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  1. slokill_1

    End of the Forum

    Haha! And I got banned from discord years ago. I'm probably reinstated by now, but [edited] them.
  2. The problem is WG doesn't want any exceptionally good players. I tried CV's in the RTS version and quickly realized that I would have to put in a lot of time to master the role. Too much time for me. There were lots of other things in WG that interested me so off I went and did those things. But I enjoyed being in games with a truly exceptional CV player, and they were few and far between. Most players were average. The problem is, WG THINKS that the player base in WOW don't want to play a game where really good players can emerge. WG think that their player base; as evinced by the whining of a vocal minority, want everyone to be equally average. So they handicap the game like they have. I'd like to think that WG are wrong. I hope that most players want a video game that challenges them, and allows an escape from the would be equity enforcement we face in real life. But I don't think that's going to happen.
  3. slokill_1

    What crosshair do you recommend?

    Nomogram Modern. You really just have to estimate the target speed and bingo.
  4. Asymmetric battles were way more fun when it was player v player.
  5. Just [edited]kicking bote of the day. 4 - 6 kills per Schliffen is fairly common. I'm getting 500+ 2ndary hits. Torp city just wrecks to bots. Still - lots of fun. Only game I've lost in it was a standard battle mode. Now I know they have those in assymetric battles I won't get caught too far away : )
  6. slokill_1

    Sailing Down Memory Lane

    I really liked St. Louis back in the IJN vs USN days. I had the Cleveland shooting moon balls like 20 km or whatever it was. sigh. I liked it when you could spec a captain for whatever skills you wanted for all ship types.
  7. slokill_1

    Nottingham price

    I did that too and then read the forum . I'm not going to pay any doubloons to get it. I'll just play the missions.
  8. I don't see a problem here : )
  9. slokill_1

    Nottingham price

    Where's the fun?
  10. slokill_1


    Looks like uninstalling installing worked for me. No more "two weeks."
  11. slokill_1

    Exchange Resources taken away

    I didn't read the end date. I'm guessing they'll offer the exchange again. Just curious as to why it was so short lived if the purpose was to get people to turn in their stuff.
  12. slokill_1

    Exchange Resources taken away

    I was just thinking about this. I saw a few days ago a way to get the Hood etc. and was thinking wth? We need answers! Well, I guess we don't really NEED answers. We'll just accept whatever. I'm guessing they're redoing the whole thing 'cause players with a Billion+ credits can pay 100 million for the Hood easy peasy. Which is what I was going to do but thought I'd just do it whenever.
  13. slokill_1

    Guns not Firing

    In a game a little while back and someone called for help with the same issue. A team mate replied "control click mini map" It worked!
  14. slokill_1

    Best Superships?

    Really like the Clauswitz and Patrie.