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  1. I crashed hard last game did a restart and wow pops up with a huge update ? update done but now says server is down for maintenance hmmmmm
  2. Camouflage

    No wish i did by time i thought about recording I was dead. Think I'll need to get another external drive and record every battle lmbo Just played a battle and all was fine its weird it don't happen all the time but when it does its crazy.
  3. Camouflage

    Yeah its very odd, it seems like the second i put the cross hairs on them they poof. Whats even more odd is when it happens i can still see ships 20 -23 clicks away sailing all alone with no one near them.
  4. Camouflage

    Yeah its real for sure I don't think i'm nuts lmbo well maybe i am lmbo happens all the time ships can be anywhere from 12 to 15 16 17 clicks away soon as you zoom and aim poof their gone with no smoke and in open waters as my spotter plane just fly's around !! drives me crazy
  5. Camouflage

    Maybe someone can explain this it's to me. This happens in 80% of the battles i'm in and it drives me nuts. OK for example last battle I was in using the Nagato there is this Budyonny he's like 10 clicks from me using HE I have my spotter plane up and there is no smoke anywhere on the map and I still cant see him right out in the open and hes shooting like every 8 seconds. Most battles this happens all the time, as soon as i zoom in and take aim the ship disappears from view all the while they are shooting and not in smoke and only 10 to 12 clicks away. Its enough to drive one crazy lol Any thoughts?
  6. Teams

    True that lmbo lots of them around for sure !!
  7. Nickel and Diming

    type 5 cost 22,500 if you dont have any in stock.
  8. Teams

    Has anyone else noticed the teams being so unbalanced lately? I have never seen it this bad. One battle the opposite team had 4 dd's 2 tear 10 and we had 2 tier 8's. Another battle three team mates were out classes two by 1 tier and the other by 2 tiers. I think its time for the dev's to start concentrating on what really matters in here and leave the patches and emblems alone for awhile. LAst game I got kraken and 180k damage and still lost by a mile lmaooooooo Just a rant :)
  9. WOW Server Down ??

    SMH You get a post credit for that TROLL
  10. WOW Server Down ??

    same updated like 20 minutes ago still nodda thanks
  11. WOW Server Down ??

    Been trying to sign on for a hour keeps saying server error. Restarted modem, computer nodda anyone else having issues?
  12. Operation of the week

    Ahhhhh found him hes a Japanese capt. I dont have any Jap ships lol oh well thanks again
  13. Operation of the week

    Thanks, yeah got all 5 and it says reward issued all 5 supposed to be Captain I Hashidale lol I got all the other stuff for the first three stars just havent received the 24 premium or the Capt.
  14. Operation of the week

    Finished and won the operation of the week got 5 stars. Can't find the Captain your supposed to get and my Premium didn't go up 24 hours ? Anyone know where to find the Captain?
  15. Error message

    Must of been the NVidia drivers, reinstalled the last update all is fine now