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  1. Daytonaboss

    WG Code

    Thank you :)
  2. Daytonaboss

    After game

    After the battle I'm getting stuck on the report page and game wont go back to port. I have to ctrl alt del and end task, its the only way to get off the report page then start game again.
  3. Daytonaboss

    Never seen this before lmbo crazy !!

    Replay 20190831_052733_PGSC107-Yorck_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  4. So in a coop battle in the two brothers map. I dead so I'm riding with a bot Colorado going up the center lol. there are two red bots and our Colorado kills one and the other red bot a Fiji runs into it. The dead bot starts to sink and drags the more then 1/2 health Fiji down with it. The green Colorado runs over the top of the two red bots and the red Fiji pops up right under the Colorado and blows up lmaoooooooooooooo I thought i was seeing things
  5. Daytonaboss

    Casual player's rumblings on resetting a line

    At first I thought nah this is crazy I'm not going to do this lol. So one night I'm board and thought hmmmmmm I have this Brit cc line that I very rarely play lets see how long it would take. Well lest then a week im sitting on 30,000 points and got my Mino back. So now two days later and I'm on tier 8 of the German cc line all the while using very very little free xp. I figure if I dont make enough for the two ships they offer Ill just buy the free xp they have and get a free xp ship its 12,500 points for 250 k free xp Its a win win for me
  6. Daytonaboss

    WG Birthday Code

    Thank you
  7. Daytonaboss

    Ship Coupon

    It was supposed to be on the 23rd they extended to the 25th its says in game on the coupon the 25th also hmmmmmm guess we will have to wait for the update :(
  8. Daytonaboss

    Ship Coupon

    Does anyone know when they are going to give up the new ship coupon? It says its supposed to be today 6/25 but I'm not seeing it yet.
  9. Daytonaboss

    How to avoid horrible matchmaking?

    Answer to you ? is DON'T PLAY MM in this game is broken and nothing will change it !!
  10. Daytonaboss

    Rental's in ranked are beyond frustrating

    Don't mind the rentals in ranked battles but come on man 3 rentals on one team and 0 on the other wth wargames !!!!!! Please get you MM craptogether ffs
  11. Daytonaboss

    CV Endless Plane horde _ into a killable enemy

    I think its funny that the people who complain the most about CV'S are the first ones to ask them to spot for them, lmaooooooooo just saying
  12. Congrats, I finally joined the club last week.
  13. Daytonaboss

    Royal Navy Missions

    Working now 20 minutes after the battle lmaoooooo
  14. Daytonaboss

    Royal Navy Missions

    Not getting any credits for the Royal Navy missions !! Anyone else having a problem?
  15. Daytonaboss


    Ahhhhh ok then : should be back up soon :)