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  1. slokill_1

    what a joke - economy rework

    You don't really "need" any signals at all when you look at things your way.
  2. slokill_1

    what a joke - economy rework

    So when I pressed the "Mount All" or "Demount All" buttons for the signal flags and they all got mounted I was just imaging it happened? I
  3. slokill_1

    what a joke - economy rework

    And now there's a limit of 8 signal flags. This just keeps getting better and better.
  4. There's Azuma, Hayate, Agir (just picked that one up), Groningen. These are the ones I don't have. Looks like Nelson is no longer available, given the auction thing going. That was a steal at 350K FXP if I remember right.
  5. slokill_1

    New Supercontainer Visuals

    Make Super Containers Super again.
  6. slokill_1

    Are any premiums worth their $$$?

    Most premiums I've got were received by participating in events, through free XP, steel, or coal. I got the Irian and Massachusetts from containers, and the AZ and I think another from SC. So I haven't paid cash for any ships. Not saying they're not worth it, just that what I've received through playing the game has given me lots of premiums to play. HOWEVER! I just had my birthday and bought enough doubloons so I get the match - and bought the Agincourt. Just playing the game I've got lots of doubloons, but it's a great offer so I did it. Agincourt is just a bully. If you're having a bad day, just hop in a 2nd spec Agincourt and spread the joy.
  7. I welcome our steel Overlords. We can finally see them in all their "might." The little ships will unite when they see the Tyranny they intend to impose.
  8. Ah TY! The Kidd should have a special Leroy Jenkins skill.
  9. Didn't WOW do a video with LEROY JENKINS giving a tour of the bote? In New Orleans maybe? Now that could be a special feature somehow.
  10. slokill_1

    Fellow captains: game play concept

    I'd like to see historic battles. There's enough ships now that most battles could be represented. Just choose the ship you want to play on a battle screen and fire away. Dogger bank, Guadalcanal battles, etc. I guess there wouldn't be many Soviet ships but oh well.
  11. I just used my birthday doubloon coupon on the Agincourt. Talk about dominating. I like T 5 once in a while.
  12. slokill_1

    Load screen only - can't play

    I'll give it a whirl and report back.
  13. 1st time this has happened to me. I have the load screen up after clicking to enter a game. The white dot fills in to show I'm loaded in the game. The gam starts and I'm still stuck with the load screen. I can't click on the missions, tips, or divisions tabs - they won't open. This was a random battle. My previous battle was a ranked where the same thing happened - 1st game of the day. So I thought I'd try a random to see if it worked. Same problem. Any ideas? Great. Now I've just received an unsporting conduct for not contributing. In a battle that wouldn't let me access my bote.
  14. Maybe the guy was at work and his boss came in, so he set it on autopilot to get out of the way in the hops that by at last not dying he could do the least harm. In a related story, I just queued up my fist ranked game of the day and the load screen showed me loaded into the game, my controls worked, but I was stuck on the load screen, so game over. sigh.
  15. They used to be a terror in RTS times. Now they're worth note, but not the awe inspiring multi-tasking monsters they used to be.