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  1. Remove_CV

    Cannot get into battle?

    Thanks, ticket submitted. Hopefully they have the data they need.
  2. I have been going through my tier 8 ships and getting the gift containers off them today, planning to open them all at once. I had saved 14, but after relaunching the game when I heard about the server restart I only have 12, and the last 2 ships I played still show their gift as already received so it wasn't just a progress reset. How do I go about resolving this? Thanks, blad3mast3r
  3. Remove_CV

    Cannot get into battle?

    After the restart I am missing 2 containers, i was stocking up on my gift containers and it went from 14 to 12, is that suitable for an official bug report or should i just wait?
  4. I still remember setting my damage record in shimakaze, i successfully snuck onto the enemy side of the map and remained unspotted for most of the battle, racking up over 200,000 damage for the first time in my WOWS career. For my wish, I would love to have jean bart to save me some coal.
  5. Thank you for scrapping the buffs idea. I would still rather complete a mission chain requiring me to play each ship in a line rather than reset my line progress, but this is a step in the right direction As for future legendary upgrades, please do be sure to make enough of a downside to them that they are not better than the other upgrades in that slot, just a different option
  6. Reasons for not liking it: it forces you to grind extra to upgrade your ship, and means that even at your same tier you might face people with better HP and reload than you - On your same exact ship! This kind of "either grind a ton to compete, or always be disadvantaged" is pure cancer
  7. Remove_CV

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    Any form of control over my AA is a welcome change But more importantly CANCEL THE TRAINING CENTER SYSTEM
  8. I never post on the forums, but I'm here to say that I'm 100% with mouse on this one. Forcing people to either pay or regrind to buff their ship stats is a horrible, horrible idea. If this doesn't get canceled, it's the end of my time with WOWS