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  1. What I always use - Leander. Great rate of fire, smoke, torps, 8.8 km concealment, heals, awesome ship for just about everything.
  2. Where's the oil go to?

    Spill it on Al Gore's lawns.
  3. Shamed by a Stat Padder

    Yea. Pixel People. Vanish when you turn away from the screen or hit esc.
  4. Well, he didn't have a brother in the navy, maybe? There are a couple other special skilled IJN captains already out there.
  5. Missouri Gone

    Oh yea....we've discussed this before. "It's here to stay..." or something like that.
  6. Well...if there's a perceived advantage through paying money, I'd probably play a different game. I mean, where does that end? Nuclear tipped ammo I guess.
  7. Pay to win is not the same as pay to play. Paying in this game does not give the payer a better chance to win.
  8. Because buying the captain does not confer a special advantage to the purchaser that is unavailable to those who don't purchase him. The captain is available if you do the missions. Agreed; you can buy the captains before the missions are available. But so what?
  9. High Salt Advisory

    Well, the tubers are going to love the four new game modes WG has been talking about. If they seem tactically challenged by a standard battle mode interfering with the lemming march of doom, wait 'til these new modes arrive. The salt concentration will rise to flash precipitation levels. Unseen in WOW until then, ships will find themselves entombed in a sea of mushy salt as the predictable chemistry unfolds. Unable to move, said ships will descend to a level of invective scarcely envisioned by any of the participants. Servers will crash. This will support an infinitely robust feed back loop of disgust that that will send ripples through the WG universe.
  10. 0 for 4 tonight....

    Yea. Press on.
  11. I wonder if they'll have a retrain commanders for 1 doubloon thing like they have sometimes in the past?
  12. I think the campaign is for those that have the Indianapolis. I guess that's possible, but I think it unlikely. May as well put a lot of time into creating a campaign for those with a Kutuzov or Belfast.
  13. ships surpassing tanks

    Yea. It's like when people are boating they wave to each other, and smile and stuff. But driving our tanks on the freeway; well, we wave one finger at each other and scowl.