. Alternatively, putting the torps back to 8km would give a little more versatility and allow for a little more usefulness to the team.