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  1. The most problem is your build is far off AAA build, precisely AA upgrades: AAGM3, AAM1 and MAA skill, AFT wont help in cyclone as 3Km is already in short-range aura. you get extra 141dps just from having MAA instead of AFT, since your AA doesnt cover your air detection range, having AFT wont help you against some spooky CV try to perma-spot you. below are stats when having full AA build, you got DPS nearly a Minotaur. 8 X 2 57 mm/60 ACAD Mle 1951 DPS(+101.5) 304.5 dps Distance(+2.0) 6.5 km 6 X 2 127 mm/54 Mle 1948 DPS(+188.0) 282.0 dps Distance(+2.3) 7.5 km Btw, the CV player that go against you is a Super Unicum, don't ask why he wouldn't delete you in first strike. @NotoriousRNG
  2. Finishing the 2nd IJN DD branch

    I mention the OLD B hulls which is so infamous for its gunboat capability not current 'C' hull. Shinonome is the old B hull Fubuki if you look at it.
  3. Finishing the 2nd IJN DD branch

    The gunboat line, it should be: B hull Mutsuki B hull Fubuki Akatsuki (I heard she has better/more usable gun power than Shiratsuyu) Akizuki (need one to fill T8/9 slot) Kai Akizuki (T10) The mainline: Minekaze Hatsuharu Shiratsuyu Kagero Yugumo Shima I would really love this setup instead of current one.
  4. I'm not a CV player but from the other end and watching Fem's stream. It's not an easy game, at all. Saipan is OP and even more OP in unicum CV main. Since the introduction of AP DB, T10 queue usually filled with USN CVs Nope, enemy CV with half a brain will just park his fighters close enough to lit DM in your division up the whole time while not in his AA range.
  5. The closest one to enemy with Line-Of-Sight on target.
  6. Sometime I wonder if Haven map is actually Cliffs of Moher

  7. It has been done on ASIA and we haven't get any map from it yet.
  8. [] Tanz's Shipyard

    May French CAs get some love too?, there's only 1 clean skin out there for them right now
  9. > PreAlpha This has to do with your client or your mod, and yes, there was a Korean server but it's closed and combined into Asia
  10. I had 5 in a same days, with 4 on Shiratsuyu. You're not only one salty fellow out there mate.
  11. You dont use that quit button, it may kick you outta port as it may take it as "you leave the battle", you use the Task Manager, to kill the process. wait until at least 4 LEDs on the router is green, indicate the reset is done, then you could relogin now and it will take you straight to battle
  12. WG CDN only keep: The full client files of current version of the game The full installation of current big update of the game The incremental updates from previous big update. So, if you missed out 2 big update, you're forced to download the whole new client
  13. I think they should just make the minimap bigger first, then point and click on anywhere of the map, and the wave effect on that point of the map, is more suffice and left the grid for distance calculation.
  14. [ALL] ARP Updated SFX

    Update for ARP ships Credit: Hateshinaku for making the ArtilleryFX which I included in this version. - Update ARP fire effect using the new effect on sister ships - Update smoke of these ships, use the new (current) one - Update firing effect of ARP ships and normal ship using electric effect on Halloween event ships, affects secondary too - Make effect where shells hits water reduced, clearer vision - Update effect on ARP plane kill on sky, hit water and its smoke tail, plane destroy uses ARP corrosive effect - AP shell will use ARP corrosive effect while HE use the updated hit effect - IJN torpedoes hit use ARP corrosive effect while the other use the new effect Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tvve6g9gi9m5ka4/mod_Arp_effect.rar Images: