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  1. leehwongxing

    What VPN you use if you play outside America ?

    why would you need VPN, afaik, you only need it if your ISP throttle torrenting which how this game updates.
  2. leehwongxing

    Twitch you SUCK

    Well, any language with tone-mark will make a hell out of bruteforcing passwords as you're not in ASCII scope but the whole unicode scope instead. They can generate the ASCII sequence that make up the unicode password but it take more than twice the effort.
  3. leehwongxing

    Twitch you SUCK

    Well, i got a promotion on Prime Video on my "The rest of the world" region according to Twitch, so, I had my "The rest of the world" Amazon account created just for this (it's the US site as Amazon only support Prime Video here unfortunately, and I don't buy stuffs from JP and SG Amazon site), I link both my current Twitch account to that Amazon Prime Video account and the only final step is enable the Twitch Prime, yes, and it failed :)). The only clue is my debit card that's linked on my "The rest of the world" Amazon is the card I currently using for my Apple ID and buying stuffs there, so, my card was working but Twitch decided that it's not working and fail the last step.... Guess I'm not getting free stuffs here.
  4. leehwongxing

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Round One

    the UI flick during battle result loading, and it freezes while closing but it then fails to close itself. Heating is worse since it crashes the client out of overheat while the NA doesnt.
  5. leehwongxing

    Fake bonus codes we'd like to see (for ships and giggles).

    HAPPYDEVDETONATION - Keep your HP over 75% or you get a dev-strike detonation, 1 day duration.
  6. leehwongxing

    Issue with Keyboard remapping

    Extract the res/command_mappings/keyboard_preset_1.xml the make changes inside it then throw it to res_mods folder. Remember to do the same when update hits.
  7. leehwongxing

    [Sound Mod Creator 2.0] Update Sound Mods

    Is this version of Wwise usable as the version suggested from the app is different, also, the default project is not included on the archive you posted.
  8. leehwongxing

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    @Rswifhand it's broken right now
  9. leehwongxing

    When do you make decision to log off ?

    When you came top on the losing team and double the Base XP the second one on your team got.
  10. you should check whichever program is using your HDD as WoWs and WoT will close all their processes when you chose them.
  11. leehwongxing

    Why is there no friendly fire compensation?

    There are penalty on the abuser but no compensation.
  12. leehwongxing

    Spotting mechanics

    what change? And which old system do you say?
  13. High islands only matter ships that rely on sloped islands so they can do shelling without any hinder. High islands on the other side protect ships that doesnt need shelling over it or only a absolute cover for themselves.
  14. leehwongxing

    A Mini-map story

    Unless you mod it glow :)) Lemming train is not much of a thing now as AA is somewhat relevant to ships and not a PvE game to CV
  15. leehwongxing

    Shooting through smoke hack?

    Also, this is a thing https://youtu.be/jonrqiI3lA0