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  1. slokill_1

    Make ranked 1 vs 1

    Well it's kinda marketed as a fighting game. I mean the ships have guns and try to sink each other. If it was riding ponies to the store and deciding who's gonna carry what to the picnic, I think you'd have a different player base. And the whole rock paper scissors thing got tossed in the drink a long time ago. In any tier almost any type of ship can sink any other type of ship. You just have to know how to play it. That's why you see DD's burning down BB's, and BB's with 2ndaries smashing DD's.
  2. slokill_1

    Make ranked 1 vs 1

    Yea the save a star is kinda stupid in 1 vs 1. So drop the save a star thing.
  3. slokill_1

    Make ranked 1 vs 1

  4. slokill_1

    Make ranked 1 vs 1

    Not just a season of baby ranked. Make the real thing 1 vs 1. I've been reading a lot of rankled threads and this has been mentioned a few times. Just seems to make sense for a supposedly competitive mode to be based a little bit more on player skill.
  5. slokill_1

    Keep tomatoes alive or unicums?

    I wouldn't dare bring a CV to ranked. But I think the best help the CV can bring is to spot the capping DD's at start and hound 'em. I'm playing my Mass and that really helps me put 2ndaries on target. The next best thing is for CV's to kill the badly damaged reds. They gotta die. And we probably get some nice spotting into the bargain there.
  6. slokill_1

    Scores as in Highest ever

    I've had 8 kills with my Fiji and Woostah. And I'm pretty sure I've seen posts about at least one guy with the dirty dozen. I was in some games a year or two back where just about everyone on both side was disconnected except me and a couple other guys. This went on for an hour or two. But I don't think the results counted...?
  7. slokill_1

    Do NOT Buy Azur Lane Containers

    Yea - and they're all yelling at him in harmony.
  8. slokill_1

    How frakkin stupid is it...

    I seem to remember when they had those Christmas grinds for six ships in 3 weeks or so...you could get all the ships by completing the missions, right? You didn't have to hope for Santa Clause to fart... And those were some great tier 6 ships: Leander, Dallas, Graf Spee was in there. And I think there was one for BB's too. Those were the days...
  9. slokill_1

    Ships you Adore.

    So many... Warspite, Leander, Fiji TX, AZ, Georgia, MASSACHUSETTS, Alaska, Helena Richelieu, JB, Bourgogne Siegfried and Odin - these two I've been playing the most recently.
  10. If you don't have the Odin you should get it. It really is a lot of fun and with 11.6 km 2ndary spec u can get really put out a lot of heat.
  11. slokill_1

    Research Bureau: Worth It?

    I obviously like playing the game. I've reset RN CL multiple times, and also USN BB's. I usually free XP the upgrades and grind the rest of the way. And since I'm not a great fan of the Minotaur and have limited XP with the Montana I usually research it once, then the 2nd season research it again before buying it to cash in the research points. That way you get the 2X bonus twice...or something like that : /
  12. slokill_1

    super containers Useless rewards

    Super Disappointing?
  13. slokill_1

    In terms of historical accuracy.

    Considering some of the WW2 photos and film of torps etc. being loaded onto subs, DD's and the like, the guy in port seems like he's bubblewrapped cleaning a pool noodle.
  14. slokill_1

    Finally got a SC with a ship thanks WG

    Awesome! I think I've had one SC with a ship - the AZ. You can see how many battles I've played....I may also have gotten an Anshan but that would be it.
  15. slokill_1

    Many Mahalo's For The Free Odin WG.

    Congratulations! Double Strike!