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  1. Daytonaboss

    CV Endless Plane horde _ into a killable enemy

    I think its funny that the people who complain the most about CV'S are the first ones to ask them to spot for them, lmaooooooooo just saying
  2. Congrats, I finally joined the club last week.
  3. Daytonaboss

    Royal Navy Missions

    Working now 20 minutes after the battle lmaoooooo
  4. Daytonaboss

    Royal Navy Missions

    Not getting any credits for the Royal Navy missions !! Anyone else having a problem?
  5. Daytonaboss


    Ahhhhh ok then : should be back up soon :)
  6. Daytonaboss


    Site says there is 1980 players online :( I'm not one of them ugggggggggg
  7. Daytonaboss


    The game site says its green and up and running but I cant sign in. Anyone else having a problem?
  8. Daytonaboss

    Armament locked on bearing

    Thanks all, never knew you could do this lol thanks :)
  9. Anyone know what happened ?
  10. Daytonaboss

    Getting Frustrated

    Has a lot to do with it. It takes a certain level of skill and a high damage % to achieve one and I'm guessing that if you were to get one you would proudly wear it. That being said when you have 7 or 8 players displaying a emblem on the red team while your team has only maybe 3 or 4 well you tell me what it has to do with it!!
  11. Daytonaboss

    Getting Frustrated

    The match making really needs to be improved in here. One of the things I do before a match is I look at the red team and see how many players have emblems on and I can say almost 75% of the time the red team has 6 to 8 players with emblems and my team has only 3 or 4. When i see this its almost always a blowout loss for my team. Not sure if anything can be done about it but I sure wish it could. It seems when the teams are well balanced each team will have the same number of players with emblems or close and that's usually a really close match. Oh well keep plugging away and have fun, its not all about the win rate!!
  12. Daytonaboss

    Repair party

    Ahhhhhh yes its the India Delta signal 20% boost thanks was driving me nuts lmaoo
  13. Daytonaboss

    Repair party

    Anyone know why the repair party consumable in my Neptune fluctuates so much, one day its 881 HP per Sec and the next its 1153 like now.
  14. Whats the most secondary hits you all have in one battle? To bad this wasn't in random :)