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  1. She's a butterface ship.
  2. I agree that better shell splashes with different dye colors as per IJN in WW2, and a sky tearing sound that imparts the screaming meemies would be welcome.
  3. It's fine. We're gonna play anyway and there's no time limit I'd guess.
  4. 7.1 Vive La France

    That Vive La France camo makes me think a bunch of pissed off passengers have had it and they're gonna fight back.
  5. Back and forth between 6 and 7. I've been playing Edinburgh using smoke and have been shooting well and deleting DD's. I had a shattering loss yesterday when I was nose to nose with a Chappy 1 or 2 km away and lost. We were the last 2 ships. I'd played rally well and we were both down to a few 100 hit points. Stuff like that really takes the wind out of my sails. To be honest, most of my close losses have been due to my mistakes, usually position, but sometimes being too aggressive when chasing DD's. If they're 5 or 6 km away and a salvo or two from deletion and I get hammered by a BB or CL it's my own stupid fault. No. 1 rule in ranked - don't die!
  6. Cesare changes?

    So looks like it's being removed from sale on Thurs right? Just like the Kutuzov? Gone and nor to return?
  7. Rename Supercontiners

    Maybe "Rarely really awesome" or "Sometimes better than average" containers.
  8. I almost always go TYL. Maybe they shoul
  9. True. But you can get the 625K credits any time you want to play the Missouri. Supercontainers are rare, and you have no control over when you're going to receive them, so it makes the 625K credits in the container disappointing.
  10. I think rarest achievement is Solo Warrior.
  11. Is Kutz Rare?

    Me 2. It's the only ship I regret not buying. Just glad I have the Missouri.
  12. Those OG Kongo and Myoko missions were really something. And then at the end they just pretty much gave them away a year ago or whenever that was.
  13. The last stage of the DoY campaign 75K exp points i did twice, 1st time through with the Missouri. Then while running the 10 BB kills. and 11 torp hits playing ranked in my Edinbugh. Then got the 45K also playing ranked using exp signals for every game. Took me a good 5 or 6 hours playing the 1st day they fixed the XP bug. Not difficult, but it was time consuming.