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  1. leehwongxing

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    CPU usuage jump higher when scaling anywhere other than 100%, and on my laptop, it is double my CPU usuage, from 25% in battle to nearly 75%, and minimized, it is still a whooping 50%. No wonder I had some throttle while playing the game. Spec: Acer E5 575G, i3 7th Gen, nVidia 940MX
  2. leehwongxing

    15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    There is a "who can see this profile" when you logged on game portal. We just assume whoever hide his stats and ruining their match to be a noob.
  3. leehwongxing

    "Lock on" bug?

    The auto-lock-on may be acting weird at times, i dont rely on auto-lock any more. I unlock then relock on targets works every time even on RNBB with their weird RNG
  4. leehwongxing

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    Historical should be enabled by default, it makes no sense to turn it off while you ask us to test your historical camouflage. The new filter shouldnt be in that cord but next to the real or inside filter board. The render is nice but it cause freezes when enemy first pop into the map, as well as first time loading SFX. The render delay is unnoticable but it should 300ms or so, combine with the fade effect. The fps have gone worse in this patch, freeze and fps drop when there is no particular action on the screen. Sometime while tab in and out from fullscreen exclusive, fps get capped at 30fps on Windows 10 RS4 Increased CPU, GPU power while there shouldnt be, framedrpp just from looking at islands.
  5. leehwongxing

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    WGC failed to update the Test Client (despite the update runs smoothly and no error shown by WGC), result in errors in file integrity and cause hang on SPB Port, which is fixed by repair the client. Framerate drop heavily, on my normal client i could achive a stable 47fps in intense fight yet PT use up to 80% my CPU yet throttle my GPU at ~50% ish and fps goes way down 20-ish fps on these scene. these line filled in python.log, I dont like these line at all. 2018-08-03 23:59:44.255: ERROR: [Other] ASSERTION FAILED: textureView.maxMip == textureView.currentMip + textureView.mipSkip D:\BuildAgent\SOURCE\WOWS_GIT\client\source\lib\moo\streaming\texture_streaming_manager.cpp(345) WoWS_report.wgc
  6. Action regard moving to Archived Thread based off last OP's comment date and given version in the title, but the staffs are lazy somehow as my thread didnt get moved back to its location yet.
  7. leehwongxing

    [] Yet Another Zoom Out Camera Mod

    Changelog of 0.7.7 Revamp Dock view, Exterior Tabs. Change default views, more Exceptions for ships
  8. leehwongxing

    [] Yet Another Zoom Out Camera Mod

    Change log for 0.7.6 — Make the zoomed out closer yet still provide overall view for torpedo-beat, it's father than default.
  9. Sometime I wonder if Haven map is actually Cliffs of Moher