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  1. Torpedo that run to the end of map Map: Atlantic Ship: Yugumo with TA skill (~9.6km) Happen at: B cap Picture and Replay: 20171118_230330_PJSD209-Yugumo_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  2. What is the improvement over the previous version of Yokosuka? and also Yokosuka day-break?
  3. My app can't run in Mac OSX and I first build it without Mac OSX in mind (it use Windows's API btw, not OSX's one) You should check your keyboard if there's a [PrintScreen] button on it, so you could use the system screenshot combined key
  4. Unless you have the precision in shooting the corning tower and radar equipment like Mirai in a manga named Zipang, you shouldn't think about it.
  5. Voice mods unable to run, even official ones. First attempt: remove all voice mods, official ones don't even show up. Second: Update old voice mods to current standard folder and file structure, throw it into either banks/Mods or banks/OfficialMods, still doesn't work. Third: Move the files of Official mods in res_packages into another folder, still doesn't work. And the order of the voices / languages in the drop-down box isn't sorted, that really bother me.
  6. you could have a look at my paths.xml <root> <Paths> <Path>../mod_na</Path> <Path>../mod_General</Path> <Path>../mod_Rustless</Path> <Path>../mod_Yokosuka</Path> <Path>res_mods/</Path> <Path key="9f176" type="PFS">res_packages</Path> <Path key="a1269">res</Path> <Path key="1db27" type="DLC">res_dlc</Path> </Paths> </root> it has "../" with the meaning of jumping out to the parent folder and looking for the folder behind the "/". It's better than throwing all those thing to res_mods so that you can manage which type of mod you're loading.
  7. Mod still works on PT, add your paths into paths.xml and it will work. We only don't have the unpacker for it (except Sea-Group)
  8. Reminder: Unpacker for version 0.6.12.m doesn't work for 0.6.13.m. Please re-download it (yes, both files) then it would work for you.
  9. I did re-download it and overwrite the current ones inside my game client with it and it run fine on mine. still work for minor patch like 0.x.x.m for the unpacker you downloaded from the links (you need to re-download both files) when 0.x.x.0 went live. @SwedishFox_na
  10. it's the same link. Just. Re-download. It.
  11. you need to redownload for every big patch like 0.x.x.0 and the like, or maybe ask Sea-Group for their unpacker
  12. Is it about threads crashed? there would be a crash folder inside the game client. there some useful info in it. and you could guess some from python.log (but crashes can get these important info discarded since the log is buffered in memory not flushed to disk at written time.
  13. Its position is at B cap, I got stuck after torpedobeat from my smoke (at the background) then stuck on these small rocks.
  14. Screenshot autosave (GameDVR) This a little tool I made myself. All it does is monitoring the Clipboard on Windows and save the image you captured by pressing the [Print Screen] button, or any image on the clipboard too. Why this tool's made, welp, nearly all my screenshots are ruined over GameDVR and Discord Overlay. It become transparent in an unexpected way or grayed all over the picture. Fraps overlay does solve this but it make discord overlay vanished which I need for CW, so this is my way to compromise it (still can take screenshot and use Discord at the same time). Download: www.mediafire.com/file/76pq2mowrvomdd3/GameDVR_Release.rar Intruction: - Download - Extract it somewhere, start it - Open the game and enjoy, take some screenshots of your awesome battles - [Staph] — yeah, it'll stop the program right away - [View] — It will take you to the folder where all the screenshots it saved There's no customization, for now. File saved as PNG (quality intensify) and naming the same way as in-game screenshots. Requirement: .NET 4.5 Images:
  15. Oh shoot, I dont remember there's such a checkbox for it, when did they add it?