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  1. Bourgogne!!?

    Oooh. I really like the Richelieu, but Alsace still hasn't really clicked with me yet; though it's an awesome ship. I haven't played it enough to get the Republique because the fore and aft turrets at T10 doesn't really do me much for me as of yet. But this Boeff Bourgogne sounds interesting. Be nice if it was one of those free XP ships.
  2. Bourgogne!!?

    Just got out of a game where the reds had a French T10 BB Bourgogne. Looks like it has three quadruple turrets. Anyone got any info on this beauty?
  3. Arms Race mode

    Wondering what you guys think of it? I've played it twice and it seems like a lot of fun. Looks like a chase the sparkly things around the map and kill 'em all mode. It may; however, lend itself to lemming trains... But I like it way more at the moment than bastion mode.
  4. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    So it looks like you get HMS Gallant with 5 stars? Well, just 5 starred it and no Gallant...oh, well. Onwards!
  5. Submarine Poll

    Can't wait to see submarines driving under all the islands as if they weren't there.
  6. This is great, except that you give no advice or counter to my feeling about the ship. Yea, but it's really funny.
  7. As a crappy DD player I take solace in annihilating the pesky rats. Leander and Fiji are unsurpassed in this task. I often think that in tier 6 and 7 they are the strongest ships of any type for their tiers. The only other ship in lower tiers that comes close and may surpass them as far as tier dominance in the right hands, would be the Kamikaze R in tier 5. I'm sure others should have alternate candidates.
  8. Selling the Bismarck

    And remember they whacked its 2ndaries big time with the nerf bat cause of all the whiny rats.
  9. WG Please rethink Ranked

    I'm just tired of T 10 everything.
  10. Hehe...Glad to hear it. You DD's are so annoying. But really, how many 1000's of games did it take that to happen just once.
  11. Tilliman class US BB?

    I bet there's a lot of players rally close to that right now.
  12. I just got her from a TYL SC a couple days ago. 1st ship from a container ever. Told she has better armor than NM, better sigma, but worse AA. I put a 19 point skipper in her. Lots of fun.
  13. TIL from WoWs in game tips.

    Sounds complicated.
  14. Yes. Shooting; like golf, is a perishable skill.