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  1. Not to mention those of us who have a 19pt Clemson Captain, 19pt St. Louis Captain, 19pt Wyoming Captain, 19pt Derzki Captain. And so on, and so forth.
  2. Well, it seems that the upcoming armor changes are going to impact all ships with a torpedo belt. Pens on the belt are now guaranteed to do 10% damage regardless of it penning the belt armor. The impacted ships include and are not limited to: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2204959589830376 USS Alabama and USS Massachusetts USS Iowa and USS Missouri USS Arizona IJN Yamato and IJN Musashi (Less than others since the belt is below the waterline) Dunkerque Almost all Pre T6 Tech Tree BBs (Exclusions are South Carolina, Turrenne, Courbet, Nassau, Konig, Kawachi, and Myogi) Most ships with a Turtleback armor design (French High Tier BBs) T6+ Japanese Cruisers T8+ German Cruisers T10 Cruiser Henri IV For more info, go see Little White Mouse's post on the topic
  3. The USN Ships with the exceptions of Alaska, Worcester, somewhat Montana, and a few other ships, are pretty well balanced and are about average against ships of similar tier and class. You need to remember, this is a game where everything needs to have pros and cons, gimmicks and non-gimmicks. For Example, you brought up Montana's 16" Super Heavy. Historically, yes, Montana's 16" 2700lb Super Heavy Shell had similar penetration characteristics to that of Yamato's 18" guns. But if Montana in game had the historically accurate penetration characteristics, what is the point of playing Yamato, the clearly inferior ship in almost every category except for armor and HP. It's so that there is a reason to play Yamato over Montana, yet also keeping the reason to play Montana over Yamato. Montana is by far a superior brawler to Yamato with it's very good Rudder, Speed, Turret Traverse, and Secondaries. Yamato on the other hand, handles distances very well with it's good dispersion and shell damage, while it's armor and short superstructure make it less vulnerable to HE pen (Fires are a different story, so don't bother bringing it up). Many ships do have their AA Refits, just not the ones you know of. Lots of US Ships went through minor refits that didn't really change enough to call it a "refit" but often, ships like Colorado got more Oerlikons, and had the inferior 1.1"/75 Caliber Gun Replaced by Bofors (which we get as Colorado B-Hull in Game, btw). And as for cruisers, many of the late tier cruisers were built with a lot of AA (so much so, T6 Cleveland was made historically inaccurate so that it's AA was sorta balanced for T6, which it still wasn't entirely), and their heavy AA refits usually were just going from dual to quad bofors. Wargaming has been rather consistent in making the USN Ships balanced, which is one of the more important parts of a game like this. While there are things that I would love to see, having them in game takes away from other nations. The simplest solution, is just play more nations (if you haven't already) so that you can find the experience and style that you want out of the game. Instead of worrying about how WG balances the game, because despite them making mistakes from time to time, they do a decent job at it, just enjoy the game.
  4. Gamebird

    PT Submarines Performance Review

    Is it Terror of the Deep Blue Sea on hard or normal?
  5. Gamebird

    Are Sims guns better than normal USA DDs?

    He likely got lucky. I managed 14 Kill in the B Hull Monaghan.
  6. Montana doesn't have the most Accurate Guns at T10. As for power, the shells lack their Super Heavy Status in terms of penetration, and simply carry it in name. All Montana needs is Better Autobounce Angles, if it honestly needs anything at all. (It sorta does sorta doesn't. I mean, if a ship needs a buff GK would be first).