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  1. slokill_1

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Mine too. So nothing.
  2. slokill_1

    The Great White Fleet???

    Emden looks awesome in her white and buff.
  3. slokill_1

    Meritorious Service camo

    Oooh, that's right. I forgot about that stuff. Yea, great goodies.
  4. TY WG for the awesome camo for being in the game for over a year. I just received 3 yrs worth of those Meritorious Service camos, one set after each of my first three games!. Nice bonuses too. I was hoping for a white camo for my Warspite (also TY for the sovereigns to get the ship). Looks like the nice prewar WW2 camo it wore. I've also run it on my AZ. Finally I don't feel like a Direct TV customer. You know, where the company gives all the bonuses and deals to the potatoes...er new customers. Well done guys.
  5. slokill_1

    Lets Talk Ranked and its Bias to DDs

    Actually, from the Grammar book. Rule 2. Ellipses can express hesitation, changes of mood, suspense, or thoughts trailing off. Writers also use ellipses to indicate a pause or wavering in an otherwise straightforward sentence. Examples: I don't know … I'm not sure. Pride is one thing, but what happens if she …? He said, "I … really don't … understand this."
  6. slokill_1

    Lets Talk Ranked and its Bias to DDs

    Well this rank 5 event had few CL, many BB and DD. If you wanted to succeed as a BB; you had to target and hit DD's, just like in random games. DD destruction is everybody's business, and business is good!
  7. slokill_1

    Worst high tier map in the game today?

    Well, yea. But maybe they can change the frame of reference or something.
  8. Yea. Right now the Wooster can devastate most broadside T 10 cruisers and put the hurt on BB's when close enough with rapid fire AP. Just turning them into long distance flame throwers doesn't seem like much fun.
  9. slokill_1

    I got my great pumpkin today

    Last year I only got the minekaze camo - so I had to buy the Minekaze! This year, so far I got the Charles Martel Mummy Sphinx one, the Tirpitz (don't have that ship), and the Lexington (don't have any CV's so you can imagine how unlikely it is that I'm gong to get a Lexington). But no complaints, feel great about the Martel and I'm playing her a bit now.
  10. slokill_1

    PSA Player Anniversary Awards

    Now that's what I'm talking about! TY WG Now if only those of us who endured the epic grinds for the OG Myoko and Kongo could get a special flag to fly on those two ships...and tell the tale to the youngsters who ask. "Yes, young tater pup...er...recruit, that as when it was USN vs IJN, and killing 20 DD's was a real challenge, blah, blah,blah."
  11. slokill_1

    Thoughts on French BB Normandie?

    I really like all the French BB's from T 5 to T 9. I especially like the Richelieu. But Normandie is a lot of fun and can hold her own against T 7 ships. Her slightly faster speed than most other ships of her tier helps. Just keep the darn KM torp BB's at distance. Oh yea, and that IJN BB with the 2 torps.
  12. Well sprint 1 was 74 battles with a 51% WR. I played my October Revolution BB then switched half way through to....other ships Sprint 2 was 46 battles and a 59% WR, all in the October Revolution. So I guess I'm learning. I did enjoy it more than the T10 battles. Hope they have T6, 7, and 8 ranked seasons in the future.
  13. Well that's great. Hey WG, how about a little something for those of us who play regularly - you guys know who we are. Sure we get the daily bonuses, etc. and enjoy the game. But if you're gonna reward those who don't play the game, how about something for those of us who do play?
  14. slokill_1


    Yea, just got directed to another server. No lost time. No big deal.
  15. slokill_1

    T8 hell

    It's true. A fast US BB has 9 heavy rifles, plus 2 x 5 gun DD on each side, plus an Atlanta for AA all strapped on a 32 knot heavily armored hull with awesome fire control. I know this is an arcade game; but in WW2 how many DD's got close to an enemy BB (except for Taffy 3)?