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  1. Stuck on crashed into island, cant get out. Map: Neighbour Position: D6 as shown in picture What I tried: reverse and forward, combined with set rudder to hard left and right, still cant get out
  2. Redownload the wowsunpack.exe
  3. Played and didn't get reward for mission 1, i forgot to check if mission 1 is there on missions screen at all. It isn't even mentioned in the newest announcement
  4. SweetFx is dead with the introduction of Reshade 2.0. there's no fix, no update, ever. SweetFx is just an distribution of Reshade 1.1 and is a part of it, nearly all SweetFx filters are already available on Reshade that why porting the preset is possible while taking an outdated SweetFx is out of question.
  5. If only we can ID the AA sound from the Beta/Alpha client and reintroduce them to the new AA sound mod
  6. Oi sweet heart, lemme tell you that SweetFx 2.0 still work to some degree, even on DX11 with the lastest Reshade. Modified it abit to get it to "work" with a lot of bugs and errors Only SweetFX active All disabled The current one i'm using without SweetFx That's why we're using Reshade and porting SweetFx preset instead of reviving it
  7. My client has always been remembered password since forever and the login while stay valid for a pretty long time before forcing me to retype the password at login screen. Yet today, the ingame token to access my "Inventory" return a "Service is unavailable" and stop at the link started with "https://auth.worldofwarships.com/auth-token/?spa_id=..." and the file at cef/debug.log doesnt say any of 404 or 503 error like what it should be. I use the link I grabbed in that file, throw in my web browser and resulted: " Invalid account_id <my account id> or token '<some OTP code>' for token authentication" I logged out and relogged and redid the steps above. I can access my Inventory this time. Despite the the last result the same. So, the OTP created on the client with the old login token stay invalid for some reason, and the relogged one doesnt. That doesnt make any sense at all.
  8. It happen when I first change to Reshade without clearing up the sweetfx files. I screw up my coloring config a lot then I decided to do a fresh install for the client. Then I use only Reshade until now
  9. When you both install SweetFx then install Reshade on top of it, Reshade will be used and in Reshade config window, it recognize SweetFx as a SFX. In fact, the sweetfx we used long ago is just another distribution of an old reshade version
  10. Lee's Mods Just showcasing mod I made durng my freetime Update ARP effects to new one Cleaned Container ship Fog Crosshairs My Reshade preset
  11. I'm not a whale, I only have 2K battle so I cant freeXP all the ships I want. Do you have problem with me being an IJN DD player?
  12. They say that times to times, and that "promise" is pretty far away from reality thanks to "IJN is an old line"
  13. TFW the second IJN DD line doesnt count to the reward thanks to WG didnt finish it, and its fate is still unclear on the upcoming year too Pitty them. Should it be the last ship of each line, it would be more reasonable.
  14. TFW second IJN DD line doesnt count thank to WG didnt finish it, and its fate aint too sure on the upcoming year too
  15. Manually edit the preferences.xml Open the file, browse the node tree: root > scriptsPreferences > check if the tag keyboardControls is created or not. below is my full keyboardControls tag <keyboardControls> <CMD_SHIP_PARAMS keyCode="KEY_GRAVE" index="0" /> <!-- display the ship status. Key [`]--> <CMD_QUICK_THANK_YOU keyCode="KEY_F4" index="0" /> <!-- Say Thank you --> <CMD_QUICK_AYE_AYE keyCode="KEY_F5" index="0" /> <!-- Say Wilco --> <CMD_QUICK_NO_WAY keyCode="KEY_F6" index="0" /> <!-- Say Negative --> <CMD_QUICK_NEED_SUPPORT keyCode="KEY_F7" index="0" /> <!-- Say Requesting support --> <CMD_QUICK_NEED_AIR_DEFENCE keyCode="KEY_F7 KEY_LCONTROL" index="0" /> <!-- Say Need AA support. Key [Ctrl+F7] --> <CMD_QUICK_NEED_VISION keyCode="KEY_F12" index="0" /> <!-- Say Need spoting data --> <CMD_QUICK_BACK keyCode="KEY_F3 KEY_LCONTROL" index="0" /> <!-- Say Get back. Key [Ctrl+F3] --> <CMD_QUICK_GOOD_GAME keyCode="KEY_F9" index="0" /> <!-- Say Good game --> <CMD_QUICK_CARAMBA keyCode="KEY_F11" index="0" /> <!-- Say !@#$%^ --> <!-- deleted my consumable key --> <CMD_MAIN_CALIBER keyCode="KEY_MOUSE5" index="1" /> <!-- Change to main battery without change AP or HE, Forward button on your mouse if you have one --> <CMD_TORPEDOES_ANGLE keyCode="KEY_MOUSE4" index="1" /> <!-- Change between wide spread and tight spread, Backward button on your mouse if you have one --> <CMD_ART_CAMERA keyCode="KEY_MIDDLEMOUSE" index="1" /> <!-- Your artilery camera binded with MMB --> </keyboardControls>