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  1. Daytonaboss

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting, no money in it
  2. Daytonaboss

    MM at it's best lmbo

    MM at it's best gotta love it lmaoooooooo good time to go back to bed I recon
  3. Daytonaboss

    Naval battle tab

    Thanks :)
  4. Daytonaboss

    Naval battle tab

    The tab for Naval battles has disappeared, does anyone else have this problem. I tried to enter the Naval battle page through the clan page also but I get a error message !
  5. Ok I'm a middle of the road player here somewhere around 50% + or - a little. To me your win rate don't matter considering you have 11 other players that control the out come of any giving match and I have never paid to much attention to it.. What grinds my ars is, and this is where I think I have figured out the MM in here lmaoooooooo is this. Every time I go into battle loaded up with camo and every signal and flag I can have I get a terrible team and lose lmaoooo Every time I go in to a battle with no camo or any flags or signals I'm on a great team and we win. go figure lmaoooooooo Just hate wasting cash trying to grind up the line, think its time to play for free !!!
  6. Daytonaboss

    KOTS code

    Mine said it worked but I have no idea what I got if anything lol
  7. Daytonaboss

    No steel for you!!!

    I don't know about anyone else but I play all game modes in wows competitively just saying !
  8. Daytonaboss

    New bonus code

    Thank you :)
  9. I don't mean to sound stupid but this dockyard thing is confusing me a little.i am almost done with 4th stage(5/7).if I pay the 1750 dbs x 2 does that complete stage 5 and 6 and award me the odin or do I have to wait and go through each stage when they open and pay the dbs at very end of stage 6.inquiring mind needs to know..your input would be helpful..


  10. Daytonaboss


    Ok Thanks :)
  11. Daytonaboss


    I finished the dockyard and received the Odin. I thought we were going to get steel for doing the remaining missions. I went back and completed a mission and did't get any steel, anyone know how this works?
  12. Daytonaboss

    WG Code

    Thank you :)
  13. Daytonaboss

    Never seen this before lmbo crazy !!

    Replay 20190831_052733_PGSC107-Yorck_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  14. So in a coop battle in the two brothers map. I dead so I'm riding with a bot Colorado going up the center lol. there are two red bots and our Colorado kills one and the other red bot a Fiji runs into it. The dead bot starts to sink and drags the more then 1/2 health Fiji down with it. The green Colorado runs over the top of the two red bots and the red Fiji pops up right under the Colorado and blows up lmaoooooooooooooo I thought i was seeing things