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  1. slokill_1

    Thanks for the free ship WeeGee

    By that logic you shouldn't be taking vacations or weekends off work. Money isn't everything to everyone.
  2. slokill_1

    Scapa Flow Naval Base.

    I have to agree with you. There is a lot to be said for a serene vista.
  3. slokill_1

    Scapa Flow Naval Base.

    Well - there's not too much to see there really. Is it Rosyth that has a view of the Forth Railway Bridge? That was opened in 1890. But there are probably better choices in GB either way.
  4. slokill_1

    Georgia needs it's 2.0 SIGMA back .

    I really like Georgia. Halsey boats between her and Massachusetts. He's got manual 2ndaries and IFHE, no concealment. He really like the flame throwing 2ndaries. Keep DD's away and make other ships reluctant to approach you single handedly. Georgia's main rifles play a lot like Alaska's, which have their own special targeting thing as I understand it. Both are plenty accurate enough. I've got 34% hit rate with Alaska and 35% with Georgia. Both ships at 56% WR in randoms. Average or a little better for those ships WR for me than most other ships I play, and maybe a little better hit rate for me with them than other ships. Georgia's speed lets it flank really well. She shines when she's not tied down with the main battle group. Kinda can play like an Alaska too, maybe. Get to the red's sides and hit 'em.
  5. slokill_1


    Suffer through Emerald, then trumpets of glory!...Leander and Fiji. The best T6 and T7 cruisers in the game. I still play them a lot. Just awesome ships. And tech tree not premium. Belfast is nice; and I should have got one when I had the chance, but ship on ship Fiji can do just as well - heal, and torps.
  6. slokill_1

    Anyone else regret ranking out?

    That's an awesome idea. Better than the stupid regrind a whole line of ships for the Ohio. Ranked Sprints are what people actually like and want to play more of. Not as mind numbingly debilitating as regular ranked. In fact ranked sprints are fun. But this game isn't about fun when it comes to T 10 ships.
  7. slokill_1

    KWA v. WG (aka Wargaming’s disregard for the EULA): Part 1

    Usually I would say to ignore this stuff, but this seems to be a special case. There are some real nut jobs out there, and some of them play this game. I had one guy a long time ago on my own team TK me. He later tried the email harassment thing. I've got a thick skin when it comes to pixel people so the biggest bother to me was wasting time reading his garbage. But I just black listed him and never was bothered again. Sorry to hear your story, but sometimes you just have to ignore the donkey holes and soldier on. I don't know another way to deal with situations like that if WG won't help. There's also a part of me that wouldn't want a jerk like that to know he was getting to me.
  8. slokill_1

    Crossteamers fouling up rank battles

    I've been against other clan members frequently in random and ranked and never had a problem like that. As the above quote states...Kill the red guys!
  9. T 10's are nice because of the year end signal flag bonuses - though they're not as generous as they used to be. I used to hate T 10, but now I like it in a few ships. I got my WR above 50% in them so that makes the battles more enjoyable. Some ships are a real blast to play: Georgia, Alaska, Grozovoi, Hindenburg, JB, and Kremlin come to mind. I have Bourgogne but haven't really played after playing Kremlin. But it isn't as forgiving as T 5 - T 8. Really love my Massachusetts and Irian.
  10. slokill_1

    USS Ohio first look

    Yes. There's got to b a way for them to generate revenue by going with the way people like to play.
  11. slokill_1

    Bring CVs Back

    I started playing CV's with the rework. I'm at the point where I can hit a target fairly well, but have trouble determining which ship to target; if any, rather than spotting and keeping a fighter circling to protect a DD, etc. I'm playing CV for a while to get the 20K free XP in the fuel tasks. But it's no fun. Uptiered I just don't have the skills to inflict much damage. Even at my own tier I have to fly around and find a lone ship to hit. Even then a lot of BB's and CL and CA have pretty good AA. I know that I'm not afraid of anything a CV can do to me in pretty much any ship. I can just ignore them and not be detered from my self appointed goal in a battle. About the only ship a CV can reliably deter and hit is a DD. I say that as a novice CV driver and a DD dilettante. But right now driving a CV just plain bores the heck out of me.
  12. slokill_1

    Unique Upgrades post NTC rework

    Most UU are just a waste of time.
  13. slokill_1

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    A thousand times this! I literally playd 1000's of games without knowing there was this reticule option. Hang in there. It took me like 8,000 games to get to 50% WR. Marksmanship is indispensable in this game. You'll find that good players, especially those who play ranked in levels 5 to 1 usually don't miss when they shoot. Just play coop games 'til you know you can hit well.
  14. slokill_1

    AFK in Ranked

    Well I was in a 7.1 quake in Shaky Town last night in the middle of a game so...
  15. slokill_1

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    I've still got a bunch of questions: Can we sell the line we're going to grind one ship at a time? Sounds like we don't get duplicate ships. Special Camo's: My NM has the "Snowy - New Mexico" camo. I keep that for when my "new" New Mexico is reached right? Or is that vanished permanently? Also the Normandie special camo, etc? Do we have to demount all the stupid modules individually, or when we're mind wiped do those get automatically saved for the new ships? How many lines are we going to have to grind to get the OP...er...excuse me...balanced reward ship or ships? Can this all be done in random, clan, ranked COOP and scenario battles? I still think the idea smells like yesterday's diapers. Just offer cosmetic rewards; like others have suggested. A special flag, or special turret color for destroying however many ship types or whatever. That'll keep veterans busy and happy, and give the potatoes something to work towards.