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  1. Razorback_Chief

    Whaddayamean the PEF is bad..??

    I seem to like her. While every game is not like the one below, i did have some flags maxed out that game, he seems to make me good credits. I play him more like a battle cruiser than a battleship. You dont push if you have no support, you can dev strike any broadside cruiser inside of 10km, and if you kite away BB shells bounce. I understand the hype was he's going to be a beast of a battleship, all shells on target causing large damage, and swatting all aircraft down that are equal tier or below. It's like being stationed in Norfolk Va, you have to learn where to go, and what to do in him and you can have fun. My two cents on all the PEF comments and thoughts. If hes not your taste dont play it or sell it.
  2. Razorback_Chief

    Ship in-operable

    I just played a game where in a Henri IV where the guns quit shooting halfway thru the match, the torps didn't shoot, and the only special option that worked was my hydro. I could steer the ship and change speed.
  3. By your name, I would assume you served on the Razorback SS-324?

    1. Razorback_Chief


      No just a chief from Arkansas 

    2. SubW3


      Got it.  Just a traitor Chief here, lol

    3. Razorback_Chief


      No worries warddroom needs leaders too.