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  1. reinstall using a newer wrapper app
  2. Alt-tab, exit/kill the Wargaming Center app on systray, problem solves.
  3. Oh we talk about grammar and you give me a law definition, nice try but no crap-sherlock: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/quantifiers/little-a-little-few-a-few what is almost none? It may be one, or two, or three? but it definitely not none (0), and my example fits You should quote some Cambridge, Offord or something else, not law as law has nothing to do with grammar. Why law make a few must be 2 or more, because only 1 cant be used as witness, that's why
  4. Reading comprehension: one does fit few in answer: ‘may I ask a few questions?’ - I could ask one or many questions as I like. As you dare find a match where the condition fits, and you still state we couldn't, but we managed to find some. All the points you use later on is invalid. You say about rank, so it's all rank we talk about, all about rank, and this example is a bunch of R1-15 bracket, vs a bunch of R15-. And it's random of all thing, even in ranked, I still find stat-wise imbalance between team so, I dont see any reason to give a [edited] over this. A throwing game is a losing game, who care, T10 isnt the place to farm credit daily. Without having premium stuffs, I dont see any reasons good players still stuck their head on lossing credits every match on t10, then who's playing on t10 then, go figure.
  5. Find a safe place, pop smoke or stop. alt-tab, open task manager, kill WorldOfWarships.exe process wait 15s run WorldOfWarships.exe again find your ship dead by then
  6. Reading, I'm reading your original opinion, and the arguments you talk about didnt go anywhere except expand to serveral topics
  7. If you cant talk on Ranked, dont even play Ranked. If you get chat-banned while in Ranked, you shouldn't play ranked, your salt isnt healthy for your team, that's why I'm a salty fellow who would say [edited] left and right on team chat, my karma does get reduced, but, i'm not even gettting a chat-ban, reasons mate. Exploit, would you want this game become Pay-To-Play so thay could have more money to pay for people looking at all the salt from you?
  8. dont use Insider builds, revert to either RTM build or Creator RTM build My current build is Windows 10 version 1703 build 15063.483 Enterprise (because, why not?)
  9. Thanks for your explanation, however, I play almost exclusive DDs, and I find Shiratsuyu is a special case of all ships I've been playing, she's easily caught by RNGesus. Well, I will take her out everyday just to farm Detonation singal flags (I'm low on Det flags anyway) and max out the detonation chance I could get.
  10. Maybe I'm too obsessed with playing hid and seek with him, them he caught me 5 times in a row Btw, I realize Shiratsuyu is a squishy ship, easily explode for some reasons, I think I should take her out everyday for a couple of tagging game with RNGesus or he will be pissed of with me
  11. this is the answer, look into the ingame setting please Ignore the red text, look at "Detailed Ribbons..." near the OK button
  12. Talk about Destroyers, may you guys think about making Detonation rewards per chance it happen? I just happen to get 5 detonations in a 24 hours period (with 4 on the same ships, shame, I could only get 2 pack of these flags) http://imgur.com/a/PYnLh
  13. You only get 10 of these every daily reset, not a 24 hours period on that ship as there's no mechanism prevent the ship from being detonated twice in that 24 hours period, at all.
  14. Do you ever think of modeling a Fog Fleet specified port, rather than Yokosuka? Hashirajima anyone?