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  1. Lampshade_M1A2

    Next Dockyard

    Are the guns the 410mm/50 caliber ones like on Izumo? Same performance? I don't think I have the willpower to grind out another dockyard ship but it looks interesting. Was its design one of the predecessors to the Amagi class battlecruisers? What's the total length?
  2. Lampshade_M1A2

    USS Illinois and the Great Secondary Oppression

    The ship isn't even accurate to the plans drawn for such a conversion, instead it's just a lazy swap out of the turrets. Also the guns take way longer to reload than the real 8" RF guns. And the secondaries suck too? Definitely passing on this ship.
  3. Lampshade_M1A2

    Poor USS California...

    Hyuga seems to have it beat on sheer weight of fire that can be put downrange.
  4. Lampshade_M1A2

    Where are the US Battleships with the 16"/56???

    What's worse is that both are listed as using 16"/45 "Mark 7" guns even though the Mark 7 was the 16"/50 used by the Iowas and planned for the Montanas. The muzzle velocity from the Kansas looks to be for a 16"/45 gun firing the 2,250 lb Mark 5 AP. If you look at the barrels on the Minnesota they look to be longer and the velocity matches that of the 2,700 lb Mark 8 super-heavy AP when fired by the 16"/50 caliber gun. Overall it's somewhat sloppy work.
  5. Lampshade_M1A2

    Groningen, a new "what to do?"

    When I logged in I had a bunch of containers (probably uncollected from the season that just ended) and apparently one of the things I won from a container was a Groningen. I didn't know I had any supercontainers but somehow it was there. Now I'm wondering how to play this thing in randoms. The lack of torps is worrisome to me and I feel like I'll be pretty useless once enemy DDs are taken out of the battle. How do I contribute beyond some mildly annoying HE spam? The stats on those Bofors 120mm guns are pretty good but a cruiser is still going to outgun you and has more health to work with. I'd be pretty confident against most DDs but I don't know if I have the firepower to outgun a Forrest Sherman if I run into one of those, and I imagine the Japanese DDs with all the 100mm guns are quite a challenge to fight too. Also all of those anti-submarine weapons yet the only option for ASW is an old-fashioned depth charge attack? Come on WG, make those rockets do something. Weird that the main ships I play are BBs and CAs but the only ships I've gotten from supercontainers have been DDs.
  6. Lampshade_M1A2

    DevBlog 398 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.0

    Here are the actual plans WG should be following, their current conversion is just really lazy. Note the 5"/54s, 3"/70s, and single stack.
  7. The ship isn't even accurate to the plans for the AA battleship conversion. All they did was take an Iowa and replace the triple 16" guns with quad 8" guns.
  8. Lampshade_M1A2

    DevBlog 398 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.0

    Illinois seems very "lazy" compared to the actual conversions that were sketched for BB-66. It should have 5"/54s instead of 5"/38s and a greater number of them at that. Plus some 3"/70s mountings. In other words it should have an incredible amount of AAA. Credit for Tzoli for this drawing based on the sketch plans. There are some details which I think are off with the funnel and superstructure but the armament is all correct. Also a 10 second reload time for the 8" guns when historically those guns were ready to fire again in 6 seconds? I'm not very impressed.
  9. Lampshade_M1A2

    December Lighthouse Auction

    What's the selling point of the Soviet super-BB? Despite the 18" guns having longer barrels their muzzle velocity doesn't seem any higher than the Soviet Tier X BB. It has double the secondary guns I guess but as Hannover shows secondary builds still aren't all that great.
  10. So now the automatic loading guns on Brisbane are firing pretty slow. What's the selling point?
  11. Lampshade_M1A2

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    I've got to say I really like the idea of this ship, especially if the 4" secondaries have SAP and improved dispersion.
  12. Lampshade_M1A2

    Why Admiral Schroder is Doomed to Fail as a Secondary Brawler

    The dispersion on Pensacola must be some remnant of a time in the game's development when all secondaries were more accurate by default. I doubt the game would really be worse off if they hadn't made the decision to nerf them them they did.
  13. So what are you going to do for T10? You already have 6 turrets with 18 guns on that absurd ship, why not bring it up to 21? Have a ship that is as long as the entire map.
  14. Lampshade_M1A2

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    Any drawings of this "mini-Minotaur" you mention?
  15. Lampshade_M1A2

    Thoughs on the new IJN CL line?

    I'm awful at reading those charts, how much worse is the Japanese 150mm than the 155mm in terms of time of flight to target? From my limited experience with the Mogami it actually had pretty good long range performance for a gun of that caliber. At least it should with a relatively high shell weight, high velocity, and (presumably) a ballistically efficient projectile.