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  1. What? Losing HP is so much better unless you get 100-0ed. A ship that is heavily wounded has lost zero offensive capability. They can be just as relevant in terms of damage as a full health ship with effective use of smoke or hard cover. A CV isn't just losing "a few" planes, if they take on multiple enemies the entire squad is probably going down, which is usually 2/3s of the entire deck reserve if that squad type. While some CVs like Midway can use basically any squad vs any ship, others are significantly more specialized, so losing that amount of planes is a significant blow to their offensive potential. Losing planes is like losing a gun barrel. Would you rather lose half your HP, or lose half your guns for the next 5 minutes?
  2. This is a step in the right direction, but still needs some work. Im not even a CV main, in fact recently I've been grinding multiple DD lines, so let's start from there. What is the best area denial tool against DDs? Radar. However, radar can be played around and baited by a skilled DD player. Once a radar is blown, there is an opportunity for the DD to get in closer. A NFZ should be done the same way. Strong potential area denial, but with a downtime thay can be exploited. Keeping with the radar comparison though, there should be no stealth no fly zones (looking at you Halland). Just like how stealth radar is cancer, stealth No Fly Zones would be similarly cancerous. As such, the hypothetical enhanced DFAA should have a short CD if AA is disabled. This has basically no impact on DFAA equipped BBs and Cruisers, since they all have air detect abilities equal to or exceeding their AA range, while forcing EU DDs to choose between stealth or providing anti air cover for the fleet.
  3. dagger1013

    How can Rigas guns be so bad?

    Because they get a slower reload and worse HE than it's competitor T9 cruisers for no real benefit. First, let's look at Petro and see why it works. It has absolutely pathetic HE DPM, but that doesn't matter because it's AP has enough Ken to even reliably citadel BBs. It also has a boosted AP alpha. It has excellent shell velocity making aiming very easy. On top of that, it has excellent firing angles and 50mm plating. Now let's look at Riga. Do its guns have the highest pen of any standard T9 cruiser? Yes. Does that pen, like Petro, break any meaningful thresholds? No. Riga's pen is roughly comparable to Moskva pen. Moskva is not reliably citadelling enemy BBs. Neither is Riga. The only thing Riga's pen allows her to do is citadel other cruisers at extreme range, which is a moot point since her accuracy at range is terrible anyways. So you have a glacial 14 second reload on 9 guns for functionally zero benefit. You have bad firings angles on the rear turret so you'll likely be using I my 6 guns, making things even worse. You don't have the agility to open water, nor the shell arcs to island camp. Roon has 9 guns with even higher AP alpha, 50mm of HE pen, on a 10. 5 second reload. Buffalo, though it has lower per shell alpha than Riga, can slap enemy cruiser just as well as Riga by virtue of having significantly better AP angles and 3 more guns. 12 second reload. Saint Louis, when it catches an enemy cruiser broadside, can pop MBRB on an 11s base reload. Ibuki has 10 guns with boosted HE alpha, that are more accurate, with yet again, a shorter reload at 13.7. Brindisi, the only ship with a worse reload, has SAP which is basically the best cruiser ammo available, on 12 guns. Riga has arguably the worst offensive potential of any T9 cruiser. On top of that, unlike Petro that gets functional armor to make up for its non-existent maneuverability, Riga's 35mm gets penned by IFHE equipped CLs and IJN gunboats, making it significantly squishier, again contributing to its horrible gameplay experience.
  4. dagger1013

    Research Bureau reminder 5/11/21

    I'll reset, but I'm gonna hold off on FXPing back up to see what Napoli is released for. Ideally it'd be coal, but that's probably not gonna happen.
  5. Because torp boat players incessantly complain about how even mere spotting, to say nothing of damage, ruins their games because people know where they're torping from. Gunboat DDs now get a chance to dodge CV strikes in open water, while torp boats still allegedly suffer from predictable torpedo salvos.
  6. Very happy about this change. Especially since there are no spotting changes, this means that it's better for gunboats that are going to be detected anyways, and not so good for torp boats. Finally, a bit of justice. Gunboats got AR cost increased, BFT nerfed and replaced with a worse version costing more points, that is conditional, and comes with a downside, while torp boats get straight buffs to TA and a brand new skill.
  7. dagger1013

    KOTS - Who Got Poltava?

    Got stuck with a Poltava, feelsbadman. Tried it in a co-op, and the accuracy is just... No.
  8. dagger1013

    To Z-31 or not to Z-31?

    I'll get it just out of curiosity. Honestly doesn't look too bad, it's AP DPM is on par with Minsk's HE, but with greater accuracy, which should help offset the weakness against angling. Maerker looks interesting too, so might as well start stacking some XP early.
  9. dagger1013

    WG: Please fix Immelman Stealth Plane Bug

    I'd remove it, as well as the two mods you have that modify the Battle interface. IIRC all the icons and sprites and stuff is all bundled into one swf file, so an older lod may have be lacking the icons for Skip Bombers. Remove those 3 mode, add them back 1 by 1 until the problem appears again.
  10. dagger1013

    WG: Please fix Immelman Stealth Plane Bug

    I had issues with German Cvs when they first were released because I was using an outdated ribbons mod. For some reason, the file it changes also included the images that are displayed on the minimap. See if you've got any of those installed from Aslain's. Along that same vein, installing a minimap mod that had its own plane icons also fixed the issue, so that's a potential workaround.
  11. dagger1013

    Perfect cruiser

    Only the main belt, and the difference isn't going to save you. I believe on Nevsky it's a combined 220mm of belt protection, while Moskva has its weird T shaped cit with 155mm. That said, assuming you stay angled, Moskva is significantly tankier.
  12. dagger1013

    Premium Ship Review - HSF Harekaze II

    There is a significant amount of passive aggressiveness showing here, and it's beautiful. Great review as always. That said, small typo in the "Consumables" subsection of the "Options" section. You described her Hydroacoustic search as "detecting torpedoes 3.5km away and torpedoes 5km away." I assume you meant ships there. Out of interest, why a notepad for your data as opposed to say, an Excel spreadsheet?
  13. dagger1013

    Premium Ship Review - ZF-6

    As a French DD player I'm quite used to trying to catch enemy DDs with no vision tools of my own, so no hydro is nothing significant for me. Though out of interest, I wonder which you would have preferred, hydro at the cost of smoke, or the current version? Imo giving it hydro on top of the tools it has now would make it a tad overpowered. Quite frankly I just feel you're undervaluing the combination of the MBRB and the good concealment. ZF-6 quite comfortably outguns all the DDs with similar or lower concealment, minus Vampire II and Småland with its stealth radar, boasting the 3rd highest HE DPM of T9 DDs. Not to mention, if the enemy DDs tries to turn and kite you can get probably 4 or 5 salvos of fusing AP in, 2 as they turn out and go broadside, then 2 more as they angle out to run.
  14. dagger1013

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    Excuse me? Good lord this Petro hate has gotten out of hand, at least before arguments had merit, now its straight up lies. Petro has a humongous turning circle, and slow rudder shift, and unlike Moskva, average speed. So combine all that, and Petro starts a turn slowly, and in the turn has a low rate of rotation. How in God's name did you get "great maneuverability?" Oh, and by the way @Skyfaller, Petro has the same acceleration characteristics as any other non UK CL. Unless of course because they know Petro turns lime a brick anyways, they just try and throttle juke by taking Propulsion mod, which, by the way, literally any cruiser can do.
  15. Have you played an Italian cruiser? Anchorage? Tried borrowing a smoke in literally any other BB?