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  1. My cats Biscuit and Daisy negligently discharge the main battery on occasion as they prowl across the keyboard on their mysterious cat missions.
  2. ^ Movie theaters are not even a consideration anymore.
  3. Someone worse than me? Are you kidding? Bring them on!
  4. Congratulations!
  5. AKA gaydar meaning really happy and joyful radar
  6. How bout like the original ARP Kongo and Myoko - now that was dedication! Ah...good times.
  7. I knew it! Always someone wants to get back to subs.
  8. I'm depressed.
  9. LOL. Mememememe
  10. This should be mandatory viewing for those who play ranked. Everyone. Every season. No exceptions.
  11. Well I'd just reached 6 and ignored my 2 loss in a row rule and are now at 9 so where to stop? We'll see at the end of ranked. I just can't quit.
  12. What The Frack? Next they'll ban "Feldercarb"
  13. I'd certainly try. But even by rank 10 most everyone is able to bracket the target fairly readily with one salvo. If you're in a BB and have to wait 10 sec for the first 2 shells to hit to see if you should fire the other 6 without adjustment, you're sending fewer shells down range every 30 sec than someone who can pull the trigger with a full salvo. Volume of accurate fire is very important. Making correct selects as far as where to go on the map etc. matters a lot, but I think that hitting the target consistently is the most important skill and will always make a huge difference.
  14. Really looking forward to it no matter what the awards etc. are.
  15. Hydro is a huge offensive weapon for a Leander. The only thing I really worry about if chasing down a DD in smoke is being blasted by an enemy BB or CL. Until tier 10, then not so easy to chase em down, got to be more careful, but still an awesome option.