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  1. slokill_1

    Meesa back!

    Welcome back...now get to work! Just kidding. I really liked you're news strips - especially the crawls.
  2. slokill_1

    Another IFHE thread...Bring out the Gimp.....

    Yea I haven't changed anything. Even with the free respec it's a hassle for dubious results. Haven't really noticed much of a difference, Have it on Helena and business as usual. I also have it on Hindenburg, for some reason. I did switch it out to a DE build etc. but seemed to do more damage with the IFHE so changed it back to IFHE.
  3. slokill_1

    King of the sea Collection?

    I don't twitch. I'm not going to spend time watching someone else play. I'd rather be playing the game myself. So hopefully I'll be able to complete the collection. If not, that's OK. But the more WG does this sort of stuff; i.e. making it difficult to participate by just playing the game, the more people will just not pay any attention to this stuff and look elsewhere for entertainment.
  4. slokill_1

    PSA: WEEK 3 Crate Code

    off and running! TY. Posted just now but I entered the code early this A.M.
  5. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Fiji and Belfast are not the same class of ship, Helena while based of the Brooklyn class (Boise) is not a Brooklyn class. Well that's awesome! Now there's plenty of room for Fiji and Hellrainer premiums. I'd really like to see those two premiums.
  6. slokill_1

    watch out for people

    Doesn't happen that often, but it does happen. Just ignore the idiot. When he's pink and tries that he'll just blow up and his intended victim will receive hardly a scratch.
  7. slokill_1

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: New Mexico

    Awesome ship! One of the tankiest out there. Fires's not really a problem when you've got the damage control party upgrade adding 40% to the duration! She shrugs off most torps as not even an annoyance. I use a survivabilty build for both the ship and the skipper, with a nod to concealment with Seagall at the helm. Just wish I still heard his deadpan voice - cool under pressure. Now as to main battery accuracy. My experience is: Ship Random Battles played main battery hit rate WR NM 816 25% 57% AZ 242 28% 60% I never really noticed a problem hitting targets. I think my hit rate is about avg. or maybe a bit less than average. But you've got 12 of those 14" rifles firing so I feel like I'm hitting something. Thing is, I got an AZ from a SC - the only ship I've ever gotten from one I think. And since then I haven't played NM. AZ does have a better sigma which may be evidenced by a slightly better hit rate than my NM. But I do think the NM is a sleeker, tougher looking ship. I still play my AZ. Part of my regular BB rotation when I'm so inclined; along with TX, Warspite and Dunkerque in the lower tiers.
  8. I think the Perth is a premium Leander, but it doesn't seem to offer much. Really like the Fiji...so - and Belfast doesn't really count - I don't have the Belfast; but Fiji has a heal and torps so I really don't see the huge benefit of a Belfast. Belfast is really strong in a support role with the radar, but Fiji can be more of a prowler than Belfast. I really like Helena and I think Boise is the premium with a heal, so I'm going to have to find some way of getting her - other than buying it. That's about it really.
  9. Yes. But then I got a Massachusetts in the flag-o-rama thing. Never would have bought it because I can't play the NC. I've got it set up for a 2ndary build with Halsey (he also skippers the Georgia) and I've got a 63% WR in randoms with it. Go figure. That's pretty good for me. So maybe the Massachewsit is the exception that does live up to the hype?
  10. It sounds like a bigger DD - but is that better?
  11. slokill_1

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    Awesome! Until about 6 mos ago I always chose the TYL option. Now I'm doing more resources for the coal. But a year or two ago I got two SC in a row. They're so rare anyway - but three!
  12. About six months ago I think it was, I had trouble with getting into armory or some such and was told the best work around was to uninstall (which some have been trying to get me to do since I started playing) and then reinstall the game. When I reinstalled it was the WGC - and not by my choice. I'd heard all sorts of doom and gloom about WGC. But I haven't had any trouble with it. When I first clicked on it I think I was pleasantly surprised that it took only one click to the UI instead of two with the old way. Works just fine.
  13. slokill_1

    Visby Camo missions gone?

    He inked.
  14. slokill_1

    Swedish Commander Portraits?

    And the name's too long.
  15. slokill_1


    Just tried it and it works - TY.