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  1. Lampshade_M1A2

    When people try to bring history into a game ballance debate.

    "Muh unstoppable Type 93 torpedo..."
  2. Lampshade_M1A2

    The NTC reset ( asking for clarification)

    Isn't that why there is steel and coal?
  3. Lampshade_M1A2

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I really really really don't like the idea of being in a Montana 1.0 going up against a Montana 4.0.
  4. Lampshade_M1A2

    AA is Ridiculously Over Powered

    You could kill plenty of planes before the most recent patch that buffed AA. I don't know where this myth that it was impossible before came from.
  5. Lampshade_M1A2

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    "This is the last nail in the coffin for DDs" Threads with titles like that appear every single patch with every quality of life improvement WG makes. Earlier in this game's life cycle DDs (particularly the torpedo spammers) were flat out overpowered. So WG nerfed long range torpedoes somewhat, removed the awful mechanic of open-water stealth fire, added radar so high tier cruisers could effectively fight back, and basically made the game a whole lot better. The "DD mafia", which consists of DD mains who are still bitter about these changes, rabidly oppose anything that might improve the game for other classes out of spite. They are more venomous towards CVs than any other class because they think they should be effectively immune to aircraft (although a lot of other fools think this way too unfortunately). They think any improvement to secondary batteries is bad because secondaries can hurt DDs and are apparently "lazy" because they're automatically fired at targets. But if you ask for an option to press 3 and take manual control of them they will also oppose that presumably because they also hate fun. They whined so much about being hurt by armor piercing shells from BBs that WG made it so shell physics no longer apply to destroyers when hit and a 16" AP shell travelling down the length of a DD will magically not fuse and therefore only count as an overpen. Despite all of the artificial advantages DDs are given in game they still consider themselves to be underpowered and somehow oppressed by WG. All classes have some idiots who think they should essentially be gods of the sea decimating all opponents with ease but for some reason these sort of players seem a lot more vocal among DDs.
  6. Lampshade_M1A2

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    WG needs to stop nerfing CVs and I say this as somebody who hardly plays them at all.
  7. Lampshade_M1A2

    Why is Georgia going away so fast?

    Oh okay, thank you for the clarification. You can lock this thread if you wish.
  8. Has WG said anything on why Georgia is being pulled from the armory so quickly? According to all I've seen it certainly isn't because the ship is overpowered. Georgia really hasn't been there for all that long and I was hoping for an opportunity to save up the necessary coal. I'll have to check how short I am next chance I get but I have no idea how I could possibly get around 20k coal in 4 days.
  9. Lampshade_M1A2

    Yamato vs Kremlin

    How about the 18" guns on Kremlin (and those of Georgia and Conqueror) get the same overmatch ability as those of Yamato and then we can talk about closer traverse times. Otherwise just deal with it.
  10. So I can get an extra 6" of armor welded to my Iowa when?
  11. Lampshade_M1A2

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    The Montana class hull is wide enough, you would have to rearrange things however.
  12. Lampshade_M1A2

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    Give it three triple turrets instead of four twins.
  13. Lampshade_M1A2

    Secondary armament overhaul

    Neither AA, survival, or stealth are rendered absolutely worthless if you don't build for them though. Secondaries are. They're also still worthless even if you build for them if it's T6 or below.
  14. Lampshade_M1A2

    Secondary armament overhaul

    Secondaries do need a rework. In current form they are absolutely worthless if you don't spec for them. While you should have to spec for them to have their maximum effectiveness they should still have some value even if you don't go that route. Even with manual secondaries and everything else they are also very ineffective at T6 and under since the manual secondary bonus is much reduced. Finally there should be an option to take full manual control of them in a battle and shoot them as you would the main battery. Simply press 3 and you've done it, even a potato should be able to figure that out. If mobile WoWS can do it why can't we?
  15. To be honest I think the design as described here is more suited for a T9 than T10. A T10 could better reflect the sort of evolution you saw with the Montana class, meaning a switch to a 5"/54 caliber secondary battery, heavier armor, increased engine power to compensate for weight growth, etc.