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  1. leehwongxing

    When do you make decision to log off ?

    When you came top on the losing team and double the Base XP the second one on your team got.
  2. leehwongxing

    Hard Disk light is always on after playing WoWS

    you should check whichever program is using your HDD as WoWs and WoT will close all their processes when you chose them.
  3. leehwongxing

    [] A Day at Nagasaki Port

    Until I could confirm Yokosuka is working for 0.8.7, you could assume it will be broken next patch. New things are reworked underhood to mirgrate parts of Core Engine to WoWs.
  4. leehwongxing

    [] A Day at Nagasaki Port

    Anyway, here is the thing you want, it's for 0.8.6 and replace the Nagasaki (Zipangu) port and it only has 1 weather. https://mega.nz/#!tdgShKIZ!TW1Py6yy7sauMI5-HHeJGXl3nhf-pMNHsvAw-L46598
  5. leehwongxing

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    My best memory with World of Warships is the Gun-Bloom Bugfix. I was not the first one noticed when it was there as a bug but I was the one that noticed when it went away on PTS. I made a thread on reddit about it, people really liked the bug and then the problem turned out bigger than I expected, well i really liked the bug too. Sub_Octavian handled it pretty well. And it was even promised to be reintroduced as a proper feature in a upcoming patch awhile ago too. Well, I already had "weathers in port" as my birthday gift, I really love it. My current wish is a Kamikaze R. I could purchase Yuudachi at later date as I had really fun time testing her.
  6. leehwongxing

    [] A Day at Nagasaki Port

    The thing is there is something going on with primitive files on PTS, i will check if it really break the port. I will spend some time to make/revive at least 2 more weather for it.
  7. leehwongxing

    Why is there no friendly fire compensation?

    There are penalty on the abuser but no compensation.
  8. leehwongxing

    Spotting mechanics

    what change? And which old system do you say?
  9. leehwongxing

    Major problems logging into the game

    Solution found!
  10. It's 5 minutes for the LATEST player entered the queue, not explicit YOU.
  11. High islands only matter ships that rely on sloped islands so they can do shelling without any hinder. High islands on the other side protect ships that doesnt need shelling over it or only a absolute cover for themselves.
  12. leehwongxing

    A Mini-map story

    Unless you mod it glow :)) Lemming train is not much of a thing now as AA is somewhat relevant to ships and not a PvE game to CV
  13. leehwongxing

    [] A Day at Nagasaki Port

    If you are gonna show off your mods, make your own thread. If my mod is not up to your standard, you're welcome to go else where.
  14. leehwongxing

    [] A Day at Nagasaki Port

    You have a little problem reading his intention, and even mine.
  15. leehwongxing

    [] A Day at Nagasaki Port

    He was talking about this weather for the port, not the port @MatterCore