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  1. Looks like art decco Chrysler inspired camo to me. Really cool too.
  2. AA/Flak Fire Graphics

    I'd like to see the AA more like combat camera footage from WW2. The AA wasn't a laser line to the target, but followed an arc as the target moved.
  3. I want a Kutusov. I'd even buy one with dollars or doubloons. Please....? I still like Fiji better than Belfast, even though I don't have a Belfast.
  4. A lighter thread

    Fentiman's Curiosity Cola. Or a nice ginger beer.
  5. That seems to be the easiest fix that most would agree on. Hope they try it for a while and see how it works.
  6. I went to check the "Get Latest Missions" rd tab and clicked on it. Missions for every day in July. But no mention of Bastille Day. I still can't find it in the mission briefings.
  7. I can see your point. However; without team damage you'd have DD's with their unlimited torp loads unloading hither and yon without fear of retribution of any sort. There's enough orange triangles in the water as it is. If you're gonna do the eliminate friendly fire thing, then limit torp loads to what is in their tubes. But I think it's fine as is.
  8. Rise of the Lemming....

    Lemmings are vermin and need to be exterminated before they parade themselves over a cliff.
  9. Personal Mission Code

    TY. It worked.
  10. A couple months ago I got the 3 daily containers and picked TYL. The 2nd was a super container. I thought great. And then I clicked TYL for the 3rd before opening the 2nd and Bob's you uncle, Jemima's you aunt, I got a 2nd super container in a row. Don't remember what was in 'em. I've never gotten a ship. But I'm still trying!
  11. I've never used this skill. 3 pts seems like alot for it. I hunt DD's in my Leander, Fiji, Edinbugh, and even Hipper. But never used this skill. But I'm gonna put Jutland in my Hindenburg (when I get it - I'm on the Roon now). And it seems to me that the golden age of pure DD hunting is T6 and T7. By T9 and 10 it's really tough to single mindedly pursue to destruction a DD, unless he's really out there and needs to die. Just wondering what you guys think of this skill?
  12. Fiji. er...Leander Richelieu
  13. Gaming & Speech

    OK I suspect this might get locked....so in the interest of forum harmony I say....um..er...hmmmm....I can't think of anything to say.