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  1. Is it true that if my my BB puts up a spotting plane, it can only see ships that have already been spotted by other ships? It doesn't act like a carrier plane which can spot enemy ships in their detection range?
  2. A man should know many newer steam players will not have our wisdom. Thank Heaven for small mercies.
  3. About the only money I spend on the game is for the 1/2 price premium time. I really should have bought the Kusnetsov or whatever it is - that T8 ruskie CL that you can't buy any more
  4. Yes, but no ramming, just impaling and skewering, and then once spitted 2ndaries only.
  5. Fiji Smoke, torps, heal, hydro, 9.8 km detectability DD's worst nightmare. I wish I could play DD well; but I cant, so I really hate the rat riders (not really). But I do target them relentlessly, and Fiji is just made for it. If a DD is without CL or BB support they can be in real trouble. It's tier 7 which for me is the most fun, but Fiji can do well even when uptiered. And it's one of the last tiers (maybe tier 8 with the Eberdinger) where you can play the smoky CL up front and still get away if you have to.
  6. Is it like Islam and you're declared a heretic, a fatwa is issued, and you're hunted until dead?
  7. LOL So what? A fights a fight. Kill them and move on.
  8. Can someone post a link to that Spongebob losing a star turmoil - I don't know how to do it?
  9. Dynamic - it's just easier to have your sight's frame of reference stay the same when you zoom in or out.
  10. But the Rising Sun is being flown on Japanese warships today as seen in the video, so I don't see the problem. Heck, some older vets from Germany or Japan may be offended by the Stars and Stripes.
  11. so what you are suggesting is... T6: Cleveland T7: Cleveland T8: Cleveland T9: Cleveland T10: Worcester LOL -sorry it just strikes me as really funny. Sounds good to me.
  12. So what is all this stuff about IJN ships in the game not being able to fly the Rising Sun flag?
  13. phyisics.

    A true sim would be mind numbingly boring with a frustrating payoff when you miss for the 50th time in a row. Plus my attention span is now so poor I can barely suffer my own posts.
  14. BB without repair is like a DD without smoke.