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  1. Lampshade_M1A2

    British BB's AA

    For whatever reason WG gave British BBs pretty mediocre AA ratings even though the higher tier ones have a huge number of 40mm Bofors. The 5.25" is given miserable stats in game when it really deserves somewhat better. Yes it wasn't as good in the anti-aircraft role as the faster firing 5"/38 but it was still improved with time and by the wars end had VT shells. One odd minor detail is that WG put a twin 40mm Mark IV mounting on roof of 'B' turret on Monarch and Lion. This had its own radar fire control yet this mounting would never have been used in that position because the firing of the main battery would have completely knocked the fire control system out of action.
  2. Lampshade_M1A2

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Kansas is trash. If people ignore you and you manage to get a good game in one that doesn't make the ship any less trash.
  3. Lampshade_M1A2

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    This secondary nerf is something nobody in their right mind wanted, asked for, or thinks is a good idea.
  4. Lampshade_M1A2

    Behold the glory of the new secondary accuracy.

    And when exactly do you think WG is going to get around to this secondary revamp? Probably never. What is this about an "absolutely needed rebalancing"? I can't think of anyone in their right mind who thinks this skill revamp is needed.
  5. Lampshade_M1A2

    Florida or Munchen with coupon?

    Florida is good for the one remaining T7 scenario and not much else. Its too fragile to stand against other BBs in randoms and too slow to be played like a cruiser. I would gladly trade slightly reduced accuracy for armor that wasn't made of paper on it.
  6. Lampshade_M1A2

    Behold the glory of the new secondary accuracy.

    The nerf to secondary builds was entirely uncalled for. wth is WG thinking?
  7. So even if I spend all of that to rank up my commander the end result is all of my secondary build BBs being trashed? Thanks WG.
  8. Lampshade_M1A2

    Vermont or Thunderer?

    I've been considering picking up Thunderer since it is going away but it doesn't look horribly interesting to me. What does it do that Conqueror doesn't? Plus it seems like every T10 game has four of them.
  9. Lampshade_M1A2

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Having a good game in a trash ship doesn't make it any less of a trash ship. Despite using the same guns as Colorado (probably, it's hard to be certain because the information listed is flat-out wrong) the penetration is worse and that does matter when those 16" guns are the only thing that makes the ship worthwhile. You compare this thing to Monarch but lets look at what else Monarch has. - Magic British HE shells - Excellent concealment - 5+ knots speed advantage over Kansas - Fast reload
  10. Lampshade_M1A2

    ST 0.10.0, new ships

    The CL-154 went through a few iterations, the final ones were planned to use twin automatic-loading 5"/54 caliber mountings. Based on the similarities to the real life 5"/54 caliber Mark 42 mounting (which could fire 40 shells per minute) the ship WG modeled has such automatic mountings.Yet an eight second reload gives them a rate of fire of 7.5 shells per minute per barrel. That is less than half of what the Mark 16 guns (as seen on the Midway and Montana) could manage. So what gives? Admittedly an Atlanta on cocaine that could send over 360 5" shells down range in a minute might be overpowered so why not just base the ship off earlier variants which wouldn't have had automatic-loading mountings? Admittedly the 3"/70 caliber AAA wouldn't make much sense in that case but the 3"/50RF could be used.
  11. Lampshade_M1A2

    Yoshino, is she worth the coal?

    I'm tempted. One one hand it is more "real" a ship than Zao is and has great armament. On the other hand I love seeing them when I play Alaska or PR because catching one broadside is an easy way to score some delicious citadel hits.
  12. Lampshade_M1A2

    Always Courageous Collection....JUST enough!

    I have enough extras to unlock it now but I don't intend to be using that piece of junk outside of coop.
  13. Nobody is asking for "no-aim" ships, they just want those huge secondary batteries that battleships had to actually be useful. It's not that hard to understand. Iowa should pretty much be Georgia with nine 16" guns instead of six 18".
  14. 1. More scenarios. The way WG has completely stopped caring about scenarios is rather disappointing and one of the reasons I didn't bother paying to finish Anchorage. These scenarios could also experiment with new features. For example what if after accomplishing a certain objective you could call in and control a formation of B-17s or B-24s that would make a level bombing run? 2. The ability to take complete manual control of secondary batteries. Imagine just being able to press 3 or 4 on the keyboard and control them like you do the guns on any other ship. The mobile version of WoWS has this so why can't we? 3. Less new paper ships more historical ones. Like British and German battlecruisers. 4. Rework of the tier system so we can go back to the pre-Dreadnought era. 5. Better visuals for weather effects and AA fire. Seeing the individual AA guns firing would be a very nice touch. 6. Less dependence of arbitrary overmatch ratios, autobounce and other "gamey" mechanics. 7. Somewhat more advanced damage control system. Kinda like in Battlestations: Pacific.
  15. Lampshade_M1A2


    At least you're not in a T10 match. T10 gameplay is absolute trash.