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  1. NC is awesome. Missouri is AWESOMER by far - main thing on the Mo is less floaty shells.
  2. I rarely play coop now, but I think that if you play a DD, regardless of tier, the enemy bots fixate on you and are oblivious to all else 'til you are dead.
  3. Millions of games played by thousands says it does.
  4. You know, this is the best reason to keep it the way it is right now. Makes sense.
  5. My eyes hurt after the first two linez.
  6. Only thing is how much longer the wait time will be. I'll bet there are some players that can't decide whether to mount 6 signals or half a dozen of them.
  7. Sounds like it should be done - 7 turrets - cool
  8. I waited to get the Missouri instead of the Iowa. Don't know how the Iowa plays, but the Missouri is awesome. I don't play CV or IJN BB, but Bismark is fun.
  9. I'd like to hear that WOOT WOOT WOOT like from the DD's at the end of "The Guns of Navarone." Maybe after a Kraken, or just if u ram an island or something.
  10. Best: 1 yr premium time for 50% off (or something like that) - 3 campaign tasks at once, yeaaa. Worst: 9 port slots for a really good price (same day as the premium time buy). The next day they started handing them out like dirty looks at an upscale hotel.
  11. Been playing for a couple hours and mine just popped up about 1 min ago. Flags for 13K battles - wohooo! You only get the special flags - which is STILL AWESOME!!!!
  12. 12K battles and 3 tier 10's. Woohooo! I don't see how ANYONE can complain about this. Free stuff for playing a free game you'll play anyway. And you're still miserable? I have enough fun playing the ships I have, and could grind the other lines, but just do't want to. But those who did that and have the tier 10's reap the rewards. Sounds fair to all and makes sense from a WOW marketing point of view. If they didn't have that Christmas convoy thing, I probably wouldn't have started the RN and Soviet cruiser line, but I'm so glad I did. The tier 10 incentive may entice people to play lines they wouldn't normally play, and in doinh so they may like them and have something else in game to stick around for.
  13. Village People - In the Navy!
  14. OK and that too.