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  1. Lampshade_M1A2

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    So in reality DDs were invisible in open ocean with clear weather conditions as long as they remained over 6.5km away? Neat. Any other historical facts for us?
  2. Lampshade_M1A2

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Good, destroyers don't deserve fun because evidently they don't want other classes to have fun. They should be a miserable grind to play as a result of their opposition to everything fun.
  3. New Mexico could have used a buff too. Izumo gets even more buffs? Thing is already way better than it used to be. Meanwhile the Iowa is still missing some armor.
  4. Lampshade_M1A2

    New Ship

    Interesting ship, if this ever came to NA and if those 100mm guns kept the built-in IFHE it would be a pretty horrendous thing to fight. Better break out that super-Atlanta with twin automatic 5"/54 guns.
  5. Broken mechanic is broken, so break it in a different manner?
  6. So BBs should be helpless in your opinion? Despite what all of those guns could actually do to a destroyer if they hit?
  7. WG makes a lot of stupid decisions, only the hardcore DD mafia types wanted overpens only. Others just wanted the "double dipping" fixed.
  8. Lampshade_M1A2

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Hmm maybe all of those secondary guns should be useful for something... nah that would make too much sense.
  9. Oh look another DD whine thread, this time about radar again. You guys just got a change where physics no longer apply to you in the case of large caliber AP shells hitting your ship. So I have zero sympathy.
  10. Lampshade_M1A2

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    I do like the double standard here from the DD mafia. - BB travels in a straight path for too long or just performs a maneuver that takes him into a "wall of skill" = player was a noob who deserved what he got - DD charges bow-on at a BB and is demolished by large caliber AP shells gutting his ship = DDs are underpowered, BB AP shells should cause overpens only - DD charges at a BB is demolished by secondaries that actually manage to hit = DDs are underpowered, secondaries require no skill and should be worthless Also apparently allowing full manual control of secondaries is also unacceptable because DDs hate other classes having fun. BBs should be entirely at the mercy of DDs.
  11. Lampshade_M1A2

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Because of that large battery of secondary guns there for that purpose IRL? Not implementing that well is leaving out an important aspect of the type.
  12. Lampshade_M1A2

    The lack of torpedo autobounce is ridiculous

    If BBs do their job and stick to the front line they shouldn't need a better secondary suite? You do realize how what you just said makes absolutely no sense at all right? If you want to promote gameplay where the BBs aren't hiding all in back you should offer good secondaries.
  13. Lampshade_M1A2

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Hmm if only those dozens of 4.1" and 5.9" guns could hit something. But DDs would whine about that.
  14. Lampshade_M1A2

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    I'd agree with your point about shooting BBs more often if cruisers weren't spamming HE at me constantly.
  15. Lampshade_M1A2

    The lack of torpedo autobounce is ridiculous

    BBs turn like Ferraris? When was the last time you played a BB?