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  1. Having the same issue. I have a open ticket with them and they are still trying to figure it out. Ive done all they have told me to do reinstalled my video drivers clean install, ran their check program and nothing seems to work. Here is what they said last ticket update to me . Still not working ugggggggg
  2. Game doesn't open from launcher

    Same problem here. after exiting the game trying to launch again is not working without restarting the computer which is a real pain in the butt. I submitted a ticket lets see what they say I guess. The problem has only started since the last update for me. Before the last update I could open and close the game all day without having to restart computer.
  3. Tier 7 in Ranked

    Well that explains it lol What number am I ? lol
  4. Tier 7 in Ranked

    I thought this ranked season was for tier 8 and 10 lmaooo Way to go WOWS :)
  5. Whats the most secondary hits you all have in one battle? To bad this wasn't in random :)
  6. Time and distance

    Just wondering how my ship can travel 84 K in a little over a 18 min battle hmmmmmmmm Top speed of ship is 34.5 knots
  7. sever just went down

    40 mins of maintenance starting Mar. 2 at 02:00 PT (05:00 ET).
  8. I crashed hard last game did a restart and wow pops up with a huge update ? update done but now says server is down for maintenance hmmmmm
  9. Camouflage

    No wish i did by time i thought about recording I was dead. Think I'll need to get another external drive and record every battle lmbo Just played a battle and all was fine its weird it don't happen all the time but when it does its crazy.
  10. Camouflage

    Yeah its very odd, it seems like the second i put the cross hairs on them they poof. Whats even more odd is when it happens i can still see ships 20 -23 clicks away sailing all alone with no one near them.
  11. Camouflage

    Yeah its real for sure I don't think i'm nuts lmbo well maybe i am lmbo happens all the time ships can be anywhere from 12 to 15 16 17 clicks away soon as you zoom and aim poof their gone with no smoke and in open waters as my spotter plane just fly's around !! drives me crazy
  12. Camouflage

    Maybe someone can explain this it's to me. This happens in 80% of the battles i'm in and it drives me nuts. OK for example last battle I was in using the Nagato there is this Budyonny he's like 10 clicks from me using HE I have my spotter plane up and there is no smoke anywhere on the map and I still cant see him right out in the open and hes shooting like every 8 seconds. Most battles this happens all the time, as soon as i zoom in and take aim the ship disappears from view all the while they are shooting and not in smoke and only 10 to 12 clicks away. Its enough to drive one crazy lol Any thoughts?
  13. Teams

    True that lmbo lots of them around for sure !!
  14. Nickel and Diming

    type 5 cost 22,500 if you dont have any in stock.