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  1. leehwongxing

    Sound Mod Creator v 0.2.4

    the gun/sfx sound mod has the nested hierarchy and complex while at that, unless you specify the gun sound for such ship, your mods are prone to these kinds of bugging. ARP gun sound does eliminated it by mass-filling the mod.xml with same default file on ship's sound.
  2. leehwongxing

    Sound Mod Creator v 0.2.4

    @Elessar_warrior the output file should be wem and your input file shouldn't stay INSIDE res_mods folder, it's the OUTPUT folder, for the setting file, choose mods.xml in res/bank/mods @Gman2900 It is recommended to increase mods volume by 30% as of the very old tutorial
  3. leehwongxing

    [ALL] Transparent AA tracers

    The problem is can it increases the fps caused by loads of AA trails or takes off some of my GPU load? The only way to low my GPU load in battle is to decrease the capped fps value to 45, this way it does decrease my CPU usuage too. Decrease the chance my laptop get overheat and throttle for it.
  4. leehwongxing

    [FAQ] Icon modification "Detect Indicator"

    That's nice way of modding it since it is controlled from a text file. But how we control the overlapping place with the detection number? make the number bigger?
  5. leehwongxing

    We Want Your Top 5

    did the container get credited yet? Since the prize might get lost in mountain of in-game notifications and I opened all the container everyday.
  6. leehwongxing

    We Want Your Top 5

    Do we have a winner list?
  7. First, in battle, FPS ties to CPU capability, you should not "unlock" the FPS if you don't have a really good CPU My Laptop: Before, capped at 60fps: CPU at 75% and GPU at 75-100% in battle, often throttle because the patch where scaling introduced, CPU and GPU get a +25% each Now, capped at 45fps: CPU at 35-55% and GPU at 55-75% in battle
  8. leehwongxing

    Refrain using "f" word or get chat banned

    I mean the guy reported me has hidden in-game profile :))
  9. leehwongxing

    Refrain using "f" word or get chat banned

    touching someone's self is listed you know :))
  10. leehwongxing

    Refrain using "f" word or get chat banned

    im not even abbr it, i may check the filter tomorrow if it contain such word for NA client.
  11. leehwongxing

    Refrain using "f" word or get chat banned

    Except divisioning, chat ban is pretty benefitial as you're practicing one-man-army which bump your Situation Awareness up
  12. leehwongxing

    Refrain using "f" word or get chat banned

    Hidden profile, pretty much it
  13. leehwongxing

    Refrain using "f" word or get chat banned

    I deserve the ban for whatever reason, lol. exactly this.
  14. Apparently Customer Support is unable to differ "f*ing" + something and "f* up" to generally "f" word, refrain from using it or get chat banned because underestimating people's ability to play the game will get you banned. Sometimes or often you just can't win due to either WR farming div or just people on their newly bought Alaska, or unwilling to help you to win the game. You just can't fix these people. Let me remind you that this game is 7+ age rating so just thinking you're playing with 7 year old kids will make you calm down and behave like a adult (despite they're still cussing a lot )
  15. leehwongxing

    When did the Shimikaze lose its torp reload booster?

    don't use that abbr, use IJN or you get banned. And she never has one to begin with. You must remember about the shimakaze (B) hull used as a testbed for asashio.