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  1. use of chat during a game lol. That's when you can tell if a player is good or bad.
  2. Gift for Returning Players?!

    I checked and it said that I got the Kidd for "Kidd Quest". It came with a free port slot and a 3-point commander. I never did this quest when I used to play. I'm not complaining though. I just think it's unfair for some players who actually spend a lot of time to do missions and assignments.
  3. I started playing WOWS again after a while and I was surprised to see a USS KIDD in my port along with a personal assignment to get a texas. I only need to earn 25k base xp for the texas but I got a kidd for free. Does Wargaming have a returning player gift program?
  4. Just because We already had t7 and t6 and next up is t8. I doubt Wargaming will make it tier 5 (too many new players) or t9 (Not enough players)....Most competitions are t8.
  5. So Sharnhorst is more consistent at credit making? How much credits can i average per match. 1 million per hour is what I am looking for. If the difference between Sharn and Atago is only 50-100k credits I'll go with Sharnhorst. But next ranked I think it will be t8 so idk. tough decision.
  6. With the sale going i thought I might finally get myself a premium. Running t10 is getting expensive so I was wondering what ship is best for making credits. Missouri is out of question because I don't wanna spend a lot on converting xp. I also don't have the patience to save that much. My 2 option currently are Atago and Sharnhorst. Sharnhorst seems like a fun lil ship but I don't know if can get those massive 500k credit wins. Atago will see t10s so not that much fun getting deleted. I do have mogami and I have a 60% WR so I'm kinda leaning towards atago. FEEDBACK APPRECIATED.
  7. Do you guys think that premium ships are worth it? $55 for a Scharnhorst, $70 for a Derpitz!!! Oh and the $12 Albany. These ships seem too expensive. I was surprised at first because I had never seen an in game item that was this expensive. Now I'm thinking of getting one of these suckers. I'm finding it hard to make credits and I could really use something that makes 300k per game. My other option is Missouri. Heard that it is a commercial money printer. Ive got like less than a 100k free XP. How many games does it take to get 650,000 more? Are there certain months where there are discounts?
  8. Actually? You just made my day!
  9. I'm almost on the 4th mission but I'm afraid I won't be able to get yamamoto. Idk how long the campaign is gonna stay up. If anyone has any info on when it ends I can try to plan and play accordingly. Thanks!
  10. Looking for a clan for clan wars,

    Hi i'm looking for a clan for clan wars. My recent stats are pretty good and I will have the Des Moines in a couple of battles. I am a cruiser player and I love dead DDs. I would also like if my friends can join (Aduial and Terminator_1211). Aduial specifically...this guys a beast with USN dds.
  11. Warships Today down again

    I usually use warships today but I am using WOWS Numbers and it's pretty good. I like the compare option.
  12. Gonna take forever considering i have 2k free xp.
  13. I've been playing a lot with my Baltimore lately and I'm having a blast. The xp just keeps adding up except there is one problem. Credits!!! Without the flags I find that I barely make any money. Every single game I have to pay on average 100k for repairs. Doesn't matter if I survive or not. I am top 5 in every game with Baltimore and I only make around 20k credits (profit). I have almost unlocked the Des Memes but I need the credits. Clearly T9 isn't working so Im wondering what the best tier/non premium ship is best to make money. I'm not willing to spend any real money for premium time or ships. Help greatly appreciated.
  14. Ive been noticing some new ships lately like the Hsien Yang. Ive been wondering if Wargaming is launching a new Pan Asian Destroyer Line. I checked WOWS numbers and Stats and it looks like so. They look like British and American ships that have been refitted. http://wows-numbers.com/newships/
  15. I can play most latest games at 1080p 60 FPS. WOWS at Max everything. Whole thing only cost me around $1500 CAD RYZEN Build. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 1060 3GB SC Motherboard: MSI B350 Gaming Plus RAM: Ballistix DDR4 Dual Rank 16 GB Storage: 250 GB Western Digital SSD and 1 TB Western Digitial HDD PSU: EVGA 500 Watt White Case: Corsair Spec Alpha Black/Red OS: Windows 10 Home Monitor: Asus VG245H Keyboard: random Hp basic keybaord Mouse: $8 Deathadder ripoff (Friggin amazing)