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  1. Buff Idea for Manual Secondaries

    Then give me some real manual control just for the hell of it. I would love to put that 5"/38 battery to the task versus their drunk slow firing you get now.
  2. Encore Graphics Engine

    This current engine can't even do decent weather effects! What a load of nonsense.
  3. Buff Idea for Manual Secondaries

    Secondaries need a buff across the board for the most part.
  4. France is having her name changed.

    Id prefer Napoleon to be honest. Guy was pretty badass.
  5. And how do you propose those BBs move up if they just get HE spammed to death by cruisers? Really can't this forum let a bad idea die?
  6. Des Moine needs some serious rebalancing

    15,000 less average damage than Zao and people say it's perfectly balanced? Clearly it isn't perfect.
  7. Montana Over-buffed?

    Somebody is upset their Yamato can't slap around a Montana like a red-headed step child anymore. Boo hoo.
  8. Those 16" guns were great but in an age where missiles are available I wonder what is the ideal caliber for naval gunfire support. 155mm? 203mm? Something else? It would be automatic presumably but how many turrets per ship? How many guns per turret? How large do you want the ship to be? Tough questions. The 155mm AGS would have been nice if it and the entire DDG-1000 program had lived up to promises, but even when you consider how it was cut to a mere three ships the AGS seems to have been horribly mismanaged. The US Navy has had an unacceptably bad track record with their precision guided gun ammunition.
  9. A-150 was every bit as realistic as the larger German H-class proposals. Meaning pure fantasy. The Japanese didn't have the industrial capability to build all of the Yamatos they wanted let alone a follow-on class.
  10. I need to vent. Iowa vs Tirpitz "What if"

    The unmodernized 15" armed Royal Navy battleships weren't issued super-charges until late 1941, well after the Germans had designed the Bismarck class, though perhaps coastal guns had them earlier. I imagine the super-charges were only issued after the Royal Navy came to the conclusion that those ships would be retired at the end of the war if not sooner, so the extra wear and stress was judged acceptable. They compensated for the short range caused by the limited 20 degree elevation of the main battery. The modernized Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Warspite, and Renown (which had main guns that could elevate 30 degrees) were probably expected to have longer careers so they never received super-charges. Vanguard was never issued super-charges but supposedly ever provision was made for them including range tables and strengthening of the gun mountings, so it's possible they would have been issued in wartime.
  11. No. You want to remove the reason to use AP? This is it. Meanwhile your cruisers without citadels would be gutting battleships with IFHE all day long despite the fact that they can't penetrate the vital systems of those battleships.

    The extra silver would be nice too.

    Considering the amount of money WG rakes in I don't buy this excuse.
  14. Eagerly awaiting hearing about this other method of acquiring her.