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  1. dagger1013

    Make battleships Great Again

    So he wants a broadside cruiser tog et deleted? OK, they already do, but some are indeed hard to cit. So raise them? Hmm He wants free manual secondaries for all BBs? How are BBs that already go for secondaries compensated? He wants decreased fire chance at longer ranges? What? This makes zero sense whatsoever, what, is the shell magically leaking explosives as it flies? So basically he wants cruisers and DDs to be forced to come close to damage BBs, but he also wants to shred DDs and Cruisers that come close? Sounds a bit entitled TBH. But hey yknow what? I'll take all these changes in exchange for removing overmatch. So If this dude wants to force cruisers and DDs to get close, at least give us a way to not get blapped at every angle by BBs.
  2. https://streamable.com/fcq0ve AS you can see, you can now see shells bouncing off heavily angled armor. However, you cannot hear the sound of the shell bouncing like you could way before it was initially removed, even with an ultra quality client and sound set to ultra. It is also significantly harder to see shells bouncing when on the receiving end. The bouncing shells were quite distinctive, so I am pretty sure that they are not on live. This was not listed on the changes upcoming for 9.4, but if they were reintroducing it, I hope that they fully do so.
  3. Battleships have been one of my least played classes, and I am just now getting into them. Currently at Sinop, and holy I cannot imagine even grinding out IJN, USN, or RN lines. Any other BB hits your giant nose? Pen. Deck? Pen. At least I have a good upper belt, as do the Lyon and Gneisenau. But Jesus how can anyone even play KGV, Nagato, or Colorado? It's literally impossible for them to angle against anyone but a KGV firing AP. Like, T6, T7, sure getting uptiered sucked, but at least against equal tier you could angle and have a chance (minus the exceptions of QE and Bayern, but at least they had a limited number of guns). But my god I just feel like I'm made of absolute tissue paper at T7. I'm used to being fragile, playing cruisers and DDs, but at least in those ships you could use maneuverability to dodge shells, but short of being at extreme range that seems impossible given the sheer size of battleships.
  4. dagger1013

    Puerto Rico's Citadel?

    You might need a camera mod to do this, but you can actually see this armor in port. The bottom of the casemate is basically sandwiched on top of the citadel roof, so if you disable the casemate armor you won't be able to see it, but if you disable the citadel armor, you won't be able to actually see the bottom of the casemate because of the angle. But I do believe it's there.
  5. dagger1013

    My account apparently does not exist?

    Ok. So turns out, it was a region issue. So, when trying to log in, the region was Asia. Changing the region to NA would ring me back to the homepage, logged out. Nad it said in the url, "na.wargaming.net" But then clicking the log in link in the top right would bring me to the login page for the Asia website. So I had to do that a couple of times, until apparently it finally sticked and changing the region to NA brought me to the homepage already logged in. SO false alarm I guess, late night panicking really does do things to you.
  6. dagger1013

    My account apparently does not exist?

    Well... yeah, clicking login on that page brings you to the generic Wargaming login. It even says that signing in will sign you in across all Wargaming websites.
  7. dagger1013

    My account apparently does not exist?

    So I was trying to purchase more premium time off the Wargaming website, since I'm stuck at home because Coronavirus, and also because for whatever reason the store just does not like to load in game for me. I need to log in. Lo and behold my password is apparently incorrect. That is strange, but I have a variety of passwords so I may have just forgotten it. I go to reset my password. Then I get hit with "No user found with this email"." Uh. What? So I try and submit a support ticket. I can't even do that, because my account apparently doesn't exist. So now I panic. I'm scared of losing all my progress. But WoWs launches just. I'm still signed in on the WG client. Both my PTS and live server accounts are there. What is going on? I've attached some screenshots with private information edited out of course, but if a staff member needs to see them I can PM or something. Because I can't even submit a support ticket. But suffice to say the email that is shown on the WG client is identical to the one I'm trying to recover my account with. Hell, I know for sure it's the same because I received a confirmation email to that email account when I made a PTS account. Wait actually as I'm writing this I'm realizing that I'm signed into these forums just fine. What in the hell happened? Only thing of note is that its reporting different doubloon and premium times. 1000 vs 975 from the WG client, and 14 minutes of premium time left, which would be before I finally completed the first campaign to get a free week of premium time, as well as before I demounted an upgrade.
  8. Since I need to get over 60k XP anyways, I decided to just grind a CV line to t6 to make the coming weeks easier. When I played way before, US CVs were the dive bomber focused line with the IJN focusing on torps. Now it seems almost swapped? On the one hand, IJN has AP dive bombers so I can get those nice overhead citadels, but on the other hand their planes have less HP and since I'm still garbage at dodging flak bursts that may limit my damage output, not even taking into consideration my attack runs are pretty terrible, but that's just my lack of skill. US seems to just have really anemic HE bombs, especially given only two are dropped per attack. They seem the most forgiving given the high plane HP, but also seem to have the least reward, at least when comparing the T4s, since I can never get too close to repeatedly launch attacks in quick succession given Langley's glacial speed. RN CVs seem to get totally shafted, with only one torpedo drop per attack and same anemic HE bombs. Do they have really good attack planes or something? Since the missions are aimed at T6 and above though, does the experience meaningfully change once I get there? Not really looking to grind all the way up to T10, just which line has the nicest T4 and T6 experience?
  9. Recently been thinking of picking the game back up again. Just looking through the threads it seems the game has changed a lot. I'm seeing mentions of containers/crates, as well as coal and oil and what have you. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could do a basic rundown of all the important changes. Don't worry, I'm just looking for a basic overview, I'll dig into all the patch notes once I know what I'm looking for. I can't remember when exactly I stopped playing, only a few vague details. These were more or less in the same time period I believe, or at least didn't have any major changes. Russian cruisers had been added, I was a semi casual player and got to the Kirov if that gives a sense of time. I believe I left shortly after RN cruisers were added with their AP focused lower tiers, but I didn't progress too far up that tree. There were rumors of a cruiser split between CLs and CAs, but it didn't happen when I stopped. I think I left a few months after Advanced Firing Training, and in conjunction, 155mm Mogami was nerfed. I think right around the time I left a hull upgrade for the Furutaka was released that basically made it an Aoba-lite. Hopefully that's enough context, any info would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Looking through my post history, wow I've been gone for over three years. I may have asked for a bit much, even for the broad strokes of what has happened.