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  1. Update 0.7.3 Bug Reports

    FPS Drop appeared again So, today, I got back to my sweet home to play World of Warships just to find out, another cause makes the FPS while playing dropped by "half" (yes, my stable FPS is 32 and it goes down to 16 by all means "half") and it's not caused by the internet line as the ping stabilized at 99-102ms Setting: you could see the setting in the logs attached. I also had V-Sync on to migrate the lag from loading SFX sprites during matches. Cause and Re-product: "You press a button and you keep pressing it", yes, I hold the key A or D down to turn my ship and it causes the FPS drop, while press Q or E does not cause it (I didn't try to hold them down, seriously) Keep pressing Left-mouse button won't work all the time So, the thing with playing minotaur is to keep pressing that precious "Left mouse button" and it's kinda screwed when the first time you hold it down, it register as a single click and only that first gun get to shoot, not the others. It can be fixed by press and hold it again, but it's really annoying in middle of battle when you simply have too much to observe. Zoomed all out at the start of battle won't register the value of 180 set by the camera mod but value of 165 by default, how could it get fixed? Could I get some explanation on zoom, baseFoV, FoV and lead in camera mod file? Attached log: https://mega.nz/#!RBYFlZTY!OMWgOcc1zFtFgXsMMQU0x-YYD8Jqo3fvFB9pZli0atw
  2. World of Warships Rip Off.

    WoWsB is actually a clone off that game. Get your crap right OP.
  3. I had RL problem last weeks so didn't get the update, I haven't got to play too, but here I am, at my sweet-sweet home.
  4. thats aslain's edit iirc, you could use my 0.7.1.alpha instead.
  5. yeah, i remove the combat zoom to keep every class playable, the zooms will be back but i will keep it at the point where torpedobeat is posible.
  6. hi, im the one maintaining yazom, which version of mine you're using, could you send me the old file which cause problem?
  7. send me the old file, the file uploaded here is what im using so it should be working fine look at the date of the comment, he update his YAZOM before i upload mine.
  8. what you get on aslain isnt this, and aslain has his own copy and hasnt ask me for this either. ill check the file once i get off my job. the behavior is of the old one, it has been changed long ago and i find the current is more comfortable this is not a maintained version but developing one. Edit. you either get the wrong file or youre viewing the wrong version. the uploaded one is correct
  9. That doesn't affect this mod, it is kept the way it works before. If you use your mouse scroll, you have worse problem. This won't help you at all, press [Shift] may help you out of your own misery FYI. And I don't plan to change which works before but bugged now thanks to some unknown factor. The bugged part isn't a part of this xml file, it's scrips.zip which I'm not allowed to edit. LOL NOPE, I won't add it back, ever. for the sake of getting playable for all ships, not just some specified ships.
  10. Map Bug?

    Had it on PTS when first play the new Tears of DDs Anyway, you had a free wallhax, why not
  11. It's that way for what I can remember
  12. If you use my PT build, solely, you'll need to relearn a lot but it's far much easier to play ships with extreme low/high shell velocity. the FoV thing is a left over from my ultrawide camera mod, it's intended to get 21.9 view in 16:9 screen
  13. @Muki41 did you use my PT build? it has a lot of testing stuffs hence you'll see a lot of diff here and there, the should be uploaded soon, as i'm testing the tactical map transition

    There's quite a list of "you can't use these F- keys", if you wanna use these F-keys in upcoming patch, here is the entire file command_mapping/preset_keyboard_1.xml with modified keys. Change it on your own, it's easier that way.