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  1. imlik

    Upgrade to T10

    Thanks for the help. I also free xp modules-flags & camo. The Monarch isn't as bad as its made to be then?. I guess players don't kmow how to play her. From utube, & reading others complain about her you'd think it was the biggest garbage scow . But i'm glad to hear that you have had a good experience with her ( you obviously know how to use HE) . Thanks for the help.
  2. I want to get the t10 Conqueror, however I must get the t8 Monarch first. I have seen reports that this ship is a dog & costs $11 million. I don't want to spend 11 mil. on a ship not worth getting? The t9 Lyon, is $15 million, I haven't heard anything about her. Anyone know if she is worth the price?. Lastly, although I want Conqueror, if I have to go thru 2 tiers of dogs is it worth the trouble-should I get the Vladivostok, also $11 mill. but a t7. Anybody have any suggestions, advice etc. would appreciate any help. Thanks
  3. imlik

    Ship XP

    I 'm grinding for Nelson, very slow and tedious, Does anybody know how to get shi[p xp? can I convert boubloons? Does anybody know another way to get ship XP/
  4. imlik

    Free XP

    Thanks for the info.. Never really paid any attention .
  5. imlik

    Free XP

    The upper right is earned XP in the color gold. Free XP is in the color silver. +++
  6. imlik

    Free XP

    How can you tell how much total free XP you have?.
  7. imlik

    Russian BB's

    Thanks for the information.
  8. imlik

    Russian BB's

    I see many Russian BB's in the game, are they on another server besides N.A. Where can they be purchased?. Anybody have any info. on them?.
  9. imlik


    Thanks for the info.
  10. imlik


    does anybody know how to exchange Steel for Coal when purchasing a ship. It said that if you're short on coal to buy a ship, you can exchange one [iece of steel for fifty coal. I'm short to buy Mushashi, but I have extra steel. How do I exchange the steel?.